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74 SPORTS OLGA 18 Hole scoreboard

Mary Erwin, Publicity It just doesn’t get any better than this

- the Golf Gods are shining down on us in Sun Lakes with this beautiful weather. How could you live any other place? Oops, guess the snowbirds say they can when we reach 112. And the winners are: 04/02. Blind Partners: 1st Barbara

Denopoli and Susanna Rotsch, 2nd Sandra Knight and Candy Watkinson, 3rd Nancy Lienenbrugger and Linda Wolfe 03/19 and 26. Eclectic

Tournament: Flight 1: (Three-way tie) 1st Dari Akin, Debra Foster and Bev Lutes; Flight 2: 1st Shirley Read, 2nd Julie Hastings, 3rd Linda Wolfe; Flight 3: 1st Carol Brown, 2 n d Mary Ruddy, 3rd Carol Smith; Flight 4: 1st Connie Hughes, 2nd Vicki Carmichael, 3rd Jacquie Peterson; Flight 5: Rydia Almy, 2nd Mary Ann Taylor, 3rd Bernie Guy. 03/12. Low Net: Flight 1: 1st Lorraine

Blair, 2nd Lois Foerster, 3rd Dari Akin; Flight 2: 1st Paula Ferguson, 2nd Joanna Knutson, 3rd Debra Foster; Flight 3: 1st

Joann Rebillard, 2nd (tie) Joyce Sbur and Carol Russell; Flight 4: 1st Jan Skibo, 2nd Robin Thomas, 3rd Suzanne Willey; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Jacquie Peterson and Susanne Rotsch, 3rd Connie Hughes. 03/05. One on One: 1st Joyce Schwartz,

Doris Swanson, Nancy Annen and Marty Wheeldon, 2nd Eleanor Hinerichsen, Carol Smith, Linda Smith and Connie Hughes, 3rd BJ Schuller, Phyllis D’Amore,

Kathy Schnell and Dottie Holme; KP winners - Lakes 2 Dari Akin, Lakes 6 Judith Kuse, Sonoran 3 Karen Beltz and Sonoran 8 Debra Foster. The fourth round of the

State Medallion is coming up

May 14. Results of the No Frills Member Guest

and the Cross Over Tournaments will be in the next issue of the Splash. Note: A “gimme” can best be defi ned

as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well. Fore! 

Oakwood 18 Hole Couple announce club champions

The Oakwood 18 Hole Couples League

event for March 8 was cancelled due to inclement weather. The March 22 event was the club championship played on the Palms/Sonoran with results as follows: Club Champions were Don and

Lorraine Blair – Low Gross with a score of 160 and Larry and Shirley Weaver – Low Net with a score of 129. Congratulations to the Blairs and Weavers. Flight 1 (Gross) – 1st Bill Boxwell and

Eleanor Hinerichsen 165, 2nd Tom and 172, 3rd Ken and JoAnn Ratliff 173; Flight 1 (Net) 1st Fred and Linda Smith 138, 2nd Howard and Paula Dielmann 139, 3rd Harley and Carol Smith 141. Flight 2 (Gross) – 1st and Barb


Anderson 178, 2nd Tony and Georgian Talerico 182, 3rd Chuck and Doris Swanson 187; Flight 2 (Net) – 1st John and Joan Triplett 139, 2nd Robert and Carol Brown 142,3rd Larry and Irma Robinson 144. Flight 3 (Gross) – 1st Gary and Kathy

Burns 181, 2nd Duane and JC Garceau 189, 3rd Bill and Diane Stoutenberg 193; Flight 3 (Net) – 1st Neil and Kathy Crawford 136, 2nd Robert and Mary Ann Taylor 143, 3rd John Masog and JoAnn Zerwekh 144. Closest to the pin winners were Shirley Read on Sonoran No. 3, Linda Smith on

Sonoran No. 8, Larry Schuller on Palms No. 4 and Bill Stoutenberg on Palms No. 7. Year

to Date Totals – Hens 15 and

Roosters 17. Longest putt winners were Suzie Willey

on Sonoran No. 7 and Fred Smith on Palms No. 9. Year

to date totals Roosters 6.

