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Ex-boyfriend and another charged in Maple Batalia murder

V ancouver (STEPHANIE IP - THE PROVINCE) Harkirat Batalia quietly wiped away tears from his face as police announced that two men had finally been arrested and charged in the death of his daughter. Gurjinder "Garry" Dhaliwal, 21, is charged with first degree murder of Maple Batalia.Gursimar Bedi, 22, is charged with manslaughter and

,, 5 April, 2013 Singh Vs Patel

US has more than 1,45,000 Patels and 72,642 Singhs

accessory after the fact.The arrests were announced Saturday afternoon via a press release, followed by a press conference later

in the evening, detailing the two men's identities. According to Maple's sister Roseleen, the family - her father Continued.... Page 7

Immigration backlog reduced by forty percent and Start- Up Visa Program for entrepreneurs launched- Shory

Calgary, (ATB) - MP Devinder Shory applauded the good work of Minister Kenney on the news that Citizenship & Immigration had reduced the backlog of Permanent Resident applications by forty percent by saying, “This is great news for families and workers, particularly in Calgary

Northeast. Since 2008 our Conservative Government has taken effective actions to reduce the backlog of

immigration applications so that we can attract the best and brightest to Canada.” “Our government is committed to moving towards a just-in-time immigration system, that recruits people with the skills needed to meet our growing economy’s needs, and where applications will Contiuned Page...7

WASHINGTON: When word emerged last week that there was a single winning ticket for the $338 million Powerball lottery that had rolled over without a winner for several weeks, it seemed a no-brainer that the ticket would have been sold by a Patel. They appear to own every other convenience store in America, and since the winning ticket was sold in New Jersey, a desi haven, chances were even greater that the seller would be a Patel. For the lucky sale, the Patel store would get a wee slice of the money and few seconds of fame that would propel the place as lottery

manna for a few months. It had happened before.A quick search of Patel and $338 million disproved the speculation. It turned out a Patel had indeed sold a winning ticket, but it was for one of the many second prizes of $1 million each - this one sold by Bob Patel, manager of a 7-Eleven in

Mahwah, New Jersey. No big deal. Last year, a $61 million Mega-Million ticket that was won by two people (who each claimed $30.5 million) was sold by Chetan Patel of

Convenience Store in Hyannis, Massachusetts. And in a happy coincidence for desis, one of the winners of $30.5 million was a fellow desi immigrant - Sandeep "Sunny" Singh, who worked two jobs as a bank teller and a store clerk in


Hyannis.Now, before you write off the desi lottery connection as a one-off, here's what unfolded next. It turned out that our search terms for the $338 million lottery were slightly off-mark. Last week's winning ticket was indeed sold by a desi store, but it was owned by a Sethi, not a Patel, in what must be a rare Punjabi triumph over Gujarati dominance in retailing. And true to form, the winning ticket was sold at a liquor store, more likely to be owned by a Punjabi than a Gujarati - Sunil Sethi's Eagle Liquors in Passaic, New Jersey.

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