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May 2013 | SUN LAKES SPLASH | Men’s Oakwood Golf Association


Ironwood Lady Niners “Beat the Pro” results


Jack Hill, Bill Swed, and Del Schutes

Ken Kappes/Bob Greene Well, here it is May, the threshold of

the “warm” days of summer. Many of the snowbirds have closed up their nest and headed for cooler climes. That means there are fewer golfers on the courses and earlier and more convenient tee times available. Over the past several months MOGA

has had some great tournaments, not only on MOGA courses but with other clubs at their venues. The feedback from members is that they enjoyed the games and the new friendships that have developed and they look forward to September/October when the new golf year begins. Some are even aspiring to improve their handicap in the meantime. The MOGA Club Championship was

played on March 14, 21 and 28. There were 76 players divided into six fl ights composed of three regular fl ights (not in older categories), three senior fl ights (70- 79 years old) and one super senior (80-84 years). Yes, there is a super-super senior category (85 plus) but there were no entries this year.

The New MOGA Club Champion is Bill Swed. He shot 73-71-69 (213)


three rounds on separate days. Yes, you have heard that name before. This was Bill’s ninth time to win the Championship. Incredible! He’s not only a good golfer, he

has a fi ne personality to match. The second place winner was Jack Hill, a new MOGA member, with 75-73-74 (222) and third place went to Del Schutes with 73-77-80 (230). Congratulations to the place winners and to all that participated in the tournament. A special acknowledgement and

congratulations are in order for Mr. Dan Manucci who shot an 80 on one of his rounds and that was one stroke lower than his age! In golf parlance: “that is a super round of golf to shoot a score lower than your age.” On March 28, MOGA elected new

offi cers. Howie Weiss was reelected as president, TJ Jones was elected vice president, Jim Hooyman was reelected as treasurer and Myron Urban was elected as secretary.

The members of MOGA would like to

publically extend our congratulations to the new Board of Offi cers and express our sincere appreciation to all of the previous board members and committee members for all the time and effort they put in to making MOGA a success every Thursday of the year! Please be sure to visit www.mogagolf.

com to review everything about MOGA and all the data concerning tournaments, scores and upcoming events. 

Just a few of the IWLN members who “Beat the Pro” (left to right) Catherine Tinerino- Moore, Nancy Davis, Henny Huss, Kevin Marugame, and Donna Rathyen.

Nancy Davis, Publicity Game of the Day: The game of the day

on March 13th was “Beat the Pro.” Kevin Marugame challenged our ladies on the front nine. Kevin was absolutely awesome. The following ladies Beat the Pro: Suzanne Augustyn, Jeanne Baldwin, Paula Bartoo, Susan Bauman, Marie Boyes, Bea Cannon, MJ Coking, Darlene Courville, Diane Dankerl-Hartman, Nancy Davis, Rena Dolins, Rachel Enloe, Bettie Farr, Denise Fleshner, Marcia Gaudioso, Ann Gavin, Nancy Heberling, Mary Horn, Sandy Howard, Henny Huss, Barbara Johnston, BJ Krause, Sandra Labute, Rony Lacey, Linda Liberti, Connie Luther, Norma Marsh, Pat Martin, Dottie Meade, Susan Meer, Shirley Miller, Margo Otte, Arna Pagano, Barb Pezzute, Susan Powell, Donna Rathyen, Dottie Schnormeier, Joan Sloan, Linda Spink, Barbara Steadman, Irene Strybosch, Leslie Swan, Catherine Tinerino-Moore, Terrie Veltrie, and Janiece Wallin. Congratulations! These ladies certainly brought their A-game. The Niners are turning 10 - save the

date: Our 10th anniversary celebration will be on November 14, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. in the Oakwood Ballroom. All current and former Ironwood Lady Niners are invited to attend. Please continue to

