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The Freedom of Flexible Pricing at Park Regency!

PkR ! | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 8053 installs new officers

Life can be wonderful in your golden years, especially when you have the freedom to make decisions about how to live it. Park Regency is now offering more flexible pricing options for those who appreciate extraordinary independence. Now in Independent Living you can bundle your housekeeping and dining services in with your monthly rent or opt out completely if you like. Schedule a tour today and discover why Park Regency is such an exceptional place to live.

Americanism Chairman Christa Marshall talks to the children at Mesa Arts Academy about their Easter Party and the flag ceremony.

It’s time for the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post

8053 here in Sun Lakes to be fi nishing and mailing year-end reports to state chairmen and electing and installing new offi cers for the Auxiliary 2013-2014 program year. Offi cers and chairmen were elected or

appointed at the April 22 meeting and will be installed at the meeting in May. The next big event will be the State

Act now. Limited availability. Pricing starting at $1,395.

For more information, call 1-877-745-6279 Independent Living

Personalized Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

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2555 North Price Road, Chandler, Arizona 85224

51200-ROP02-0413 SC Stop stress with Tai Chi

Kim Kubsch Stress can be seen in many ways. April

was Stress Awareness Month, so what did you see when you look in the mirror? Maybe tired eyes, poor self-esteem, a sad face, weight loss or gain, angry behavior, mood swings, stiff body or tense eyes? When stress gets the best of us, how do

we deal with it to avoid further impact on our health? As a Certifi ed Tai Chi-Qi Gong Instructor, I continually witness how people enhance their overall health, improve balance, fl exibility and coordination and replace stress with serenity. Three 95 year old ladies continue to enjoy Tai Chi twice a week at Renaissance Senior Living! One major benefi t of Tai Chi and Qi is

Gong the fl owing movements that

promote a calm focused awareness, relaxation and harmony. Easy and gentle routines serve as meditation in motion and are suitable for all ages and fi tness levels. No equipment is needed and Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere, including outside in the backyard or in the comfort of one’s living room. The simple movements offer a fl owing harmony that can be done standing or sitting. Turning off the verbal mind and focusing on pleasure is a skill to incorporate into our everyday wellness routine. Another way to reduce stress is with

deep breathing to encourage relaxation whether dealing with insomnia, anxiety or chronic diseases. The peaceful, fl owing Qi Gong movements nourish and heal, while continually fl owing Tai Chi restores health, balance and harmony. “During Tai Chi, you focus on movement

and breathing. This combination creates a state of relaxation and calm. Stress, anxiety and tension should melt away as you focus on the present, and the effects may last well after you stop your Tai Chi session. The concentration required for Tai Chi forces you to live in the present moment, putting aside distressing thoughts,” according to Letting go of expectations is a third way

to stress less. “I take Kim’s Tai Chi class twice each week as “mental vacation.”

Convention in June, which will be held at Fort McDowell Casino and Resort on June 5-9. Here we will learn how good a job we did with all our programs. Good luck to this year’s President Carol Eib and all her offi cers and chairmen! Our last project of the year was to give

an Easter Party to our adopted second grade class at Mesa Academy for the Arts.

We brought each student an Easter pail fi lled with a chocolate bunny, plastic eggs stuffed with treats, a stuffed bunny and as usual, our friends at Sun Lakes Walgreen’s donated candy for the kids. At the previous two parties, the children

had entertained us with the Pledge of Allegiance and by singing the national anthem. This time, Americanism Chairman Christa Marshall

and Historian Sandra

Iosue showed the class how to fold the fl ag correctly as President Carol Eib read the meaning of what each fold meant. We told the story in a language that second graders could understand. To join this great bunch call our

Membership Chairman Carolyn Barrans at 480-802-7757. 

Kim Kubsch

Our class represents all walks of life from age 55 to 95. My stress level is reduced after our one hour lesson. My classmates include a lady doing radiation treatments, 24/7 caregivers, a recent widower,


with hip and knee replacements as well as those with hearing and vision loss,” said a Sun Lakes resident with Parkinson’s disease. Tai Chi in Sun Lakes Learn more about classes by Tai Chi by

Kim Kubsch at IronOaks Fitness Center, Cottonwood-Phoenix Room, Renaissance, Parkinson’s classes and private instruction in your home. If you prefer to enjoy Tai Chi at home any time of the day, order a DVD “Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress or Practice Easy Tai Chi-Qigong with Kim Kubsch.” Signup online for the monthly email

to learn about upcoming workshops throughout the summer at Sol Yoga and New Adventures in Learning. New classes will include Tai Chi and QiGong with Weights, HulaCHI and Healing Foods and Healing Moves! Visit; email or call 480-392-3436. 

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