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The Adventure Cruise lasted 5 weeks and was based around characters in the Bible who met Jesus. Each week we learned about a word beginning with the letter C that explained what the characters had done


The characters we heard about were:  Jesus chose to respond to a cry of help from the leper

 Bartimaeus who called out to Jesus

 Zacchaeus whose life was changed when he met Jesus

 The paralysed man and his four committed friends

 The rich young man who found the cost of following Jesus too great

Each week the kids also heard an excerpt from an adventure story about 2 boys named Sid and Basher who were on a cruise with Sid’s gran. The boy’s adventures helped to explain the meaning of the C we were looking at that week.

On their way home the kids received a copy of Cruise News which as well as recalling the Bible story and memory verse had pictures to colour in and puzzles to do.

The kids were asked to memorise the memory verses and at the end of week 5 3 kids were able to recite all 5 verses and 2 of them managed 4.

The overall message to the kids during the cruise was that life is quite an adventure at times— maybe not quite like the one Sid and Basher had—but in other ways.

We must CHOOSE whether or not to follow Jesus. We know that when we do CALL out to him he will hear us. Then as his friends, he will help us. When we are his


friends we gradually CHANGE and become more like him. This doesn’t happen all at once and we need to remain COMMITTED to him, and to each other. If we truly want to follow Jesus we must con- sider the COST carefully and be prepared to give up whatever he asks us to.

All the kids and leaders are looking forward to their next cruise and hope it is as exciting as this one.

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