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62 CLUBS AND CLASSES Sun Lakes at Oakwood contract Duplicate Bridge makes annual awards | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Come join the Chess Club

Arthur Fink The Sun Lakes Chess Club invites you to join us

whether you are a beginner or a grandmaster chess player. We meet every Saturday from 9:30 a.m.

3:00 p.m. in the Oakwood Clubhouse Greenbriar C Room. Come early or come late; you are always welcome. There are no dues or membership fees. For more information call

Arthur 480-883-9402. Edgar Cayce Study Group Our “Search for God” study group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Room A-2 of

Cottonwood Country Club. We explore the readings of Edgar Cayce who is recognized as the greatest psychic of the

Two recipients of the annual awards given by the Sun Lakes at Oakwood Duplicate Bridge Club.

Nancy Seamster Sun Lakes at Oakwood Duplicate

Bridge Club makes annual awards to members who meet certain standards during the year. At a recent meeting, Club President Jim Utter announced the winners of the 2012 awards plus two 2011 award recipients.

The Don Krogh Volunteer Award

was presented to Charles Quenneville. Charles, better known to the club as CQ, was honored by the club directors for organizing the table cards and duplicate boards at

the end of each meeting. This

task for 40 to 60 tables is a real chore. Thanks CQ. The Nancy Espy award goes to the novice player who earns the most points

after starting the year with fewer than 100 master points. Christine Garner was the recipient of this award for 2012. She earned 40 points. The Clark Perkins honor goes to the

member who earns the most points after beginning the year with fewer than 1,000. President Utter presented this to Bob Borengasser for 2011 and Pricilla Kelly for 2012. Finally, the Bev Flagg award to a member earning the most points

after starting

the year with fewer than 2,500. Charles Quenneville is the 2011 winner and Roger Edwards won the award for 2012. The current year 2013 is well underway

and each member is busy playing bridge and accruing master points.

Korean War/Korea Service Veteran meeting set for May 28

The R. Countryman Chapter of the Korean

War/Korean Service Veterans will meet on Tuesday, May 28, in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 10:00 a.m. Our guest speaker will be Master (retired) Pete Martinez, a former


staff member of the Tropic Survival School in Panama. The presentation will concern training of the Project Mercury (the fi rst astronauts) and the Gemini Apollo (the moon walkers) astronauts in jungle survival techniques. All astronauts were trained in deep sea,

desert, arctic and tropic survival means so as to ensure their preparedness to survive under any circumstances until found, should their capsule land in any environment. Pete was on the staff that trained the fi rst and second group of U.S. astronauts while

stationed at the Tropic Survival School located at Albrook Air Force Base, Panama, Canal Zone. Being bilingual, he was the go-between

the U.S. Air Force and the Choco Indians that lived in the Chagres River area of the Panama jungle. The Choco Indians assisted Tropic Survival School personnel in teaching survival techniques to all students participating in the school’s survival classes. Pete has numerous pictures of the

Indians and the astronauts. He will also show some unique items that most people have never seen and will never see again in their lifetime. Guests are welcome and you can check us out on our new website at www.kwvacc. org or call Chuck DeSerre at 480-895-7828. “Remember Freedom is Not Free.” 

Golden Goalies—Fellowship and weight loss

Bea Loozer One highlight of the last month


#1 Shade Screen/Rollshade Company in the East Valley


* SCREEN DOORS * * *

* 

was a speaker on hypnotherapy. Julie Holbrook, a certifi ed nutrition counselor and hypnotherapist with Shift4Success, made the Goalies aware of the difference between making decisions with 12% of our conscious mind vs. 88% with our subconscious. I’ll let you guess which one dominates my decision to fi nish off the carton of ice cream. She made a big impression on our members, some of whom will avail themselves of her professional helping hand. To lose weight we know it helps to use mind-body approaches and Julie’s business helps us take advantage of both. Because Golden Goalies is both a

weight-loss group and a general support group, it’s always a festive occasion when we get together for our semi-annual luncheon. On April 6, we met at Floridino’s for lunch and fellowship. Our biggest loser

of the six-month period was Zen Winters who lost 19 pounds. That’s quite a chunk and we’re happy to say others lost enough to move them forward in their journey toward better health. Kudos to Audrey Knock, who has brought

a wealth of information to our members. One of

the points that caught my interest

was her reference to the natural sweetener Stevia. I tried it in my coffee in powder form years ago and found it disappointing. Audrey let us know that the earlier packages had additional stuff (am I being scientifi c enough for you?) in them and that the newer liquid form is purer and much more satisfying. She is right! It is a healthy product and even has an anti-bacterial effect. Join us, won’t you? Meet us for weigh-

in on Saturdays between 7:00 and 7:45 a.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. The meeting starts at 8:00 a.m. Contact Rita at 895-2559 for more information. 

20th century and the founder of holistic healing. We strive to be healthier, peaceful, and to be one with the universe and ourselves. For information call John at 480-883-3822. 

Bridge Club honors Clark Perkins

Nancy Seamster The late Clark Perkins was a long-

time member of Sun Lakes at Oakwood Duplicate Bridge Club. The club recently honored him by creating an annual award in his name. If you happened to play duplicate bridge

with the club at Oakwood sometime during the last 15 years, you probably met a tall,

attractive man named Clark Perkins. Clark was a fi ne bridge player and a very kind and generous man. Born in Denver, he lived much of

his life in the eastern part of the United States. He moved to Phoenix in 1972 and to Oakwood in 1996. Clark Perkins was the epitome of the word gentleman. He is greatly missed. 

Fink to at

480-883-9255 Licensed - Bonded - Insured ROC 195034


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