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Oakwood Lady Niners news and scores | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Softball player profile: Jack Strauss

Larry Wolfe Have you ever met someone and thought, “Boy, he’s a good guy.” That thought hits you as soon as you meet Jack Strauss. But Jack’s not just a nice guy; he’s’s also a superb athlete. Arguably the best defensive outfi elder in our league, Jack also swings a lethal bat and routinely hits over .700! Jack played softball on company teams when he was younger, but then, like most of us, took a long hiatus before taking up senior softball. After playing a couple years in a Chandler league, Jack joined our league fi ve years ago and continues to be a top performer.

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An “almost Phoenix native,” Jack’s

OLNGA Low Gross Champs for 2013 (left to right): Flight 3: Barbara Jean Doyle; Overall Champ Tuny O’Rourke; Flight 2: Judy Hedding; Flight 1: Bonnie Tasch.

Farewell and happy summer to all our

snowbirds; think of us back here in Arizona – sweltering!! We are always looking for new members

so if you are interested in golf and meeting new friends please contact our Vice President Pat Stead at 883-1450. Our March winners: 03/12. Flight 1 – 1st Pat Stead, 2nd

Bonnie Tasch, 3rd Cora Levensky; Flight 2 – 1st Ursula Bird, 2nd Reggie Wegman, 3rd Judy Hedding; Flight 3 – 1st March Griffi th, 2nd Sheila Petriello, 3rd Julia Collier; Pitch and Putt: Gina Rinner 03/19. Flight 1 – 1st Bonnie Tasch, 2nd

Kathy Chebuhar, 3rd Cora Levensky; Flight 2 – 1st Jeanne Norton, 2nd Fran Neumayr, 3rd Pattie Wigton; Flight 3 – 1st Char Tourville, 2nd Mary Lou Hayes, 3rd Clarisse Zornes; Pitch and Putt: Marilyn Carrels 03/26. Flight 1 – 1st Cora Levensky, 2nd

Patty Partridge, 3rd Beverly Isley; Flight 2 – 1st Karen Kenyon, 2nd Margaret Johns, 3rd Pattie Wigton; Flight 3 – 1st Julia Collier, 2nd Barbara Jean Doyle, 3rd Mary Lou Hayes. Oakwood Lady Niners’ Golf Association

Low Gross Champions for 2013 are as follows: Overall Champion: Tuny O’Rourke; Flight 1 winner: Bonnie Tasch; Flight 2 winner: Judy Hedding; and Flight 3 winner: Barbara Jean Doyle. Oakwood Lady Niners’ Jo Williams Low

Net Champions for 2013 are as follows: Overall Champion: Judy Hedding; Flight 1 winner: Tuny O’Rourke; Flight 2 winner: Fran Neumayr; and Flight 3 winner: Susan Meer. Our OLNGA 2013 State Medallion

winners are Kathy Chebuhar for low gross and Ursula Bird for low net. Congratulations to all and have a great summer; see you in the fall! 

Palo Verde Men’s Playday results

Dick Nelsen, Publicity The month got off to a great start with the

two week Club Championship completed on the 9th where Dick Howell won his seventh title. Dick shot 65 on the second and 62 on the ninth; that’s an incredible (127) three over par for 36 holes of golf. Congratulations - truly emblematic of a true champion. The runner up was Tim Shum with total score of 132 and both from Flight 1; in third was Jerry Davis with a 134 total score. Flight 2 winner was Gerald Brock with a score of 140, in 2nd place Ken Pearson with 142 total and Vic Lesch with 143. Flight 3 in 1st was Rich Featherstone with 152, Linn Henderson with 156 and Bill Ryan and Jack Hall both with 159 tied for 3rd. Flight 4 in 1st with a 160 Don Lindsay, 2nd place with 162 was a 4-way tie with Jerry Lofquist, Gary Zahnow, Dennis Grendahl and Marty Martin. Flight 5 in fi rst was Bob Keltz with 159, 2nd Gary Assenmacher with 163 and Neil Curtis and Marcel Grossman both with 167. The afternoon group played 1 net BB and what do you know three teams tied for fi rst; each team shot 47 so team 1 Craig Currie, Glen Harry,

Jeff Martin and Cliff

Wagner, team 2 Ron Crabtree, Bill Davis, Lee Radermacher and Harry Martin and team 3 Phil Carsson, Don Grossart, Lowell Kuenzi and Jim Stroh. On March 16, the game was Selects-

A-Drive plus the past-president luncheon where President Jerry Lofquist, after cutting his 1-hour presentation short, introduced the past-presidents who were present and awards were given to this year’s winner of the President Cup and the Club Champion. Now for the winners of the game. In 1st place with a score of 83 another tie: Dave Tjosvold, Milt Olsen, Jim Stroh and Tom Roark plus the team of Dan Ashey, Sid

