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TASTE OF THE TOWN 31 Dvine Bistro Dvine Bistro Chandler is proud to

announce the acquisition of their new Head Chef Ian Westlake. Ian brings with him an

impressive history of culinary

accomplishments! Mr. Westlake has been responsible for creating and executing menu concepts for two very successful restaurant bistros, one in Washington State and now a pub/bistro in Gilbert Arizona. Ian has also been the Executive Chef at a number of resorts in the northwest, as well as local favorites like Casey Moore’s Oyster House and Scottsdale Resort and Athletic

Club. Along with founding Dvine Wine Bar Chef Ramon Rice, Dvine Bistro believes that the bistro should be innovative, as well as constantly keeping aware of the local community preferences and tastes. It is Dvine Bistro’s goal to serve, observe and be an integral part of the Ocotillo/Sun Lakes community. At Dvine Bistro Chandler, the goal


the ultimate customer service experience, as well as pleasing the pallet. Ian Westlake is the perfect complement to achieve this goal! 

My time at the Lakes

Linda Cools I recently completed a two-week rental

experience/vacation in Sun Lakes, Arizona. I learned about this community years ago from dear neighbors who built a home at one of the clubs. After research and preparation, this Midwest gal decided to spend her spring break in the sparkling community of Sun Lakes, Arizona. Sun Lakes delivered the sunshine

welcome mat. From all my observations, I feel strongly that Sun Lakes shouldn’t be a yearly exodus from Midwest winters, but a destination point for those who aren’t yet retired, single and looking for an all inclusive lifestyle. Regardless of your situation, renters and guests alike have discovered what I know. This place offers adaptability, security, a vast social network and superb recreational facilities all in a great climate. I found a terrifi c rental home online in

Palo Verde during the high season. This was a feat, as locals will tell you monthly rentals are the exception, not the standard. Smiles greeted me whether I traveled by foot or golf cart; people were so friendly and waving hands were a common sight. The exuberant nature of the people is infectious and you can’t help but get caught up in the laughter and vitality of the membership. The members are proud of their community and rightfully so. My passion is swimming so I visited all

the pools within the Sun Lakes complexes with my rental golf cart. From the Michigan pool

to Oakwood, all were meticulously

maintained and I was even welcomed to participate in water volleyball several times a week at one of the clubs. Specifi c lap pools cater to a select crowd; and the hot tubs and sauna were great. I was fortunate to bike while on site and

traversed the miles between various venues. Sun Lakes is a comprehensive recreation mecca for adults. You can’t beat

atmosphere or the recreational opportunities. Themed dinner events and activities are endless and fun. My culinary exploits began at the Sunday

brunch at the Cottonwood/Palo Verde Club week one. They serve a tasty fi xed price brunch with platters of fresh fruit, egg dishes and sides. Romero’s custom brunch omelets are the highlight! Special mention to their three-glass complimentary champagne for $1; it can’t be beat! Service is attentive and staff is warm. Dinners are equally varied and delicious. Poolside lunches are a bonus feature at the clubs. Sun Lakes is an incredible place. For

those who call it home they already know this, but for those who are 50 years and over, not retired and are looking for a great lifestyle with top-notch amenities this is truly a place you’ll wake up smiling in! Many thanks to the Tenneys and Bazzills of Palo Verde. These couples demonstrate the reason for the Club’s success and unapologetic popularity. Kudos to everyone who welcomed me and made the time there so memorable. You seriously owe it to yourself to consider Sun Lakes for the future and not just the present. 


Art Sloane Thank you to all the hundreds of people

that made this year’s Arizona StandDown such a great success. Nothing could be accomplished without the volunteers that make this a year round undertaking for so many that donate funds, clothing and every other article that is given to the veterans to help them retain their standing in the community. This is the largest StandDown in the United States and there are now fi ve other StandDowns in Arizona. The cities and towns of Prescott, Tucson, Bullhead City, Pinal County and Flagstaff are all now having StandDowns to help our homeless veterans assume a place in the community. Fifteen hundred and ten homeless

veterans, including 132 women, were served during the March 8-10 weekend at the Arizona State Fairgrounds Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Unfortunately, this is 217 more than last year. Over 1,200 volunteer guides helped these veterans wind their way through the many services available. Over 80 service providers took part offering many opportunities for the homeless to access service all in one location. Arizona is the leader in the nation in helping homeless veterans and has been recognized as such by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the national level with Col. Joey Strickland of the Department of Veterans Services for the state being appointed to a leading

position at the national level. There are now six StandDowns in the state. Tucson, Prescott and Bullhead City have already held their StandDowns and on April 13 Pinal County will hold its fi rst StandDown for homeless veterans at the fairgrounds in Casa Grande; on May 17 Coconino County in Flagstaff will hold its fi rst one. When the full accounting of all that was accomplished at this year’s Arizona StandDown I will publish that also. Check out the website at to learn how you may help this year round event. Thanks again to the many organizations in Sun Lakes that helped make this again the largest in the U.S. The Department

of Defense

has announced the creation of the Distinguished Warfare Medal to recognize a service member’s extraordinary achievements directly impacting combat operations. Modern technology enables service members with special training and capabilities to more directly and precisely impact military operations at times far from the battlefi eld. The medal will be awarded in the name of the Secretary of Defense to service members whose extraordinary achievements, regardless of their distance to the traditional combat theater, who deserve distinct department- wide recognition. What has made many

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