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Operating in the onshore and offshore industrial services sector requires specialist skill, dedicated health and safety policies and a commitment to quality says Jim Anderson, Divisional Director – Industrial at Pyeroy.

meeting customer demand for projects to come in on time and within budget. A key ingredient for success

working with leading operators in the on/offshore sector is to clearly understand the client’s objectives from the outset and the constraints of the tough and demanding environment many of them operate in. Advanced computer-based design systems are then used to produce accurate and extensive schematics to identify all the possible load conditions that complex temporary structures are subject to during their use. “Long term planning and

project management are recommended best practice. This provides customers with clear benefits in terms of better control and cost effectiveness, while quality and contract monitoring systems ensure successful project completion.” This was the case when

it came to re-painting one of Europe’s largest offshore wind farms - the Arklow Offshore Wind Power Plant in the Irish Sea for Smulders BV Arklow – involving working in difficult conditions 10km off the coast of County Wicklow. Skilled operatives had to overcome logistical challenges to undertake the maintenance and refurbishment of the seven turbines, providing renewable energy to meet the electricity requirements of around 16,000 Irish households. It’s also important to

consider a contractor’s expertise in anti-corrosion techniques and experience of working at height over water. This can have a major bearing on the how well a project is completed and, if not properly addressed, can have implications in terms of project overruns and health and safety issues for specialist operatives who might be working suspended beneath platforms or structures way out at sea.

EXTREMELY CHALLENGING For instance, working over water creates difficulties - the movement of materials is reliant on specialist marine craft and


may ensure there is very little mechanical assistance with set-up, access and movement, making the process labour intensive. These factors, together with the need to liaise closely with facilities operators and other contractors involved in the supply chain or construction programme can make the work extremely challenging and logistically complex. This was the case when

powered and rope access services were used successfully in a scaffolding contract awarded to Pyeroy by the Heerema Fabrication Group to support the fabrication of a 700 tonnes jacket and 550 tonnes topside module built for energy operator Centrica. More than 20 Pyeroy operatives worked onsite at the Hartlepool yard providing access systems to enable Heerema engineers to quickly and safely complete work on the structures for the North Sea’s Ensign gas field. Additional access services to support the platform’s offshore hook-up were also provided by Pyeroy specialists. This and work on another

project in the Irish Sea, which saw a team of highly skilled Pyeroy operatives scale new heights using roped access solutions to complete the re-painting of Areva T&D’s topside structure situated 15 km off Walney Island, Cumbria, highlights how offshore projects involve working in difficult and unpredictable conditions, often many miles from the nearest port, so health and safety is

always paramount – it must be a central part of the service provided and transcends all requirements. Pyeroy has one of the most impressive safety records because the company has long track record of success of working at height over water and understands the implications it places in terms of operations.

NEVER STRAIGHTFORWARD In summary, the work associated with the sector is never straightforward and the answer lies in finding optimal solutions which combine performance with cost, minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing operations and above all else, the safety of personnel. So developing effective refurbishment and maintenance programmes with a partner like Pyeroy, which has the requisite skills and experience, can only be an advantage in the ongoing, long term protection of assets. Pyeroy has eight operating

centres located around the UK and Ireland, including the Gateshead head office, and employs 1,350 people. It operates in the industrial, construction and marine markets, providing a range of services covering contract scaffolding and equipment hire, surface preparation and application of marine/industrial protective coatings, insulation, civil engineering and building works and environmental management services such as asbestos removal.


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