Cook, Bill Nelson and Larry Chidester. In 3rd with a score of 85 a tie: Jim Gillispie, Woody Neiman, Stan Gross and Jim Davis, along with Vic Lesch, Jack Fitzsimmons, Bill Phillips and Lou Grijalva. In the afternoon another tie for 1st with Jack Hall, Bob Loverage, Bob Forman and Wally Cornelius, with Don Wood, Doug Ruff, Harry Martin and Jerry Lynne. Now if you have read this far, get ready

for some awesome scoring, particularly if you like Hole-in-Ones. The game on March 23 was 2 Net BB and in 1st place was Blind Draw along with Bud Johns, Bill Dwyer and Bob Elliott with a 96; in 2nd with a 98, the team of Ron Cox, Curt Hughes, Garry Assenmacher and Jim Davis. We had a three-way tie for 3rd all with a score of 100, but there were two hole-in-ones: Leon Armour had his second on hole No. 3 and Kirk Bryson had his on Hole No. 6. The beer was fl owing. On March 30 the game was 1 Gross

+ 1 Net: 1st with a score of 108 Ken Pearson, Marty Neilson, Neal Robbins and Bill Hull; 2nd with 110 the team of Roger Haythornewhite, Don Lindsay, Pete Dalicio and Bob Ferrese. With 112 another tie team of Dan Ashley, Sid Cook, Rick Onken and Ed Bock, plus Jim Gillispie, Bill Triquart, Al Wipf and Bob Forman; they each shot 112. We had two more hole-in-ones: Linn Henderson on Hole No. 2 and Bill Hull on No. 15. Hope you guys had hole-in-one insurance. Last month I mentioned that Bob Hope

said that he missed a spectacular hole-in- one by only four shots; heck I’ve done that on every par three we have. However there is one statement that is true. “Man blames fate for other accidents but feels personally responsible for a hole-in-one.” 

folks moved here when he was an infant. He graduated from the now defunct East Phoenix High School where he played baseball, basketball and football for the Longhorns. The school was located near the Phoenix-Tovrea Stockyards and when the wind was blowing the wrong way, Jack recalls that there weren’t many fans in the stands! Jack earned a degree in Criminal Justice

from ASU because he thought he’d like to become an FBI agent or G-man; however, he decided to join the family medical supplies business for awhile instead. After spending fi ve years in San Diego in that business, Jack became a fi eld services representative for AMRAY, a fi rm specializing in scanning electron microscopes systems. He was “transferred around” with AMRAY, spending time in Boston (where he played on the company softball team with Doug Flutie!) and Los Angeles before returning to Phoenix. He then joined a Motorola- owned company in the semi-conductor business. When that company faced a major economic downturn, massive layoffs occurred and Jack found himself without a job. At about the same time, Jack’s wife Jody delivered their second daughter, so Jack became “Mr. Mom,” allowing Jody to resume her very successful career


medical equipment sales. Jack considers being Mr. Mom his best job ever! When both daughters, Carly and Hannah, were

in school, Jack became a substitute teacher and coach. He subbed in the Chandler School District (K-6th grade) and also was an assistant coach in basketball, soccer and softball. He especially enjoyed coaching his daughters’ various teams. Besides playing softball, Jack enjoys

getaways with Jody and the family at their cabin in Pine, 15 miles north of Payson. They enjoy all the outdoorsy activities such as hiking and canoeing, as well as mountain climbing around Flagstaff. Since Jody’s still working, their free time together is still limited, but they have done a few cruises and enjoy doing fi x-up projects up at the cabin. Jack met Jody when they both went to

an ASU hangout to listen to a mutual friend play in a band. They’ll soon be celebrating anniversary number 30 so I guess they liked the music! Even though Jack never did become

an FBI agent, he did become a G-man; however,

the “G” doesn’t stand for

Government-man. It stands for Good, as in really Good Guy! 

Cottonwood Tennis Club

CTC 2013/2014 officers (left to right): Bob Walk-Tournament Director, Adriana Michael- Vice President, Judy Crane President, Penny Petersen Secretary; Widmaier Treasurer and Al Wagner 1st Past President.

The Cottonwood Tennis season of

2012/2013 has wrapped up and so begins a new season. Things slow down some when the snowbirds make their journey to the north but there is still plenty of activity on the courts. The East and West Social took place

on March 15 and 16. Sun Lakes and SunBird players were invited. A few changes were made to the format this year, as

it became Blue vs. Red. On Visit us online at

Friday we were entertained by mixed doubles play and on Saturday it was gender doubles and the weather was

(not pictured) Bill

very cooperative. The final tally was Blue (west) overtaking Red (east) by a score of 68 to 64. New officers were elected for the

2013/2014 Cottonwood Tennis as follows: President Judy Crane; Vice- President Adriana Michael; Secretary Penny Petersen; Treasurer Bill Widmaier; Tournament Director Bob Walk and First Past President Al Wagner. Ground breaking for new court No. 5

located just east of the existing courts is underway so please come by and watch the progress. 

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