Niners March results

Jim Wegman, Publicity Ringers Tournament 2013 results: Flight

A: 1st Dennis Fisher, 2nd Bill Flinn, 3rd John Walker; Flight B: 1st Bill Lacey, 2nd Jack Cook, 3rd Bob Deken; Flight C: 1st Rich Funk, 2nd Jerry Richards, 3rd Bill Bartoo. The complete list of players and their fi nal scores may be found on the league web site. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all our participants. Prizes were paid to the winners in attendance on March 28, at the league BBQ. And, speaking of the BBQ, our new President Dave Peters worked the grill under the direction of Treasurer and “Chef-In-Charge“ Joe Sigillo. Our chefs were ably assisted by members Don Zimmer and Jack Doyle who did a lot of the heavy work. To all the guys we say “well done.“ The 55 attendees really appreciated the efforts and the food. Join me in welcoming new members

Wesley Thrash, recruited by Jack Cook, and returning member Lynn Thompson recruited by Jim Wegman. Lynn has a history with the Niners starting in the fall of 1997 and he served as treasurer for many

years. you like

and Jim Theobald, 2nd Dennis Fisher, Al Wallen and Gordon Graham, 3rd Dick Nelson, Tom Thibodeau, Mike Stegina and Dean Crocker. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.4 Dick Nelson, No.7 Tom Traver. 03/14. Fewest Putts – Sonoran: Flight A:

Bill Lacey, Bill Slattery, Dick Nelson, Jim Wegman and Ron Betti; Flight B Gordon Graham, Len Dolins, Bud DeRenne, Jerry Richards and Tom Thibodeau. Closest-to- the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jim Wegman, No.8 Jack Cook. 03/21. Low Net – Lakes: Flight A: Jack

Cook, Bill Whitely, Bruce McCorkle, John Walker and Dave Peters; Flight B: Rich Funk, Jerry Richards, Jordy Primack, Bud DeRenne and Jim Theobald. Sinkers: Bill Johnson. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: Nos. 2 and 6 Jack Cook. 03/28. Best Balls - 1 Gross, 1 Net –

the league’s If

“Closest-to-the-Pin Honors” thank Lynn; it was his idea to pay for a great shot to the par 3’s. Some of our Canadian members will be

leaving us shortly to return to their homes. We wish them a safe trip and a speedy return in the fall. Winners: 03/07. Two Best Net Balls – Palms: 1st Mike Osborn, Joe Dimino, Bill Whitely

Palms: 1st Jack Cook, Dennis Fisher, Bruce Henderson and Gerry Regan, 2nd Dean Crocker, Joe Dimino, Jim Poland and Tom Thibodeau, 3rd Bill Lacey, Bruce McCorkle and Al Wallen. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Bud DeRenne, No.7 Bill Bartoo. Local Rules, General: A local rule is in

effect which provides for free relief from intervention by immovable obstructions (e.g. sprinkler heads, drain grates, valve box covers, etc.) within two (2) club lengths of the putting green when the ball lies off the green, but not in a hazard and is within two (2) club lengths of the obstruction. That means one (1) club length relief, no nearer the hole. The type of club to be used has no bearing on the Rule. 

check our articles for updates. Any former members who are interested in attending should contact Catherine Tinerino-Moore at 480-895-4094. University of Wyoming Cowgirls: The

Cowgirls hosted their annual Invitational on April 8-10 at the Ocotillo Golf Course. There were 19 colleges and universities that participated. Members of our IWLN family who volunteered their time and services during this event were: Marcia Gaudioso, Rose Hull, Ann and Harry Roehl, Ann Gavin, Arna Pagano, Clarisse and Don Zornes, Dee Siehl, Denise Fleshner, Jeanne Norton,

Linda Liberti,

Lynn Tullis, Mary Jane Coking, Nancy and Jack Davis, Paula and Bill Bartoo and Susan and Lloyd Schaeffer. This was a fun event with awesome golf plus they may have seen an up-and-coming LPGA potential professional. Member News: Our best wishes for

a full and speedy recovery go out to Shirley Jones who recently underwent knee surgery. We also are extending a big welcome to our newest member Lynda Fallenberg. Thank you for choosing the IWLN.

For more information on our league

please contact Susan Schaeffer at 480- 802-9852.

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