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Highlights from the Sun Lakes Tennis Club

Faye Haynes, Publicity The Sun Lakes Tennis Club has had

a month of great play on the courts. On March 21, the Irv Smith Appreciation Tournament was held to show our gratitude to Mr. Smith for his efforts in establishing our website. Steve Howell is now posting the weekly schedules and tournament

information and this is most

helpful to all our members. The fi rst place winners in this event were Nancy Boland, Bob Sjolin, Paul Patterson and Steve Howell.

On March 23, we were hosts to the

IronOaks Tennis Club. At the end of a fun day of great tennis, our club was the winner with an 8-4 record. The Remembrance Tournament

held on April 4 had fi rst place winners comprised of Dave Toews, Gae Hall, Wayne Taylor and Nancy Boland. Our new offi cers for the 2013-1014

season are President Mary Jane Robinson, Vice President Betty Dunn, Secretary Nancy Sjolin and Treasurer Dick Haynes. Tournament Directors are Mark Miron, Mike Davin, Dave Anciaux and Wayne Taylor.

The Spring Fling celebration held

on March 23 at the Sun Lakes Country Club was an evening enjoyed by all our

Ron Petersen entertained the Sun Lakes Tennis Club at its Spring Fling celebration March 23.

members and their guests. Donna Bailey was chairperson and what a beautiful event she and her assistants provided. The club wishes to thank Mr. Ron Petersen for sharing his wonderful talent. It was truly a night to remember. 

Sun Lakers Niners news

2013 CWLGA Team: First Place Gross Winners of the 2012/2013 East Valley Team Play Competition.

Shirley Edmiston, Publicity Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick’s

Day and a wonderful Easter which seemed to come very early this year. Lots of news: Special congratulations

to the CWLGA team who have golfed very well

in the East Valley Team Play

Sun Lakes Niners breast cancer survivors Liz Tollefsen, Sharon Johnson and Virginia Hager; not pictured: Roxanna Peck.

Rosalie Bowen, Publicity We have our winners for 2013. Everyone

had a chance to win since you had to have a minimum of fi ve league games from November 1-March 31. Thanks are in order for our First Vice President Carole Kinderman who initiated this idea. Here are the winners: President’s Cup (low net): Winner: 1st

Deanna Smith, 2nd Donna Sullivan, 3rd Verla Matuschka. Club Championship (low gross): Winner:

Susan Geis; Flight 1: Sharon Johnson; Flight 23: Carole Kinderman; Flight 3: Sara Richardson; Flight 4: Phyllis Swanson; Flight 5: Barbara Steadman. Congratulations all! Awards were

handed out at our dinner on April 9. Welcome to Linda Peart, our new

member. Bib sister Marge McClatchey does such a great job in indoctrinating our new members. It was agreed that we will now have four

fl ights instead of fi ve. This will equalize the number of players in each fl ight and also you will have a better chance of winning. Flight 1 handicap 1-16; Flight 2 handicaps 17-18; Flight 3 handicaps 19-21; and Flight 4 handicap 22. Our Rally for the Cure Tournament went

very well. Kudos to Phyllis Swanson – we had fun golfi ng and great prizes (everyone was a winner). Verla Matuschka went home with a new club (lucky lady). Did I mention that we also had some delicious snacks (it was dinner for me)! This event gets better every year. Our next event was the mixer with the

18-holers which was held on April 30. I will give results next month of this fun event.

Our fl ea market was quite successful

thanks to Barbara Steadman and her crew who by the way were up at 5:00; that’s dedication! The slate of offi cers for 2014 was

presented at our meeting on April 9: President Carole Kinderman, First Vice President Deanna Smith; Second Vice Presidents Jacki Aagaard and Susan Geis; Secretary Rosalie Bowen and Treasurer Donna Quinn. We thank you for accepting these positions. Our condolences go out to Barbara

Larsen whose husband Roy passed away after a long battle with cancer. Also a get well to Lois Judy – we miss you. Congratulations to Marie Hargus; she

got a birdie on Hole No. 17 on April 2. Play results: 03/12. Flight 1: Deanna Smith 42; Flight

2: Carole Kinderman 41; Flight 3: Sara Richardson 45; Flight 4: Phyllis Swanson 50; Flight 5: Donna Quinn 56 03/19.

Flight 1: Kay Stahlheber 44;

Flight 2: Verla Matuschka 45; Flight 3: Sara Richardson 45; Flight 4: Donna Sullivan 46, Flight 5: Barbara Steadman 53 03/26. Flight 1: Susan Geis 39; Flight

2: Vicki McKenna 43; Flight 3: Sara Richardson 43; Flight 4: Phyllis Swanson 50; Flight 5: Barbara Steadman 53. 04/02.

