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fl ight leader. Play will resume at the end of October; watch the Splash in September for details. See you then. Monday Flight 03/11. Best Ball: 1st Susan Gottschalk;

Holes-in-One: 1st Linda Meylink, 2nd and 3rd Pat Martin; 3rd Nancy Everson and Elaine Greer, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Pattie Seiberling; 6th Susan Gottschalk; 7th Norma Marsh;

Sharon Darnell, Colleen Foley; 9th Shauna Duncan. 03/18. Best Ball: 1st Sharon Darnell; Holes-

in-One: 1st Jane Wagner; 2nd Linda Meylink; 3rd Edie Leo; 4th Sharon Gouthro; 4th and 5th Ginny Morrison; 7th Irene Brown; 8th Jan Foldenaur; 9th, 10th and 11th Sharon Darnell; 10th Shauna Duncan. 03/25. Scramble: 1st Irene Brown, Sharon

Darnell, Susan Gottschalk and Sharon Gouthro; Holes-in-One: 4th Darla Gallentine, Elaine Greer and Lynn Tulis; 5th Mary Lou Murdock; 6th Janiece Wallin; 7th, 8th and 9th Susan Gottschalk; 8th Irene Brown and Norma Marsh; 12th Sharon Darnell. 04/01. Scramble: 1st (tie) Linda Dickerson,

Sharon Gouthro, Jackie Jones and Susan Powell; Jan Foldenaur, Darla Gallentine, Shirley Gosselin and Mary Lou Murdock; Holes-in-One: 4th Nancy Everson, Jackie Jones and Edie Leo; 5th Darla Gallentine, Sharon Gouthro and Bea Hadsell; 6th Mary Lou Murdock; 9th Irene Brown, Jan Foldenaur, Camille Jasien and Norma Marsh. 04/08. Cancelled due to weather. Tuesday Flight 03/12. Scramble: 1st Marie Sullivan, Jean

Stemmley, Ilsa Moore and Monica Lovrien; Holes-in-One: 1st Joanie Nelson; 2nd Jeanne Purpura, Marie Sullivan and Karen Rosenquist; 6th Dottie Dufner; 7th Jean Stemmley. 03/19. Scramble: 1st Dolly Bruns, Dottie

Altamore, Monica Lovrien and Dottie Dufner; Holes-in-One: 2nd Dottie Altamore; 4th Ginny Kinch; 6th Monica Lovrien; 7th Laurie Burke. 0326. Scramble: 1st (tie) Myrna Greene,

Kathy Mindnich, Laurie Burke, Donna Staub and Jean Doerr, Lois Buttke, Marie Sullivan and Jeanne Purpura; Holes-in-One: 2nd Susanne Kaufman; 3rd Jeanne Purpura; 5th Kathy Mindnich and Jeanne Doerr; 8th Laurie Burke. 04/02.

Scramble: 1st Helen Ronning,

Jeanne Purpura, Kathy Mindnich and Jean Doerr; Holes-in-One: 6th Jean Doerr; 7th Dottie Dufner. 04/09. Scramble: 1st (tie) Kathy Mindnich,

Jo Anne Burr, Dottie Dufner and Jean Doerr and Lois Buttke, Jean Stemmley, Lucille Rahilly and Anna Gay Pahlow; Holes-in-One: 2nd Lois Buttke; 4th Jeanne Purpura; 6th Kathy Mindnich; 7th Jean Doerr; 8th and 9th Jean Stemmley; 9th Anna Gay Pahlow. Tuesday Oakwood Flight 03/12. Scramble: 1st (two-way tie) Pat

Burnham, Marge Duggan, Marjean Scheele, Mardie Traver and Elaine Legorreta, Norma McCullough, Margo Otte, Carol Williams; Holes-in-One: 3rd Cheryl Schaab; 4th and 5th Carol Williams and Norma McCullough; 6th and 7th Pat Burnham; 7th Mardie Traver; 9th Chris Kibler; 10th Marjean Scheele and Carol Leavitt; 12th Peggy Raber; 12th and 13th Margo Otte; 17th Marge Duggan. 03/19. Scramble: 1st Marge Duggan, Elaine

Legorreta, Norma McCullough and Leona Skeate; Holes-in-One: 1st Mary ORourke; 2nd Shirley Arendt; 4th and 5th Cheryl Schaab; 6th June Wagner; 8th and 9th Elaine Legorreta; 11th Marjean Scheele. 03/26. Scramble: 1st Marilyn Herdt, Inez

Kirscht, Carol Leavitt and Peggy Raber; Holes- in-One: 3rd Mary Ann Betti; 5th Shari Hurst; 7th Leona Skeat; 8th Pat Burnham; 11th Carol Leavitt; 12th Marjean Scheele; 18th Marge Duggan. 04/02. Scramble: 1st Inez Kirscht, Paula

Lauer, Ann Marcinowski and Mary O’Rourke; Holes-in-One: 4th Dotty Deschenes; 5th Ann Marcinowski; 7th Paula Lauer; 8th Madeline Mazzei; 10th Jan Abbey; 19th and 20th Marge Duggan. 04/09. Scramble: 1st Marge Duggan, Peggy

Raber and Carol Williams; Holes-in-One: 5th Dianna Milkint; 7th June Wagner; 9th Jan Wilkinson and Madeline Mazzei; 10th Elaine Legorreta; 11th and 12th Joan Sloan; 12th and 13th Peggy Raber; 21st Marge Duggan.


