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Things have come a long way since 1966, when the French Rance Tidal Power Plant, the world’s first large-scale tidal barrage power plant, was built. A rise in power generation using renewable energy sources has been evident over recent years; but what role does tidal power play asks Amanda Rouse, PC Marketing Communications Executive for International Paint?

Hammerfest Strom turned to International Paint to supply their high performance, protective coatings in what is perceived to be one of the world’s most severe environments; the North Sea. A coatings system has been specified for the Hammerfest Strom project including International Paint’s heavy duty, chemical and abrasion resistant InterzoneR 954 which is to be applied to the turbine. “We have heard of the success of Interzone 954 in an offshore environment, so we were very pleased to see it on the specification” said an ANDRITZ Kft. representative, manufacturer of the turbine.

to be drawn from wave and tidal power alone and the UK is beginning to emerge as a central hub for this type of power generation in Europe with 35% of all of Europe’s tidal energy potential being off the coast of the UK. Unique to tidal energy is the confidence

placed upon the consistent flow of energy, made possible by the regular flow of water, controlled by the moon and gravitational pull, which can be relied upon to the point that it is ‘as regular as clockwork’. This reliance enables accurate forecasting of power generation, as opposed to wind power and solar power, where it is somewhat more difficult.

BIG PLAYERS Recently, International Paint has worked with two big players in the tidal power generation industry on large and technologically innovative projects. Both Andritz Hydro Hammerfest Strom and Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies have both utilised protective coatings from International Paint. The Hammerfest Strøm HS1000 tidal device

from Andritz Hydro is currently located off the coast of Scotland and could be considered to be one of the most pioneering and important projects currently in progress for the production of renewable energy. With the first tidal turbine already at pilot production stage, the company are on track for deployment of a 95MW turbine array, off the north coast of Scotland, around 2015. For such an important project, a coatings

partner with extensive success in the power generation market was required. Andritz Hydro

PROVEN PERFORMANCE IntershieldR 300 has also been specified and with its 15 year proven long term corrosion and abrasion resistance in harsh environments, it’s easy to see why. Two of International Paint’s foul release coatings; IntersleekR 737 and Intersleek 970 were also specified for their high levels of durability and their ultra smooth, low energy surface, which is designed to reduce friction and maintain efficiency. The collection of marine life on tidal blades

is a common concern in tidal power generation, as a build up of such marine life can cause additional drag on blades, resulting in reduced efficiency. The build up of marine life is also known to cause sticking or even failure of moving parts within submerged turbines. The environment is one of many important

key factors within coatings selection in the renewable energy market; therefore Hammerfest’s choice to use International Paint’s Intersleek coatings was no surprise, “Intersleek includes zero biocides and boasts extremely tough and hardwearing characteristics, which denotes a reduced requirement for maintenance, which when carried out in deep water, is extremely costly and difficult” explained Jiri Fiala, Technical Service Representative for Central Europe at International Paint.

BIOCIDE FREE OPTION Another recent tidal device seeking the benefits of International Paint’s Intersleek coatings is the Voith HyTIDE Tidal Power device, from Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies, also located just off the coast of Scotland. “The Voith HyTIDE Power Plant required an antifouling coating system that did not include biocides and that also boasted an excellent track record

International Paint’s coating were selected for the Hammerfest Strom project


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