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Coventya was formed in 2000 after a

management buyout, but can trace their roots back to the

formation of Societe Parker in France in 1927, and are now

one of the top 4global suppliers to the

electroplating market.

Coventya operates in 4continents and over 40 countries and has more than 650 employees world-wide. Until recently they have not had a presence in the UK market other than afew small distributors. In February 2012 they purchased Molecular Technology,acompany based near Wolverhampton specialising in Molclear™ ahigh performance Cataphoretic lacquer,which is sold globally including several existing Coventya companies. This was synergy at its finest.

This purchase was made for two reasons: 1. To ensure supply of this advanced technology.

2. To allow Coventya to enter the UK market and provide their full product range to local customers.

In addition to the Molclear acquisition, Coventya also xpanded their footprint in Asia by adding operations in both Korea and India. This clearly demonstrates that Coventya is committed to meeting the demand for their products all over the world, especially in countries where the major automotive companies are based; as this is a main requirement for many of the automotive approvals Coventya enjoys.

Coventya Ltd offices and factory

Coventya supplies acomplete range of General Metal Finishing products, but are best known for their protective finishes ;i.e. zinc, zinc alloys, trivalent passivates. They have more than 150 approvals within the automotive industry including VW,Volvo, Audi, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Nissan, and many more. Most of these specifications include the renowned topcoats in the FINIGARD range, used for increasing corrosion resistance as well as managing the torque and tension requirements, an increasing demand for fastener applications.

Coventya Ltd Laboratory

Coventya is the recognized market share leader in electroless nickel in the USA and this success is rapidly spreading to Europe and Asia. Coventya is one of only ahandful of companies that supply Electroless Nickel technology for the computer hard disc drive industry (data storage). Speaking of which, Coventya is proud to have recently received the prestigious 2012 Supplier of the Year Award from Western Digitial for their competence in technology,support and logistics, aclear signal of Coventya’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Coventya has long been committed to embracing sustainable business practices and at the same time moving their customers to more eco-friendly

4 SURFACEWORLD april 2013

technology.More than just concept, the basic corporate philosophy is summarised by CEO Thomas Costa in the ECOLINE mission statement, committed to by all Coventya companies:

“ECOLINE is along term mindset where we merge ecology and economy into one and operate within the limits of available resources. Where all actions taken are measured for their effect on the environment and the well being of future generations.”

In addition to manufacturing the Molclear range of products for global distribution, Coventya Ltd facility,ispositioned to supply awide range of surface finishing chemistry from their UK warehouse facility into the UK market.

The office and factory of 650 sq metres which were formally the Molecular Technology site, have been recently enhanced to facilitate training seminars. In the last 6months they have held courses in Cataphoretic lacquers for people from Peru, Mexico, India, Singapore, Germany,Sweden, Spain and Italy,demonstrating the global demand for this process, and the interest which Coventya companies and distributors are showing in the technology.

The facility is also the main research centre for the development of Cataphoretic lacquers and supporting products, with nearly half of our employees involved in research of some kind. This commitment to innovation has led to a series of novel products including lacquers, dyes, pigments and new finishes for lacquers and new methods of application. One aspect of the ongoing research within Coventya, is the ability to synthesize new polymers rather than to buy off the shelf products. The benefit here is they have the capacity to design products with specific performance characteristics and then blend them to their exacting standards. This unique approach is what makes the Molclear lacquer technology standout in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

The facility is highly capable to manufacture all the global demands for the Molclear range as well as store Coventya GMF chemistry in the new warehouse to support our growing customer base.

Coventya has always sought to establish a foothold in the UK as the market is considered valuable for many reasons. With adedicated local team, excellent products and solid infrastructure, the roots are growing strong already. read online

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