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54 CLUBS AND CLASSES Serving and honoring veterans | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Meditation class available Breath of Light Meditation- Join Dr.

Mary Meadows and learn how to change your health and life with breathing. Do you breathe deeply and consistently? Or do you fi nd yourself holding your breath and your body constricting? Is it painful

to take deep breaths? Do you

know how breathing affects your health? Some of the benefi ts are managing pain, changes acid PH to alkaline PH, cleanses toxic emotional traumas, clears negative thoughts, releases stress and inspires us to live our dreams. You will be able to use this every day to heal yourself and your life. Join us on Friday, May 10, from

6:30-8:30 p.m. at Unity of Chandler, 325 N. Austin Dr., Ste 4, Chandler; 480- 440-8231; $10-$20 donation. www. Praying, breathing and Meditation-

Empower your prayers and make meditation easy using the Breath of Light. Join Dr. Mary Meadows for this class and meditation. Understand the science of Theta Breath for physical, spiritual, emotional and mental healing on Wednesday May 29, from 7:00–9:000 p.m. at Unity of Mesa, 2700 E. Southern Ave., Mesa; 480-892-2700; $10- $20 donation. 

Projects keep going on in Sun Lakes

Service Officer Carmine Iosue, Trustee Cheri Almond and Commander Gene Nelson.

Cheri Almond Representing Sun Lakes VFW Post

8053, Service Offi cer Carmine Iosue, Trustee Cheri Almond and Commander Gene Nelson participated in this year’s Homeless Veterans StandDown and the opening of new transitional housing for women veterans at Madison Street Veteran’s Mana House. Your Sun Lakes VFW provided volunteer support, donated items and raised funds through VFW’s weekly Bingo held each Wednesday at Sun Lakes Country Club. For his exceptional service to the Post,

Bob Dowling, who is moving to Minnesota, was recognized during bingo, where his smile and wonderful laugh will truly be missed. Bob was one of the fi rst Navy Seals serving in Seal Team 22 during the Korean war. The Post welcomed its new member

Cheri Sommers. She is retired US Army and served Vietnam, Panama’s Just Cause, Gulf War/Iraq war’s Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort. She will be an asset to our Post’s service to all veterans and their

families as well as supporting

patriotism and democracy education within our community. 

Charlotte Newberry This time of year projects start winding

down around here. But not at the Sun Lakes Women’s Association! The word bored doesn’t exist for us. We still have pick- ups, sorting of items, preparing for the fall bazaar and sharing a time of fellowship and laughs over our little “bloops and blunders” we have enjoyed during the past months together! Plus we still drink a cup of coffee and have a muffi n or two while we work and chat. All women living in the Sun Lakes Community are invited to join us from 9:00- 11:00 a.m. every Monday morning in the Arts and Crafts Room behind the Sun Lakes Country Club Clubhouse. Thanks to one and all who participated

in making the Book and Bake sale a big success. We tend to think only of books and baked goods on sale at this time. Not so! The fl ower table headed up by Oleta Rosenthal put on quite a show with beautiful “works of art.” Ann Richards and her team headed up the book committee while Sue Miller spearheaded her team at the bake table consisting of Jayne Farabee, Gloria Fronk and Lillian Getty. Of course the big event was the Women’s Association Annual Golf Tournament in April put together by Carole Elliott. What a wonderful happening---full

of prizes and excitement! Even if you didn’t play golf you could not help but be caught up in the fun. I would like to tell you about a dear

friend whose ability to work with crafts is

just beautiful. Her name is Donna

Hawthorne who hails from Cottonwood, Idaho but grew up in Boise with three sisters and one brother. Her marriage to Hugh in 1957 resulted in three sons and six grandchildren. After living in Oklahoma, Washington and Georgia they fi nally settled in Sun Lakes when she retired as secretary to the Executive Minister at New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia. Besides the Association, she is a member of Agave Quilters, Sun Lakes Computer Booters and Sun Lakes Blankets for Kids. Come meet her! We wish to thank Albertson’s, Lowe’s,

Sprout’s and Applebee’s for donating new plastic bags for use by the ladies in making all size pocketbooks. They are beautiful and for sale. Come on Mondays and see them! The number

to call when either making

donations of useable household items or interested in buying furniture, etc. is 480- 895-9270 , extension 220 and you will be put in touch with the person in charge. Come and join us! 

The Women’s Exchange Club... Are you my new family?

The Women’s Exchange Club meets at

Cottonwood Country Club in Room A-8 at 6:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of every month. We have great guest speakers, salads and exploring possibilities! W.E. is for women who want to have, fun, food, friendships and community involvement. Looking to connect with other women? Looking for new friends? Looking to learn new things? You’ve been looking for us! W.E. is women connecting with women. Are You My New Family? This fun topic will be the presentation

at the Women’s Exchange meeting on May 30. Chandler’s own Rover’s Rest Stop will be talking about the importance of matching doggie needs to family expectations and lifestyle. For the last 30+ years Dee and Lee have been involved in the rescue and fostering of displaced dogs. Dee and Lee met while rescuing and fostering for national “breed specifi c” rescues. Neither was happy with rescue protocols that did not address all the needs of the dogs and decided to “do it better.” And, they sure have. Rover’s is one of the highest praised and respected rescues in the valley. After you hear their story, you will understand why. Their dogs come in at different


and each dog receives an individual breed specifi c approach to address their issues. All dogs are fi rst spayed/neutered, brought current on their vaccinations and micro-

for your support of the Sun Lakes Splash and the Source Book

chipped. Their individual program is outlined and then they join the pack and begin learning. A well-rounded dog (they call them kids) is a good, well behaved kid. They learn social behaviors with many trips to Home Depot, the bank, Starbucks and PETCO. All of Rover’s kids are leash trained, crate trained, ride in the car, go to the vet, go to the groomer and are even trained to take a shower. Dee and Lee will discuss the importance

of volunteers and foster homes as being the life blood for any rescue and their process for adopting a “new best friend.” Oh, did I tell you that they will bring some special kids with them? Come see the little doggies for yourself…and maybe feel your heart moved to adopt or volunteer! When: Thursday, May 30; 6:30 p.m.

Greet and Eat, Appetizer/Salad Pot Luck Buffet; 7:00 W.E. meeting Where: Cottonwood Country Club,

25630 S. Brentwood Drive, Room A-8, Sun Lakes, 85248. Turn south from Riggs on EJ Robson to Cottonwood Country Club. Find the big fl agpole in the parking lot off of EJ Robson and walk down the breezeway; A-8 is on your left in the square. Cost: $10 per person or $5 with a salad or

appetizer dish to share. For information or reservations call or

email Sherrian Beagle at 480-895-1538; email 


Thank You

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