Wednesday Flight 03/13. Scramble: 1st Linda Murray,

Jeannette Boychuk, Nancy Newendyke and Lori Dykstra; Holes-in-One: 1st Linda Murray, Donna Wolmutt, Yvette Keltz and Nancy Newendyke; 2nd Joanne Urban and Rose Taylor; 3rd Edna Petrin; 4th Pam Grachan; 4th and 5th Jeanne Rouse; 6th and 7th Lee DeLeo; 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Jeannette Boychuk; 9th Carol Wenger. 03/20. Scramble: 1st Ann Eckert, Ronnie

Wardell, Tanya Bradford, Jan Stuckey and Nancy Newendyke; Holes-in-One: 2nd Leslie Swan and Brenda Streit; 3rd Louise Henderson, Joy Gardner and Shirley Keating; 5th and 6th Pam Grachan; 6th Kathy Kuglitsch, Nancy Fife, Bobbie Wall and Ronnie Wardell; 6th and 7th Mary Kunzelman; 10th Tanya Bradford; 11th, 12th and 13th Joy Voight. 03/27. Scramble: 1st Jane Schaeffer, Lori

Dykstra, Joy Gardner and Louise Henderson; Holes-in-One: 2nd Lori Dykstra,


Henderson and Mary Ann Winters; 3rd and 4th Pat Weitzel; 4th Joy Gardner, Edna Petrin and Delores Logan; 4th and 5th Shirley Keating; 5th Dot Patrick; 4th, 5th and 6th Louise Henderson; 7th Ronnie Wardell; 8th Mary Kunzelman; 10th Linda Parfi tt; 11th and 12th Tanya Bradford; 12th Jeannette Boychuk. 04/03. Scramble: 1st (four-way tie) Carole

Elliott, Linda Parfi tt, Leslie Swan, Anna Mae Calgaro and Nancy Fife, Tanya Bradford, Bobbie Wall, Doris Maxwell and Jan Stuckey, Joy Voight, Jana Matousek, Carol Wenger and Ronnie Wardell, Donna Wolmutt, Carol Kirsch, Jeannette Boychuk; Holes-in-One: 2nd Barb Passante, Linda Murray; 3rd Leslie Swan; 4th Jane Schaeffer; 6th Shirley Keating, Dot Patrick; 7th Nancy Fife; 8th Anna Mae Calgaro; 8th and 9th Ronnie Wardell; 10th and 11th Carol Wenger; 13th Tanya Bradford, Jeannette Boychuk. 04/10. Scramble: 1st Jan Chidester, Judy

Dakin, Tanya Bradford and Mary Kunzelman; Holes-in-One: 2nd Donna Wolmutt; 3rd Judy Dakin; 5th Joy Gardner; 6th, 7th, and 8th Carole Elliott; 7th Jan Stuckey, Pam Grachan, Marg Pippitt and Shirley Keating; 8th Nancy Fife; 9th Mary Kunzelman; 11th Linda Parfi tt; 12th Carol Wenger, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Tanya Bradford. Thursday Flight 03/14. Scramble: 1st Carolyn Hawkins,

Eileen Stroh, Margaret Ridgway, Fran Schuring and Denise Fleshner, Sue Renaud, Roxanne Manz and Ann Harrigan; Holes-in-One: 3rd Denise Fleshner, Maggie Hubner, Nina Scinto Linda Haythornewhite and Jean Legrand; 4th Lu Walk; 5th Jeri Henry, Kathy Rusche; 8th and 9th Fran Schuring. 03/21. Scramble: 1st (tie) Donna Harms, Judy Mugrage, Anne Reyburn

Nina Scinto,

and Sandy Hansen, Marilyn Mulay, Maggie Hubner and Linda Barber; Holes-in-One: 1st Ellen Brittingham; 2nd Maggie Hubner, Eileen Stroh and Lucy Luxenburg; 4th Jean LeGrand; 4th and 5th Ann Harrigan; 5th Nina Scinto and Linda Barber; 5th and 6th Lu Walk; 6th, 7th and 8th Anne Reyburn; 7th and 8th Edite Evans; 9th Fran Marolla; 10th Fran Schuring. 03/28. Scramble: 1st (three-way tie)

Lorraine Berg, Pat Henk, Judy Mugrage, Peggy Clapp and Faith Missidine, Ruth Willoughby, Margaret Ridgway, Sondra Moore and Irene D’Aloisio, Joanne Johnson, Maggie Hubner, Sandy Gunzelman and Fran Schuring; Holes- in-One: 1st Sandy Gunzelman; 1st and 2nd Carmela Powers; 2nd Pat Henk; 3rd Carol Ciccarelli; 6th Jeri Henry, Ruth Willoughby; 7th Lu Walk; 8th Judy Mugrage and Peggy Clapp. 04/04. Scramble: 1st Donna Harms, Ann

