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The Middle Ones W

here the f is spring!? Oh no, is it

really lame that I always mention the weather in this little intro section!? Like I’ve got nothing better to say!? Actually, I think the music that we’ve got on in April is quite apt for spring – as if the promoters of Norwich are fed up of the wind and the snow like I am, and so are summoning the sun musically. Yeah so we start with the MISFITS which ain’t exactly breezy Easter music, but from then on in, everything seems to be very nice and upbeat and leaning towards acoustic music! Enjoy it while you can – this cheery scene can’t last for long, this is Norwich for f’s sake -

As promised, on the2nd April,Metal Lust Presents – Misfits + Generation Graveyard + guests atTe Waterfront. Do I really need to tell you anything about Misfits!?

34 /April 2013/ No? Good.

OnTursday April 4thit is the first gig presented by Future Radio show lovelies, Planet of Sound! Teir show on Future (107.8FM) is fabulous, and I just know that this show will be too. Planet of Sound Presents Antlered Man + Special Guests + Roar Is Sore DJ set atOPENon4th.

Also on the 4th,King Charles + We Were Evergreen + Story Books are at Te Waterfront.

Tere are two great gigs onFriday April 5th(even if I say so myself!) (actually there’s 3, but Kate NashatNorwich Arts Centreis sold out!). Anyway. Te first is with Collider + Neill Mackay + Robyn-AstridatTe Hog In Armour,and the entry will cost you absolutely nothing. Te second is a Gravy Presents gig, with a band that we have wanted to put on for a really long time –Te Middle Ones!When they lived in Norwich, we loved them, and so we are bringing them back! Support comes from Halo Halo + Ace Bushy Stripteaseand it all goes down at Olives.

Te middle of April is a bit sparse/gappy, so I’ll give you the next three even though they’re not even

that close together – on the 6th April, Comus + Bruiseplay atNorwich Arts Centre.Ten on the 10th April, it’s Tribes (who have supported Te Pixies BTW!) atTe Waterfront.THEN on the 16th,A Hawk and a Hacksawplay atNorwich Arts Centre.

Wednesday the 17thsees the return of (sort of local, definitely brilliant) Dingus Khanwho are a spectacle and an ear- feast! Oh, support comes from Tied to the Mast and it’s happening at Open.

On18th April,Te Black Sharks + We Can’t Dance are playing a gig at Te Waterfront Studio,and on the next night, on the Friday 19th April there is a big show where you get four whole bands in one evening! Playing at Epic are Te Vagaband + Feral Mouth + Das Fenster & the Alibis.

Moving swiftly on to Saturday 20th April,Te Tilting Skyhave got another excellent show to offer y’all. Mexico + Te Crates + Sancho Blanco + Te Mondegreens will play this lovely show at Te Waterfront Studio.

Bit of a clash on the23rd with Lower Tan Atlantis

+ Te Xcerts + Blitz Kids atTe Waterfront or LaishatTe Bicycle Shop.

But the following night, your decision is simple, its Stacked! Promotions Presents Gagadilo + Dumbfoundus + Labasheeda + Someday SoonatOpen. (and that’s on the24thBTW).

To end the month it’s a complete knockout stormer beast of a show. You’re welcome! But don’t thank me, thank wombatwombatwho are presentingViolet Violet + Cthru27 + Arrows of LoveatNorwich Arts Centre!VV get back together for one special night on Friday 26th April.Tey always put on a fantastic show – go

along and sing along!


'Filth'byTere’s Someone in the Pond

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