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Problematic flying insects range fromtinymidges,house flies, bot flies throughto horridhorse flies with each having theirown level of irritation or health risk. Thesimplestwaytoprotect your horse against fly attackwhenriddenis to use aflyspray.Nettex have createdawide rangeof fly products fromfly repellent impregnatedwipesandcreamswhich allowfor directapplication to those

Event rider Francis Whittington uses Nettex products to keep his horses fly free in the competition arena

trickyfacial areas,throughto fly sprays thatofferalldayprotectionandtheir FlyRepellentAdvancedwhich offers upto threedays protection against biting insects.Apply the fly spray throughthe tail,aroundthe udder area, legsandcarefully aroundthe face, avoiding themucusmembranes aroundthe muzzleandeyes. Somehorse regardless ofgood coverage with fly spray stillworrywith flies,soanose netandear hatcan oftenhelp.Likewise,acombination of aflyrugandfly spraywhenturned out in the field,canbebeneficial to those horses or ponies thatare particularly sensitivetoflybites. Trytoride early in themorning to avoid flies.Generally they areless activearoundthis timeandit’s also cooler,soboth youandyour horse will haveamoreenjoyable ride! Sweating or spongingdownyour horse will reducetheeffectiveness of your fly spray,soreapply if

showclass or event. Itmakessense to remove

droppings regularly fromfields fromahealthypasturepointo view,but it also helps cutdown fly activity.Avoiding fields locatednear ponds or lakes or fields adjacenttomuck heaps is also desirable.


Washingandscrubbing out troughsandwater buckets withlemonjuiceorvinegar will help repel insects,but makesurethatyour horse is still drinking fromthe trough afterwards,assomehorsesmay takeadislike to the fainttaste! Finally,make surethatyouremove dirty feedcontainersandclean themthoroughly,asthese will attractandharvest flies,germs andlots of other nasties.

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HEADSHAKING WOES We asked CHN facebook fans howthey dealt with horses prone to headshaking:

>CarlaTaylor Myex racerused to head shake alot till Iput him inaNeue Schule bit.Heisbrill now.

>Alison Harris Wehad one thatused to do this due toapollen allergy. WipingVicks inside his nostrils to catchthe pollen helped.

>EmilyWalters AsaMctimoney therapist,I frequently see horseswhohead shake and it is sometimes caused by or results in misalignments and muscle soreness through the head and neck.Mctimoney treatments ease the soreness and so reduce the head shaking.Underlying issues such as allergies or teeth issues also need to be addressed.

>KeriBates Ihaveahorse that’sahead shaker... he doesn’t like the small flies,rain or snowtouching his nose,Ihavetoride him in anose net,orifitisFEI rules Ismother his nose with sun cream.

8 MAY2013

>ChloeMabbutt Mine does it in the summer due to flies biting the inside of his ears.Afly mask with ears stops him doing it.

>EmilyTaylor Ihavetried loads of things.Drummer startedone spring when hewas about6or7.Heis13this year and Ihavenever found acure, though lots of things help.Ithink tree pollen starts it but it continues year round in certain situations.Onreally bad days, he ticks in the field and will stand with his head in the water trough. Onthose days Itry to bring him in and he can usually be ridden in the indoor school.Sometimes he just ticks when ridden, and likes to rub his nose,but Ihavealso been on him when he is full on throwing his head about and its horrid. Drummer loves to hack so youhavetotry.Hewears anose net and fly mask.Ihavetried homeopathybutwasn’t sure. He has Beconase nasal spray which Ithink helps and Ihavetried eyedrops.My vethas been very helpful andwe even tried antihistamines in huge doses.Iamabout to order some

Nostrilvet to tryasIthink this shows promise andIwould also like to try the Guardian mask to see if blocking UVlighthelps.Idon’t believeheis aphotic head shaker but Idothink thatbrightlightmay exacerbate the problem in the sameway looking at alightmakes us sneeze. Drummer has becomeprogressively worse over the years,the window forwhen he is bad seems to get bigger and although his qualityof lifeisgreat at themomentIworry aboutwhatheisgoing through.

>Sara Bird Iuse the Cashel quiet ride mask on brightdaysand an Equilibrium nose netApriltoSeptember.They help alot but haven’tsolved it completely.Myhorse is 18 now and Ithink itmaybeworse now than when hewasyounger,but it doesn’t stop us having fun.

>ClaireBlizzard Myponyisaseasonal head shaker. He only does it when being exercised,never out in the field.I find it to be pollen related. Hewears

Nose nets can help alleviate headshaking whilst riding.

an Equilibrium nose net when lunged,ridden or free schooled which makes him manageable; without he throws himself about and is prone to going down on his knees.Itgot really bad afew years back,evenwith the nose net,soItried Hilton Herbs Shake No More Gold,and it’s alifesaver. Iwouldn’t be without it now. Nose net and medicine Marchtil October makes lifebearable forhim.

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As soon as the sun starts shining, you can guarantee thatthe flies will appear.Serena Kidd from Nettex looks at howyou can help protect your horse from being snacked on this summer. youare about togointo a

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