Gavin, Denise Fleshner, Janet Corso and Rebecca Dominguez; Holes-in-One: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Ann Gavin; 3rd Donna Harms and Pat Henk; 3rd and 4th Patty Kennedy; 4th Denise Fleshner; 5th Jean LeGrand; 6th Alice Bannerman; 9th Peggy Clapp; 9th and 10th Edite Evans. 04/11. Scramble: 1st Marcia Gaudioso,

Nina Scinto, Faith Missildine and Bev Lundeen; Holes-in-One: 2nd Faith Missildine; 4th Donna Harms; 5th Kay McCormick, Denise Fleshner, Arna Pagano and Joyce Winsyrg; 6th Ann Harrigan and Kathy Rusche; 9th Bev Lundeen; 9th and 10th Judy Mugrage; 10th Peggy Clapp; 10th and 11th Fran Marolla; 11th Edite Evans. 

The Sun Lakes Table Tennis Club hosted a mixer with the Saddlebrooke Table Tennis Club on March 15. First row (Saddlebrooke) (left to right) Dan Eggleston, Greg Hlushko, Tom Sacra, Gunter Pawlowski, Fred Flanagan and Joe Staker. Second row (Sun Lakes) (left to right) Bill Lange, David Novikoff, David Zapatka, Gerry Voglesang, Jim Spolar and Bill Aichele.

Steve Langer On Friday, March 15, the Sun Lakes

Table Tennis Club hosted a mixer with the Saddlebrooke Table Tennis Club. Both clubs sported single players and double teams divided into A and B groups. The result of the close competition was a tie, 12 matches won by Saddlebrooke and 12 matches won by Sun Lakes. A

great time was had by all. Playing for Sun Lakes were David Zapatka, David Novikoff, Alan Behr, Steve Langer, Gerry Vogelsang, Bill Aichele, Bill Lang and Jim Spolar. If you are interested in learning more

about the Sun Lakes Table Tennis Club contact David Novikoff at 895-7988 or Alan Behr at 895-7750.  | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Don Neu “Mr. Tennis” in Sun Lakes

If you play tennis in Sun Lakes,

what do you search for? What are your specifi c interests? Lessons? League teams? Tournaments? Regular groups at your own level? Socials? Challenge ladders? USTA events? History? Committees? Anything else? Following Don Neu’s example could keep you busy the better part of every day! There may be nothing in local tennis that Don has not been involved with at one time or another. He has done it all in a fairly short time, because tennis was not his game of choice until moving to Sun Lakes in 1990. Coming from a very successful athletic life through high school and college in California and Oregon, tennis was a natural for him, even at age 53. He won his fi rst tournament at the 3.0 NTRP level and with lots of practice and studying the game, developed the skills for a 4.0 rating. Don joined the “seniors” category, winning several local tournaments and venturing out to play in other states around the United States which he continues to do each year. Many other tennis accomplishments have been achieved by Don, but


quite natural for him when we learn more about his busy business and sports life. Here is a brief recap: high school track Hall of Fame with numerous pole vault records; softball player and umpire covering 40 years; performed magic shows through college; coached basketball, football, track, soccer and softball at different levels for many years; basketball

referee for 25

years; Cub Scout leader and Indian Guide leader; active church leadership (included organizing waiters for an annual ladies luncheon for 13 years without a single broken china dish!); State Farm Insurance career for 33 years; started a home care business for snowbirds in Sun Lakes; plays summer golf. “Mr. Tennis” is a huge

volunteer contributor to tennis locally, in Arizona, and in the United States; 22 years ago Don started a weekly free clinic night at Cottonwood. Proving v e r y popular, it grew to two nights in its second year and is

still running. He organizes,

directs and plays in local tournaments including the Bradshaw and the Jason Morton. His personal record of winning or high placement in singles, doubles and

Don Neu, Sun Lakes’ “Mr. Tennis.”

mixed doubles is legendary. Certifi cation as a tennis instructor with the United States Professional Tennis Association also led to his No. 1 ranking in the USPTA age 75+ singles division. Don has coached several ladies and mens teams to winning seasons in leagues and tournaments. He has served on numerous tennis committees, councils and boards plus the Wilson Company Advisory Staff. Sharing his tennis tips via the Sun Lakes television channel and the tennis

Cottonwood newsletter were

additional volunteer ventures. Various awards and special recognition have been earned through Don’s tennis years.

And as if all of this was not enough, Don has enjoyed giving private lessons at Tumbleweed Tennis Center, Sun

Bird, Springfi eld and Solera. His wife of 50 years (Sandy) must certainly qualify as a “tennis widow.” But she can be extremely proud of Don “Mr. Tennis” in Sun Lakes for his enthusiastic, successful years of giving back to our community through tennis – the sport of a lifetime! 

Table Tennis mixer with SaddleBrooke nets a tie

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