May play with be on the 10th with

a 4-Ball

3-2-1 Best Net and May 24 with a 4-Ball His- Her Low Net. Both events are a 12:30 p.m. shotgun. The cost is $36 per couple (which

includes “Couples

meals). Checks should be payable to “Oakwood Couples Golf League – 18 Hole” dropped in the Box”

at the Oakwood Pro Shop to constitute

registration for a league event. The deadline for registering for any event is noon on Saturday preceding that event. Please visit the Oakwood Couples

website at www.oakwoodcouplesgolf. com where you will fi nd membership information and requirements, application procedures, event schedules, menus and rules. You can also contact Harry or Liz Pritchard at 480-802-9344. 

- Hens 10 and Bev Davidson and Lois Newman.

Carol Mellinger The Clay Court Championships ended

a busy season of tournaments, mixers and social events for IronOaks. Spectators were treated to great play, many upsets and close competition. A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to all volunteers that helped make this event special. Mens Division I – Tom Snider and Bill

Corso defeated Gerry Spilman and Chris Shol in a riveting two set tie-break match. Mens Division 2 – Wayne Newman and

John Brasch defeated Kent Clunie and Jim Norman 7-6, 6-1. Womens Division I – Bev Davidson and

Lois Newman defeated Sharon Feltus and JoAnn Zapatka 6-0, 6-3 Womens Division II – Sandra LaBute

and Susan Aparicio were the winners in the round robin event. The USTA Women League matches are

concluding for this season. The IronOaks’ 7.0 55 and over team had a clean sweep in the local league winning all eight of their matches. They are on to Districts that will be held at The Phoenician Resort in Phoenix on April 27. The winner of that competition earns the right to represent Central Arizona in the Sectionals to be held in Surprise, Arizona in December. Best of luck to team members Patti Bain, Linda Carr, Carmella Davin, Pat Davidson, Judy Gahide, Jeri Schulz, Susan Stewart, Terri Vasquez, Kay Wengert, JoAnn Zapatka and team Captain John Radcliffe! The USTA Women 6.0 55 and over

league concluded with a win for IronOaks II team over IronOaks I team. IronOaks II team will now go to Sectionals also held in Surprise, Arizona in December. Best of luck to team members Jacque Alvino, Barb Carr, Sue Davidson, Paula Floth (Captain), Vivian

Tom Snider and Bill Corso

Guimond, Nancy Kelley, Nadine Kiser, Pat Lum, Patti McElenney, Lee Ann Primrose and Carol Ritter. Free Tennis Clinics are offered by USPTA

pro Heide Gilbert, for all levels, every third Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 p.m. The next clinic is May 15. Sign up at IronOaks patio is required. First timers need to sign a waiver at the front desk. Drop-In Tennis is scheduled every

Monday and Friday from 1:30–3:00 p.m. and the time will change when the weather gets too hot. This program is open to the Sun Lakes community and is designed for the newcomer to meet players of their own skill level or for the player that just wants to “drop by.” Please bring a new can of tennis balls and a smile. Check in at the front desk to fi nd your court (new players to the club need to sign a waiver). Heide’s Korner (Doubles Lesson) “Cover

Up for Your Partner” Play as a team in doubles and learn to

cover up for your partner. If your partner is forced wide to play a ball, either at the net or in the backcourt, the opening between the two of you will be increased; therefore move to make this opening smaller, covering up for your partner. If your partner is forced wide to the right, then move to the right. If your partner is forced wide to the left, then move to the left. As you move one way or the other, you’ll leave a little opening on the side opposite the direction you’re moving (on your left if you move right, on your right if you move left), but creating this small opening is clearly better than leaving a large opening between you and your partner. Move as a team and cover up for your

partner and expect your partner to cover up for you. Such teamwork is essential for effective doubles play. 

THE JUDGE __________________________ - continued from page 66

plaque displayed in the IronOaks Billiard Room. IronOaks residents are welcome to

become members of the league; you never know who will be your next opponent in the

pool room! If you are interested in playing pool with or against the Judge or any of our many interesting members, the sign-up forms are in the pool room. Welcome to the league, Judge! 

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