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Purple Purple is the colour of true greatness, and is associated with inspired leadership. Purple is a positive inspirational colour

and is a good choice for creative people particularly those that require solitude for inspiration, such as musical composers, poets, painters and sculptures. Although it requires careful handling

in interiors, purple is a striking colour. As it connects the mind, body and spirit it’s a good colour for meditation areas or relaxation rooms. The psychological effects of the colour

purple will depend very much on how ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ the hue is: Bluish purples can be serene and

calming and have a ‘mysterious’ depth. Reddish purples demand more attention

and can dominate a room (and are always in danger of looking garish or cheap).

Blue The positive characteristics of blue are that has exceptional healing powers, and its calm restful nature can act as a potent sedative, making it a good colour for anyone with sleeping difficulties. Blue is an ideal colour for bedrooms

or restrooms of any kind, also in any area where you want to calm people under stress. Blue’s ability to encourage clear thought makes it well suited to kids study areas in the home. On the negative side, blue is like the

sea, and can be calm and peaceful one minute, yet rocky and turbulent the next making blue prone to moodiness and not a very sociable colour. It should be avoided by anyone that

suffers from depression or sadness and avoided by anyone that is troubled by the cold. It is not a good colour for playrooms or

an area that you want to create a motivating atmosphere. The following snippet of advice is

something I’ve never tried myself - please take it with a seriously large pinch of salt - the psychological effects of the colour blue can help you restrain your appetite and lose weight. So you might consider painting your

kitchen and/or dining room blue (and eating from blue plates). If you’re going to try this, please let me know if it works!

By Anita Oakey - Aoki Interiors

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Blue is an ideal colour for restrooms of any kind, or in any area where you want to calm people under stress.

Red has been shown to stimulate conversation so is an ideal colour in living rooms or anywhere people gather.

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