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May 2013 | SUN LAKES SPLASH | Dolly Dresser news

CLUBS AND CLASSES 45 Wet and Wild Aerobics schedule

Marti Scott Yea! The days are warming up and

the pool water is great. Back sore? Knees giving you trouble? Want to exercise with friendly – fun folks? Wet and Wild is for you! Men and women living anywhere in Sun Lakes are welcome. Work out at your own level; laugh, tone up and have fun.

We are at the Cottonwood Pool Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Friday being Deep Water Day. We will be at


Oakwood Pool Tuesday and Thursday. All classes start at 10:00 a.m. and cost $3 each; a 10-class punch card is $25. For more information call Marti Scott


Dolly Dresser members Vicky Buholz, Vicki Benson and Mary Kauffman working on cleaning up books to go with dolls or beanie babies.

Viv Sloane Four ladies attended the April meeting;

a very small attendance, but several of our group are sick and we hope they will be well soon. Also the snow birds are leaving for the summer. We were very happy that our donation to Sun Lakes Charities Ice Cream Social was so well received. It brought in $200! We will donate something again next year. Rose Zimmer reported that deliveries are ready and will be distributed in May/June by Irene and Vicky. Also fall deliveries are a work in progress. We had a lot of donations to go through and distribute to the different charities that the Sew-N-Sews support. Underprivileged or homeless boys and

girls are very happy to receive the items we provide. We need some special items for boys: little cars, trucks, soldiers and action fi gures; also, some specialty Beanie Babies besides bears. We would like to thank all the people who have responded to our needs especially those that don’t live in Sun Lakes. Without the donations we receive from “Loved Ones Lost” we would not be able to continue with this program. Used dolls have become very expensive to buy even from Savers or Good Will. The dolls and other items they donate to us are

very much appreciated. As always, we are in need of

unbreakable dolls of all types especially 14”-16”-18” little girl dolls. The fabric we need should be solid colors or small prints suitable for baby or

little girl dolls. We

also have a need for fl annel and fl eece for doll blankets, lace and other sewing supplies, yarn of all kinds and crochet cotton, and children’s books. Other small items we can give to the Food Bank for distribution to small children coming in with their mothers. We are also in need of small (about 3”) baby bottles as we fi nd these are very hard to come by. We have a great many baby dolls that need bottles as we like to include one with each doll. It would even be nice to have a miniature rattle to include. We always include a baby blanket or a quilt with each doll. Even if donated items can’t be used by us we will fi nd an appropriate place where they can be used. Since we are a Special Interest Group of the Sew-N-Sews, some of the other charities they support can use items that are donated. For more information about joining

our group or to donate items, call Rose Zimmer at 480-895-5148 or Viv Sloane 480-688-7823. 

Democratic Club meeting Monday

Please join us for our annual issues

session with Russ Smith, one of our own members. Russ has lived in Arizona and has been a member of the Sun Democratic Club since 1979. Sun Lakes Country Club Navajo Room Monday, May 13 at 7:00 p.m. Russ will

lead us in a discussion on

guns in our communities, cities, state and nation. We will look at some case studies and accounts of actual events and also the myths and realities of gun violence. We will be able to share our thoughts on

proposed local, state and federal legislation and what such legislation should include and what it should not include. Then there’s the NRA!! States and individuals advocating gun

giveaway programs/raffl es. Where is it all going? This should be a lively discussion! Come

join in! Please bring non-perishable food items

to the club meetings for Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. Collections take place in the west parking lot from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. We also have a box at the north entrance to Sun Lakes Cactus Corner lobby. At your convenience, donations can be dropped off there. March donations collected 305 lbs. + $89 cash. Total donations collected for the year were 894.5 lbs. $163. We wish to thank all Sun Lakers for your generosity. Club meetings

are held the second of Actual Spectrum Residents

$750 

Select Assisted Living Apartments

Your care. Your comfort. Our pleasure.

A healthy, happy life starts with peace of mind. That’s why our staff is as experienced as they are compassionate. From independent living to memory care, we work hard to ensure each resident is well cared for both inside and out.

602-457-1931 each month. Everyone is

welcome. We encourage you to bring a friend.

For information contact Tom Amrhein

at 480-895-1162 or Grace Roth at 480- 895-1734. 

4475 East Knox Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044


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