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How many songs have you actually written? About 20

What comes first, melody or lyrics? In the past it was the music first. I found that I could sit down and create a melody but the lyrics were always difficult. But in the past one and a half years I’ve started to get lyrics first. One day when I was at Bethel a lady said to the class I was in that she believed that there were songwriters in the class who were struggling to finish their songs. She asked those people to stand up and I stood with about 30 others. She then prophesised that the Holy Spirit would inspire us to finish them. I really saw fruit from that word within days and I believe God is giving me new inspiration.

Where were you brought up? In Irvine, Ayrshire. My family came from Easterhouse in Glasgow but moved to the new town of Irvine.

Did you have an ambition when at school? Yes to be a football player. However I never made it to the professional ranks but I played Junior football with Irvine Victoria and Whitletts.

How did you meet Louise? We’ve known each other since we were about 14. I got to know her when attending Fire Starters run buy WYAM. We are now married and have a son called Issac who is 4 months old.

Tell us a bit about your church background My family attended church, New Life Centre in Prestwick, and at an early age I was taken along. My grandfather then planted a church in our town and we all started going there. Some time later the man who led worship left and I was the only person there who was musical so I started leading worship playing keyboards. I was only 14 years old and I was terrified, sometimes I told my mother I wasn’t going because of this. But people recognised something in my life

You worked with Glasgow City Mission? Yes after finishing university I started working there. I worked as a young support worker, kind of social work, and it was kind of strange because I had just finished a degree in Sport Development and it was odd because God just put me in another direction. But it was a real source of blessing and a struggle at times, not realising that God was blessing me and it was only later on I could look back at my time there and see so much fruit. Probably if I hadn’t gone to the City Mission I wouldn’t have gone to California.

How did you end up in California? We both discovered that we had a desire to be equipped for God’s Kingdom. God had been speaking to us for 5 years approximately through Genesis 12. In this passage God tells Abraham that he will take him from the land of his fathers to another land that he would show him. Louise and I continued to get this word from various sources. Eventually we began to ask God specifically about where He was taking us and that’s when He spoke to us about going to California and training at the Bethel School of Ministry.

How did you get to know about Bethel A few years ago we were over visiting friends in Texas and one night I was asked to lead worship at a house group. Later that night I was given a cd of Bethel music and couple of the songs on the cd really affected me and captured my heart. I wanted to know why and began to explore and found out the music was Jesus Culture. I had listen to Jesus Culture music before but was unaware that they were part of Bethel. Actually there was a season when I would have frowned upon places like Bethel. I was brought up in a church where one of the core values was not being deceived; we had to have discernment about things coming and to know if they were or weren’t from God. This created a lot of fear. So there was a time when I probably thought that Bethel wasn’t of God because people associated Bethel with freedom and in their culture/church there were expressions of worship that I and other people could have been offended by because we didn’t see them in our churches.


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