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IT’S MAGIC Readersmayremember a

fewyears agowefeatured Lisa Hiron’s11hh gelding

Magic,whois believed to be around 59 years old.This photoof Magictaken in 1989.Doyouknow wherehemay have lived before then? Lisa is writingabook about her amazing pony, andwould like to tracehis full history. Shewould love to hear fromanyone in theWarwickshireareawho knew,rode or can supply anybackground information about him. Lisa can be contactedat


CLUBS AND CENTRES Areyou acentreorclub looking to improveyour riding establishment in order to enhanceparticipation?TheBritish Equestrian Federation has launched its 2013-2014 Capital Funding round,whereorganisations can apply for£1for £1matchfunding to upgrade riding establishments, increase capacityand accessibilityorimprovecentrefacilities such as changing rooms,toilets,social areas.The deadline is Friday10thMay2013. Formoreinformation

SIDEWAYS BruceLangley-McKimmade historythis spring,bybeing the firstmanin historyeverknown to rideinateamchaseside saddle.Notonetoshyaway fromachallenge,whenhe gotthechancetojoin the side saddle team‘FarriersFortuneLeg Over Ladies’,whohadateamenteredattheFernieTeamChasenearMarket HarboroughonSunday7thApril,we’retoldhe‘jumpedat thechance’!


Vika Engel plans to celebrateher 15th birthdayonMay 26 by setting out with herponySparkleonanepic ride.Sheaims to travel 100 miles over sixdays,fromthesandy beach atBorthontheWelsh coast,rightacross the mountains,forestsandmoorlands to the English border atHay-on-Wye, whereshewillbegreetedby film producer,Revel Guest,during theHay Festival.Vikawillberaising funds inmemoryofher brother,Laurie,whose 21st birthdayshould havebeenMay28. Laurie died of cancer at the age of 13,andthe fund setupby his family afterLaurie’s death, has already raised morethan£1 million to buildanewteenage cancer unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital,wherehewas treated. Vika willbeaccompaniedduring the 100 mile rideby at leastoneadult memberof the Offa’sDyke branch of EnduranceGBoneachdayofher ride, aswell as by her friends fromtheGoldenValleyPony Club.AnewJustgiving page tells the whole story:


HELP HEAL HORSE WOUNDS Youmay sayyuk!, but maggots can playanintegralrole inmodern veterinarycareforavarietyofwounds in horses,concludesanewstudy, published in theEquineVeterinaryJournal’s (EVJ)specialAmerican Association ofEquine Practitioners supplementrecently.Thestudy assessed the efficacyofmaggot debridementtherapyinadiversityofequine lesions andfoundthatthemethodwasbeneficial in93%of cases.

PhotobyRose Rodgers

Stefano Brecciaroli andApollo WDWendy Kurt Hoevewinner of the the CIC *** at Burnham Market.

Right: Northamptonshire based IbbyMacpherson andBallingowan Echowhowonthe Intermediate Section at Lincoln HorseTrials.

EVENTING ROUNDUP by Fiona ScottMaxwell

AoifeClarkand Arlando, winner Intermediate Section IatWeston Park.Aoifealsowon Intermediate SectionM on Imperial Trump.


Forthefull EveningRoundupplus reportsfromthe followingandother events,visit‘News’tab.

Locals at theNAFFive StarChampionships,WillicoteShow,WarehillRC Championships,ColeshillHeathRC,DengieWinterChampionships, Rectory FarmShowJumping,Chelworth Fields Dressage Championships,ShireHorseSocietySpringShow


ThenewAdele rugbytop fromTottie is bang on trend forthis spring and summer,and here’showyoucould win one! IfYOURnameis featured in anyoftheApril2013 Results listed in thenewspages on ourwebsiteyou could be awinner.Just emailnews@centralhorsenews. addingTottie Results in the subjectline . Rememberto give your full contactdetails and include alink to the results page youappear on by the closing date of 31stMay2013.

Formoreinfoonthe full range,contactTottie on 01274 711101 or

Check including: MarieEdgar supports Horsewatch ,TumpyGreen’s 10thAnniversary, MarchCHNGiveawayWinners,Oaksey NightFunRide,OxonParaRider appeals forwheels,ShireHorseSocietymoves to Northants,Farewell to Spike,DeborahMeaden backs roadsafety, Blenheim besieged byPony Clubs, Improving RiderPosition with EkkoEquestrian,Pony Club Dressage athome

4 MAY2013 For the latest news

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