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Eric Ehst, Executive Director Neighbors Who Care Since the middle of 2012 demand for home-delivered meals has increased by 44% over the same period the year before and conti ue to rise. Each afternoon, Monday through Friday, Neighbors Who C volunteers deliver a hot, nutritious evening meal to homebou clients in Sun Lakes and south Chandler who are unable to sho or cook for themselves. On Fridays clients have the option of ordering additional meals for the weekend. Unlike Meals on Wheels and providers in other parts of the valley, our dinners do not come from a central kitchen but are provided by local restaurants. Agreements with Basha’s Deli, Oakwood and Cottonwood Country Clubs and the Asian Grill allow NWC to provide our clients with a daily choice of appetizing meals at priprices

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ranging from $4 to $7. Thanks to generous donations from local community groups, clients who are unable to pay can receive free meals on an as-needed basis.

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Each morning our dinner delivery coordinator, Joan Byrnes, calls every client on our dinner delivery list; gives them the menu choices for the day and takes their ord


meal with the client’s name which is delivered to the restauranturants. At 3:30 p.m.. t the meals are picked up by one of fi ve volunteer drivers, each serving a route through a local neighborhood and delivered to the client’s door.

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We expect the demand for home-delivered meals to continue to grow as the local population ages. The increasing number of frail and homebound residents and the lack of available transportation options will leave more people needing meal delivery. This situation will be exacerbated by the reducttiion in funding for senior meal programs expected due to coming government budget cuts. Neighbors Who Care receives almost all of its funding from private sources and our clients pay for the (discounted) cost of most meals. But, expected reductions in the availability of other meal programs will drive more people to request our service, stretching our available resources.

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Thanks to the generosity of the people, organizations and businesses in Sun Lakes and southout Chandler, we have been able to meet the ever increasing challllenge of feeding our frail and homebound neighbors. We hope you will stand with us to meet future needs.eeds or if y

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As always, if you know of someone who needs our help or if you would like to experience the deep personal satisfaction that comes from volunteering to assist your neighbor

e to e our neighbors, contact us at 480-895-7133; cont

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t us a 48 33

Arizona Softball Hall of Fame 2008 Sun Lakes Ladies Softball Team record accepted into

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Generals ........................ 2 Features ...................... 26 Taste of the Town ....30-31 In Passing .................... 36 Clubs ........................... 37 Sports .......................... 65 Religion ....................... 75 Calendars ...............80-82 Classifi eds ..............83-91

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summertime classes are coming

Mary Kenny New Adventures in Learning’s summer semester offers


coolest classes and hottest topics that are particularly popular among folks who think young and love to keep their minds active and sharp while continuing to enjoy all that our area has to offer during the quieter summer months. Some of

the very cool and

challenging topics that New Adventures members can enroll in at

the Summer Registration

Kneeling (left to right) Carol Lindenmayer, Calanie Bailey, Olena Buxton, Pat Hoops, Julie Collier and Ardyce Gibson. Standing (left to right) Assistant Coach Henry Ellis, Coach/Manager Karen Kenyon,

Charlene Ellis, Alyson Stephens, Lorraine Seger, Marleen Cameron, Peg Jaeger, Lois Koenig, Margaret McCathern, Marjorie Cole, Scorekeepers Sue and Bill Powell.

The Arizona Softball Hall of Fame located in Prescott, Arizona has recognized the outstanding

team record in 2008 and accepted the team photo of the Sun Lakes Swingers into their collection of outstanding women’s teams in Arizona. The 2008 ladies team scored their best record of 21 wins and three losses in the 10 team Valley of the Sun League located in the east valley area. This team’s record has been the best since the women’s team was formed in 1995.

Open House on Thursday, May 16, include: Tips and Tricks for the iPad; Let’s Play Games--Bunco and Rummikub; “Christmas in July” Card Making; Sudoku for Beginners; Advanced Sudoku; and Humor as a Coping Mechanism. In addition to regular classes,

New Adventures now offers roundtable discussions that have everyone talking! It’s a great way to share ideas and learn more about

some of your favorite — CLASSES cont. on page 40 

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