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20 GENERALS Scam Alert

Fred Garmeson Lions Clubs International recently reported

a number of scams using the Lions’ name. Most of these scams are targeting Lions club members. However, everyone should be aware of these scams. The scams are in three forms: 1) sending

a phony check to a person for them to cash and forward part of the funds to a particular charity; 2) posing as a Lions member to solicit private donations through e-mails; and 3) posing as a Lions member to solicit private donations over the phone. It is important to know that Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs in general do

not solicit donations from individuals over the phone or over the Internet. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

receives money from corporate donations, donations from Lions clubs and unsolicited private donations. Local Lions clubs raise money through various fund raising activities and unsolicited donations from individuals. LCIF and Lions clubs provide valuable

services throughout the world. Don’t let scam artists steal your money in their name. Anytime you are asked to support a Lions

project or fundraiser, check with a local Lions member or Lions club to be sure that it is legitimate. 

CWPV MINUTES ______________________ - continued from page 8

this open forum, architect Ken Eller made another presentation of the drawings for the proposed elevation, fl oor plan and two location plans and all homeowners questions were answered. The task force met on March 26, to review the site development plans and some initial cost estimates. The site development plans are nearly ready for submittal. The task force plans to present a recommendation to the Board of Directors for their approval. The second cost estimate is presently being pursued. The pre- permit

application meeting with Maricopa

County Planning and Development is planned for Tuesday, April 9. The next task force meeting will be determined after the April 9 meeting. PROJECT REPORTS: Palo Verde Pool Restroom: It was reported

there was a meeting with the contractor yesterday; three or four weeks until completion which includes four to fi ve days for epoxy work. Tennis Report: It was reported that there was

a meeting with the contractor this morning and it is planned to begin site work sometime at the end of next week. MANAGEMENT REPORT: The report will

be given at the 4:00 p.m. annual board meeting. DIRECTORS COMMENTS: Comments will

be given at the 4:00 p.m. annual board meeting. CAPITAL RESERVE REPLACEMENT FUND

REQUESTS: Don Hicks made a motion, seconded by Bob

Spruiell, to approve the low bid of $7,866.75 from Simpson Norton for the purchase of a Toro Pro Force Gas Blower for golf course maintenance to replace current blower. There was discussion. Bob Spruiell made a motion, seconded by

Don Hicks to amend the previous motion to state they are approving to replace and use the current blower as a back-up. The motion carried unanimously. PV GATE RESERVE FUND: None CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND

REQUESTS: None OLD BUSINESS: None NEW BUSINESS: None FIRST READINGS: The following will be in First Readings for the

month of April. A. Approve changes to B.P. 6-03 Common

rule Violations and Establishment of Fines, as recommended by the Safety, Security and Access Committee. HOMEOWNER COMMENTS: - Regarding the changes to First Readings

item A. B.P. 6-03. - Regarding the $500 donation from CMGA. The meeting adjourned at 3:24 p.m. 

Bob Miller (center) thanks his tennis friends who came together to save his life on the Oakwood tennis courts on February 18. Pictured (left to right) are Dick Briner, Jim Rainwaters, Miller, Maurice Allen and Tom Snider. To learn CPR contact the Sun Lakes fire department at 480-895-9343.

Brian Curry Bob Miller had just gotten up after a short

rest after completing his fi rst set of tennis on the Oakwood Country Club tennis courts with his frequent court companions. As he took his place to start the next

match he turned to his partner Maurice Allen, started to say something and suddenly collapsed. After a quick assessment Allen determined that Miller was not breathing and in cardiac arrest. Springing into action with CPR (cardio

pulmonary resuscitation) skills that he had learned here in Sun Lakes with the Fire Department, Allen began chest compressions with fellow friend and tennis player Dick Briner providing rescue breathing. Tom Snider ran to the tennis club

telling them to call 911 and got the AED (automated external defi brillator) and

brought it to Miller’s side. With Allen and Jim Rainwaters alternating with chest compressions, Allen followed the AED’s easy to follow instructions on placing the pads on Miller’s chest. The AED assessed that Miller’s heart

would need a shock and provided it, restoring his heartbeat. The Sun Lakes Fire Department arrived providing further emergency medical care and transported Miller to the hospital. At the hospital Miller was told over and

over by doctors and nurses that if not for the quick actions of his friends and the availability and use of the AED he would not be alive. After being released from the hospital a

few days later Bob returned to the courts to watch everyone play. Of course all his court

— CPR cont. on page 49 | SUN LAKES SPLASH | May 2013

CPR save on Oakwood Tennis Courts

One call for your insurance needs.

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 

Call Humana today: 1-800-336-6719 (TTY:711) 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday–Friday


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