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Personal and Professional Empowerment

Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006

The Way Your Community Is Built Could Affect Your Family's Health

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Ingalls Shipbuilding Awarded $487 Million Contract to Build Sixth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter

NC A&T Alumni Association Chapter's 60th Anniversary Celebration

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2013 Top 20 High School Seniors Basketball Classic

Page 8 A Doctor Who Still Makes House Calls SPECIAL TO HRM Dr. Andrea N. Shannon, a Virginia

Board of Medicine licensed chiropractor, is the proud owner of Power Full Chiropractic, LLC. This private practice serves the residents of Williamsburg, Hampton and Newport News, Virginia. She opened her practice as the youngest chiropractor in Newport News and is recognized as the first African-Amer- ican female Chiropractor in the three cities where she practices. Prior to establishing her own practice, Dr. Shannon served as an intern-doctor at the number one hospital in Zigong, China.

As a proponent of health education,

Ingalls Shipbuilding has received a $487 million contract to build the sixth National Security Cutter (NSC), Munro (WMSL 755). The third NSC, Stratton (WMSL 752, pictured) was commissioned in 2012, and two more are currently under construction at Ingalls.

Huntington Ingalls

Industries announced that the U.S. Coast Guard has awarded a $487 million, fixed-price- incentive-fee contract to its Ingalls Shipbuilding division to build the sixth National Security Cutter, Munro (WMSL 755).

"Our Coast Guard customer

continues to be extremely pleased with the performance of the NSC, and this contract proves that," said Jim French, Ingalls' NSC program manager. "Our shipbuilders continue to execute well on this contract, and the design/build plan is at a mature stage. We currently have two more ships under construction and expect to start NSC 6 in October."

NSCs, the flagships of the

Coast Guard's cutter fleet, were designed to replace the 378-foot Hamilton-class high-endurance

cutters, which entered service during the 1960s. Ingalls has delivered the first three. The fourth, Hamilton (WMSL 753), currently at 40 percent complete, is scheduled to launch this summer and will be christened in October.

Keel-laying for the fifth

NSC, James (WMSL 754), is set for May 17. The ship is currently 17 percent complete and will launch in the spring of 2014. A long-lead material contract for Munro was awarded in 2012, and all associated equipment has been ordered.

Ingalls builds, integrates

and tests the NSC hull, mechanical and electrical (HME) systems, while Lockheed Martin provides the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence,


and reconnaissance (C4ISR) INGALLS SHIPBUILDING PAGE 6


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Help for Small Businesses in Hampton Roads Meeting the Challenges of Student Writing in the Digital Age

Pathways to Success for Veterans City of Hampton Announces Disparity Study Pungo Strawberry Festival & Parade CBC Spouses Education Scholarship

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Dr. Shannon strives to teach her practice members about nervous system maintenance and coaches individuals to seek knowledge regarding their own anatomy and physiology. She enjoys hosting health screenings that train on improving posture, inform on the basic structure and function of the nervous system, and promotes chiropractic awareness, throughout various cities for numerous fairs and events.

“God called me to help get sick people

well, granting me the opportunity to help those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” says Dr. Shannon. “Through chiropractic I am

Dr. Andrea N. Shannon, D.C. Photo by Camille Buckle

able to open minds to a preventative approach, and expose a different philosophy on acquiring health.”

Dr. Shannon, graduated with a mark

of distinction from Life University, which is known for having the largest chiropractic program in the world. In addition to her student life, Dr. Shannon also worked at the University Wellness Center throughout her HOUSE CALLS PAGE 5

Avoiding Scams, Fraud, and Identity Theft: Sticking to the Basics Can Go a Long Way

There is plenty of

information available to consumers to help avoid being a fraud or theft victim. "But some people complain that there is too much to remember and that being vigilant can be a daunting task," said Millie Spencer, a financial crimes specialist with the FDIC. Here's a short list of simple ways to avoid many financial crimes.

Never provide

passwords, credit or debit card information, Social Security numbers and similar personal information in response to an unsolicited text message, e-mail, call or letter. An identity thief can use this information to apply for credit cards or loans, access your bank accounts online or otherwise commit fraud using your name.

Crooks often send e-mails, text messages

or phone messages that appear to be from a legitimate, trusted organization asking consumers to "verify" or "update" personal information. The scam is called phishing

Free May 2013

(pronounced "fishing") because the criminals throw out bait in hopes of luring a consumer into biting.

Criminals also create bogus Web sites

in hopes that consumers will enter valuable personal information. "We've seen everything from fake bank Web sites to sites offering payday loans or credit repair services," added Michael Benardo, Manager of the FDIC's Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section. "Some of


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