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There is a real freedom in their culture/church which encourages people to let out what God has put in them. There are no limitations. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to lie on the floor in God’s pres- ence, then lie down.

How does Bethel apply the gospel? We’re living in a time when people have heard the gospel through many different ways but they haven’t actually seen the gospel. Bethel shows people the gospel in application and action by getting in and amongst the community. There’s the obvious way of reaching out to the broken and needy. But one of the things that they are big on is that when we read the gospels we read about signs and wonders, about people being healed and being set free. Bethel sees this fruit from their ministry and people often testify about being healed.

You’re going back to the USA but not to Bethel. Where are you going? Bethel have a Global Legacy Network of churches sharing similar values. I received an email from a church in Fresno, California indicating that they were looking for a worship pastor and they were preferably looking for a married couple. Louise and I prayed about this and we felt that God was calling us to this place. I had a Skype conversation with the pastor and he informed me that 4 couples were being considered. After other Skype conversations we were invited to be the Worship Leaders and we accepted. Throughout all this period we both felt God’s favour and support in our application. We have had a Skype conversation with the whole church which was amazing. The church has raised money for us to cover the costs of visas and shipping.

So when do you take up this post? Probably in June. The visa process takes a long time and we are about half way through it. In the mean- time we are being obedient to God and feel really blessed to be part of this church during this transition period.

Update By the time you will read this article Dan, Louise and Issac will be in California. They received their visas and they flew out to California on 8 April 2013.

The church they are now worshipping in is The River Church in Fresno, California.


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