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When we look back in our history to the Westport Hall, it was a community that reached into a people group that the local churches could not reach. It was all about helping the poor, helping the needy. The Sunday School was set up for needy kids of poor families that were not accepted into local established churches. It was all about dealing with those that were hungry, poor, hurting and broken. We need to redig this well. We are already doing it in many senses through our outreach through Teen Challenge, through our Community Café and other areas. But there are many even within a square mile of the church who are in desperate need, a whole range of needs. We need to be a church that is on fire for God spiritually but also dealing with our community practically. Lets reach the needs of the people in our town. I’m glad that our constitution states that our goal is to promote Christ’s

Kingdom through

evangelism, teaching, preaching and social action.


After the 1908 revival in this town God moved mightily. Many people came to know Christ as Lord and Saviour, many were healed and many baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Also at that time 28 young people offered themselves for missionary service. As I looked over the preparations for our Jubilee I realised that this church was a mission church, a mission sending church. There were great missions to Sierra Leone and other places and even now we’ve got that connection with Romania. There are still lost people that We need to reach out beyond our borders both locally but also overseas. Friends missions is still, must be, massively supported by church because there are people out there who still need to know about the love of Christ. Romans 10:14-15 But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they be- lieve in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?



When I looked back into the history of this church I saw that this was a Bible based church. It was a church that had Bible studies before the morning service as well as midweek. There were teachings, people being raised up in leadership. There was doctrine being taught, there was sound doctrine and it was all Bible based. I want this church to be the same. I want to redig this well so that we as Christians know what we are talking about. When people ask us, we know our Bible backwards, we know the answers because we have read the book. That is really why we did the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. If you wanted to be a pilot you have to train first. You have to know how a plane works, about all the controls and dials. How to navigate, take off and land, passenger safety. You need to know all of these things. We as Christians need to be equipped, as well equipped as possible, in order to reach our world. So I would like to redig this well to equip people for the work of the Lord.

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