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66 SPORTS ILGA Club champs | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Cottonwood Lady Niners in the news

From left: Vicki Carmichael, Phyllis d’Amore, Nan Atkison, Bev Lutes, and Judy Ferrin

Louise Burke Congratulations to Nan Atkison for

winning ILGA’s 2013 Club Championship title. She completed the tournament with a score of 216. Her name will be added to the trophy, along with the previous 18 winners (since 1994). Congratulation to all players who fi nished. We started with 70 players and 68 ILGA members completed all three weeks. As is the case with all ILGA major tournaments, it was fl ighted so all players had an opportunity to win in their fl ight. There are no extra entry fees for our majors so everyone who is a member is eligible. Here are the fl ight winners and their scores for the tournament: Flight 1: Nan Atkinson 216, Nicole

Wadley 219 and Lonni Hocker 220 Flight 2: Bev Lutes 221, Charlene

Petragallo 232 and Shirley Weaver 236 Flight 3: Phyllis D’Amore 248, Linda

Meisinger 251 and Candy Watkinson 253 Flight 4: Judy Ferrin 248, Carol Jones 260 and Cathy Ranney 265.

ILGA Club Champion, Nan Atkison

Flight 5: Vicki Carmichael 265, MaryAnn Taylor 271 and JoAnn Zerwekh 276. 

IronOaks Breakers Pool League spotlight on member

David Mork, Godfather and Chairman of the IronOaks Billiards League. Pool players come from all walks of

life which was discovered recently when Michael O’Rourke joined the IronOaks Breakers Pool League last year. One never knows who will end up as a opponent in a pool room and based on the recent league play, this month’s spotlight in Members of

the League is on Michael “the Judge”

O’Rourke. Having been in the judiciary for many years and being referred to as “The Judge” during his career thousands of times, when he came to the pool room, his pool nickname was an easy decision. During the current league year, Michael has played members who prior to retiring to Sun Lakes were: a deputy sheriff; a neurosurgeon; a deputy US marshal; an over-the-road truck driver; a CPA; a contractor; a realtor; and many other vocations. During a recent match when the three in the judiciary/law enforcement were together, they were glad to see that the pool room is considered “a crime free zone” and they could relax and play pool. During the Judge’s early days post high

school, he learned to play pool while in college at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. He obtained his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Minnesota. He practiced in private industry and in academia. With more than 40 years in his legal career, the Judge served as a special assistant Minnesota attorney general, a judge in the Minnesota District Court and as chief legal offi cer of one of the country’s largest banks. He stated that during the years he was doing the above, he left the pool hall behind. Prior to returning to the pool room he found time to serve as president of the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind Foundation for three years and is still currently serving on the board. He became an award winning novelist and writer, whose books include O’Banion’s Gift

Susan Lamb, Suzanne Jones, and Gail Woolridge enjoy a moment of fun during the niners member/guest tournament.

Bette Lu Buchanan, Publicity After many fun weeks of playing golf

together, our snowbird friends are quickly fl ying away to their summer homes. This year has gone by much too quickly with many fun events to keep us all on our toes. On March 7, 52 golfers played “Select-

a-Drive” on the front nine of Cottonwood. Flight 1: 1st/2nd tie: Bette Lu Buchanan

and Karen Kishpaugh; 3rd Marlene Knightly; Flight 2: 1st Dixie McQuaid; 2nd Judy Wolfstich, 3rd Sandy Jackson; Flight 3: 1st/2nd (tie): Betty Beard and Cathy Kinnick; 3rd (tie) Peggi Boyles and Lee DeLeo.

On March 14, the game was “Ts and

Fs.” In this game, players only count their scores on the holes starting with Ts or Fs. Flight 1: 1st Diane Thompson; 2nd/3rd (tie) Marilyn Jasper and Sandy Tennant; Flight 2: 1st Sandy Jackson, 2nd/3rd (tie) Judy Hultgren and Betty Lansing; Flight 3: 1st Annette Carrington; 2nd Judy Garafalo; 3rd Willa Barger. Our Member/Guest Tournament was

held on Thursday, March 21, starting with a delicious steak salad luncheon in the Saguaro Room in the Cottonwood Clubhouse. The theme this year was “Swing into Spring,” with members

donning spring outfi ts and decorating

their golf carts. Winners of the best outfi t were the team of Gail Wooldridge and her partner Judy Connaway, who wore hats expertly decorated with colorful fl ower arrangements. Runners up were Karen Kishpaugh and Cindy Edwards and Leslie Swan and Lynn Tanner, each team with delightfully matching outfi ts. We played three

different team games, with the

following teams winning their fl ights: Flight 1: 1st Pattie Seiberling/Dianne

Papaioannou, 2nd Leslie Swan/Lynn Tanner, 3rd Judi Mora/Karen Bailey. Flight 2: 1st Jan Lien/Nancy Schwanz,

