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Conference in Nuremberg earlier this year, told PCE that Janssen PMP was working towards getting European approval and that having achieved EPA approval should make this easier. Janssen PMP’s strategic goal is to have

regulatory coverage for ECONEA in all significant markets for antifouling products worldwide. Jotun produces both copper-based anti-

fouling and silicone-based foul release coatings. Its antifouling range, SeaQuantum, uses a silyl

acrylate polymer that hydrolyses when exposed to seawater. Protection is provided by a linear polishing rate and a low leached layer to give a controlled release of biocides over time. The company’s silicone-based foul release

coating, SeaLion Repulse, uses Nanorepellent Technology which provides increased fouling release and repellent properties through nano scaled springs on the non-stick, chemically inert silicone surface. Claimed product life is 10 years with a 5-year touch-up. Jotun reject the idea that copper-based anti-

fouling is next in the firing line of legislators – Eivind A. Berg, Regulatory Affairs Manager for antifouling for Jotun, states “Some people in the industry have stated that copper might be targeted as the next biocide to be banned in antifouling after TBT due to its apparent high levels of toxicity. However, new evidence and improved approaches to assessing the effects of copper indicate that copper is in fact remarkably safe, and that marine organisms remain unaffected by far higher concentrations of copper than those that could be caused by the responsible use of copper in marine antifouling”. Geir Axel Oftedahl, Jotun Business

Development Director for Hull Performance Solutions says: “Following the TBT-ban, delivering effective protection against bio-fouling became much more challenging. Even today, most antifouling products available on the market are simply not up to the challenge. For ship owners, the absence of reliable tools for measuring the effectiveness of antifouling products have made it very difficult to identify which antifouling products are effective and which are not, and thereby very difficult to adequately manage the performance of their underwater hulls.” Jotun now offers a money-back performance

guarantee based on their hull performance measurement system. Nippon Paints hydrogel paint range was

developed with a biomimetic approach: they cite the speeds achieved by Tuna (over 100km/hr) thanks to a mucus on their skin. By combining low friction with a new anticorrosive developed from the automotive-paint industry, their A-LF- Sea range is designed to decrease seawater friction by trapping water at the surface of the coating. The coating includes a self polishing copper silyl acrylate antifouling. SIGMA/PPG has a wide product range

including traditional anti-fouling, copper-free anti- fouling, and silicone coatings. Their new NEXEON

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DeFelsko Corporation • Ogdensburg, New York +1 (315) 393-4450 •

range is a copper-free antifouling, based on zinc- acrylate binder technology. Its biocide-free SIGMAGLIDE range is

silicone based with film-forming properties. The SYLADVANCE range is based on silyl acrylate polymer technology with self-smoothing properties. The ECOFLEET range is an active antifouling coating designed to combat aggressive fouling and offering service periods up to 60 months. Sigma note that “The environmental impact of

antifouling has come under closer scrutiny over the past years, but operators are still striving for optimal efficiency in the face of fluctuating fuel costs.”

RISING TIDE While the shipping industry continues to suffer the effects of world recession, with thin or negative margins, the choice of coating can make a critical difference to operational costs and long- term values of assets.

PosiTest AT-A Automatic ® Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and more


self-alignment feature and pull rate indicator

 Electronically controlled hydraulic pump automatically applies smooth and continu- ous pressure

 Test with the simple push of a button. No twisting, pumping or cranking. No valves to close, needles to reset, or scales to adjust

 User-selectable pull rates ensure compliance with international test methods

Available in 2 models... Manual or Automatic

AT-M Manual

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