Flight 1: Fran Schuring 39;

Flight 2: Liz Tollefsen 43; Flight 3: Marge McClatchey 43; Flight 4: Donna Sullivan 48; Flight 5: Jeanne Porter 49. If you wish to join our group please

contact President Donna Sullivan at 480- 883-2072. We play every Tuesday from November through May and have a good time! 

Competition for the 2012-2013 season. As reported earlier, our team was staying in the top bracket for both gross and net throughout the season. The last game was played April 8, and the results – drum roll please!! Cottonwood Ladies Club

is now the 2012/2013 champion. Our team won the gross winner plaque. Exceptional playing,

especially in

ladies, the

high winds gusting between 25-30+ mph and blowing dust which created very diffi cult golfi ng conditions on the last day of play. There were 23

Mary Lu Esget,

03/14. Select-A-Drive: 1st Place Team: Jo Crook, Pat McRoberts

and Helen Jeub; 2nd Place Team Mary Nelson, Tammy Visser, Shirley Edmiston and Dorothy Thurman; 3rd Place Team Peggy Hoff, Barbara Smith, Carolyn Agre and Ruby Meyer. 03/21, 23 and 28 Club Championship

Flight Winners: Flight 1: Kay Kolb; Flight 2: Susan Hayward; Flight 3: Ellie Franklin; Flight 4: – Veda Baack. CWLGA hosted a great Patio Party after the tournament to celebrate. Many thanks


Nancy Gahn and Diana Ridd for all their hard work in putting the party together and to John Ridd and Dick Worden who slaved over the hot BBQ cooking great hamburgers to go with the other picnic goodies. Club members look forward to this yearly event


members who participated in the 34th annual Sweet Swingers tournament held at the Mesa Country Club March 4-7. Nancy Hermanson/Mary Henson took

1st place in Flight 2; Peggy Hoff/Mori Depew took 1st place in Flight 3; Nancy Howell/Pat Tjesvold took 2nd place and MaryAnne Lofquist/Jan Martin took 5th place in Flight 4; and Carolyn Agre/Diane Kruse took 5th place in Flight 6. Great playing ladies. Congratulations to Nadine Sanders,

CWLGA 2013 Club Champion. In this three day event Nadine fi nished the fi rst round of the tournament with a 78 and the third day with a round of 80 to win Overall Champion. This is Nadine’s fourth Overall Club Championship win. Also congrats to our fl ight winners listed below. Other Tournaments held in March:

Congratulations to all our winners. 03/07. Cross Country – Flight 1: 1st (tie)

Lori O’Neil and Paddy Newton; Flight 2: 1st Dianne Papaioannou; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Liz Kirkpatrick and Judy Shaw; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Nelda Machutas and Dorothy Thurman.

and enjoyed the opportunity to relax on the patio reminiscing great shots and missed

opportunities. Birdies for the month: Too many to list by date so I’ve lumped each

player’s birdies together. I have always felt the greens at Cottonwood Golf Course were diffi cult. However, with all these birdies, maybe the good drives and approach shots along with excellent putting is the key. Congrats ladies. Penny Hunter No. 17, Joan Seckels No.

5, Janet Quade No. 6, Penny Fox Nos. 10, 17 and 18, Nancy Bartels No. 5, Liz Kirkpatrick Nos. 5 and 13, Mary Nelson No. 18, Lori O’Neil Nos. 7 and 18, Mori Depew No. 11, Mary Lu Esget No. 15, MaryAnne Lofquist No. 3, Cindy Edwards Nos. 4 and 13, Marilyn Rutledge No. 18, June Park No. 5, Carolyn Agre No. 17, Billie Seiberline No. 5, Susan Hayward Nos. 6 and 18, Paddy Newton Nos. 1 and 8, Linda Dodge No. 6, Marilyn Mitchell No. 13, Diane Kruse Nos. 5 and 17, Ellie Franklin No. 4, Mikki Rydell No. 15, Susan Hayward Nos. 6, 17 and 18, Shirley Edmiston No. 13, Cathy Bass Nos. 1, 16, and 17, Nina Sheldon No. 2, Donna Purcell No. 1 and Nancy Howell No.17. 

2013 CWLGA Club Champions (left to right): Flight 2: Kay Kolb; Flight 3: Susan Hayward; Club Champion Nadine Sanders; Flight 3: Elli Franklon; and Flight 4: Veda Baack. | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013 CWLGA 18 Hole news

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