2nd Kay Kautzman/Irene Mattson; 3rd Sandy Jackson/Paula Elbery. Flight 3: 1st Betty Beared and Mary

Park, 2nd Peggi Boyles and Susie Rinaldo, 3rd Arlene Thrower/Karen LaPoint. On March 28, we played “Least Putts:”

1st Irene Fisher and Patti Landry with 14 putts each, 2nd Judy Whitney with 15 putts, 3rd Betty Beard, Bette Lu Buchanan, Liz Hall, Jan Lien, Catherine Korol and Sandy Tennant with 16 putts. Thanks to all who have supported our

Niners by joining in the fun each week. We always enjoy the new friendships that are made, and the old ones that continue. 

Sun Lakes spring Bocce news Sun Lakes Spring Bocce Ball in Palo

Verde ended March 24, with lots of food, wine and winners! Plans are already under way for next season which will start on November 3. The league holds two open houses around the community prior to the season start for those who want

Michael (the Judge) O’Rourke

and The Ordeal of Riley McReynolds, and are available on Amazon. The Godfather has read both of these novels and while a review of the books is not the subject of this spotlight, both books have great stories and twists and are well worth reading and enjoyable. The Judge is married to Tuny and when

not in Oakwood, they spend their summers in Minneapolis. When not playing pool in the league, the Judge has acted in fi ve productions of the Sun Lakes Community Theater and plays tennis, all while taking time to be with their four grown children and seven grandchildren. Post the writing, legal and judicial careers, the Judge returned to the pool room, purchased a new pool cue and became a league member. He is entered in “The Godfather’s Cup” which is held annually in April playing 8 and 9 Ball in alternate years for the honor to have the winner’s name engraved on the trophy

— THE JUDGE cont. on page 74

up. A wine and cheese party is also held at Sisk Park. Here, you can sign up for the league and learn to play bocce ball from some of the experienced members during the party. Dates for the pre-season events have not been fi nalized but are planned for October, so be sure to check the Splash for the dates. They’ll be published as soon as they’re fi nalized. It’s a really fun group; it’s great exercise and it’s a terrifi c way to meet others in your community. It was a great season for all of us and

the hard work of all the offi cers is greatly appreciated. However,

special thanks

needs to go our President Brenda Streit for all the time and effort she put in to keep our league running smoothly. Offi cers for the next season were

elected. They are: President: Judy Hester Vice President: Janet Kornhauser Treasurer: Beth Derheim Publicity Director: Irene D’Aloisio Member at Large: Carol Wenger Social Director: Harry and Sharon

Bicchieri Inter Club Director: Rita Lobello Second term offi cers: Brenda Streit, Past President

to sign

Secretary: Linda Parfi tt Division Director: Terry Sporleder Of course, we can’t forget the winners

for the Spring Division: Flight A: 1st Mary Ann/Neil Winters; 2nd

Mike Buscaglia/Ralph Favo; 3rd Gary Bross/ Ed Weber Flight B: 1st Linda/Roy Parfi tt; 2nd Cheri/

Gordon Buettner; 3rd Brenda/Leonard Streit Flight C: 1st Mike/Rosemarie Testa; 2nd

Darlene/Ron Bickford; 3rd Howard/Carole Weiner Flight D: 1st Judy/Paul Hester; 2nd Bob/

Karen Snow; 3rd (three-way tie) John/Kay Marks, Joy Voight/Carol Wenger and Bev/ Bruce Rucks Flight E: 1st Dennis/Sonja Diemert; 2nd

Dick/Bev Zierman; 3rd (three-way tie) Art/ Barbara Parshall, Harry/Sharon Bicchieri and Dorothy/Gary Vacin Flight F: 1st Irene D’Aloisio/Don Heckler;

2nd Shirley Hutchings/Laura Sahlin; 3rd Mike/Diane Grady Flight G: 1st Barb Smith/Jan Schmauder;

2nd (three way tie) Becky Paschal/Jim Snyder, Arnie/Alice Bannerman and John/ Susan Lamb; 3rd Tom/Kathy Thomas Flight H: 1st Harry/Lorraine Seger; 2nd

Marilyn/Connor/Mary Hawkins; 3rd Arlene Riley/Marie Szymanski Make plans to come out next fall and

have some fun! Keep an eye on the Splash for more information; or email President Judy Hester at or call her at 480-339-0243. We’d love to have you join us! 

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