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Bromheads Choro Townsend / Universal

Bromheads Jacket was a trio based in Sheffield that released a couple of albums in the 2000s. Following the departure of Jono West, Tim Hampton and Dan Potter carried on and this is the first proper album under the truncated name of Bromheads. Tis offers absolutely nothing new but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. Properly done, dumb-but-fun fuzzed up garage rock can be a visceral thrill and Bromheads do this better than most. ‘T-Shirt’ could’ve been on Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ but is a critique of the "buy-a-t-shirt-for-a-band-I’ve- never-heard-at-Top-Shop” culture; ‘You Might Be Lying’ sounds like an outtake from Te Damned’s ‘Strawberries’ and ‘Harlot’ comes on like Johnny Tunders & Te Heartbreakers at their punkiest, had ‘LAMF’ been properly mastered. ‘Johnny Was’ is not the Bob Marley song covered by Stiff Little Fingers but a slice of punk-pop in the vein of Te Clash circa ‘London Calling’. After a while, this is a bit one dimensional and could do with some changes in tempo; Hampton’s vocals are a little too close to Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls for my liking and I’m not comfortable with bands from Sheffield singing about running around in Winnebagos. However, there are minor quibbles and this is good, knockabout fun for pogoing to.Pavlis

Phoenix Bankrupt!

I've never listened to Phoenix before. Teir entire back catalogue completely passed me by, even the widely acclaimed ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’. I suppose coming into a review with such substantial ignorance could be a blessing; would ‘Bankrupt!’ be the album to drag me out of the ashes and form me into a fully-fledged fiery Phoenix fan? Well, in short, no. No it wouldn't. It would make me listen to Julian Casablancas’ ‘Phrazes For Te Young’ again though. It's always difficult for a band to live up to the word revolutionary. And yet, despite the obvious pitfalls of suggesting your next record would be anything other than a slight variation of what had come before, revolutionary is how Phoenix have chosen to bill Bankrupt! I suppose hailing from Versailles gives the quartet a certain right to use that word, but even so, it was a move that would prove the album's undoing. Going into it expecting something exciting and experimental, album opener 'Entertainment' actually provides very little, and the whole album kind of follows suit. No, that's a bit unfair. Te songs Phoenix have written are actually perfectly adequate, but as I mentioned earlier, they’re just not as good as their forebears’ efforts. Phoenix have a pretty strong affiliation with the very ‘cool’ Parisian label Kitsuné, but whilst French synthy-indie was enough for me in the mid-late 00s, it takes a lot more to impress me now. To bastardise old Bob; “the times, they have a- changed.”Alex Trossell

Te Pigeon Detectives We Met at Sea Cooking Vinyl

“We Met at Sea” is the Pigeon Detectives fourth studio album, and it shows. Gone are any hints of childish try-hard music, that occasionally appeared in previous attempts, replaced with a more confident and comfortable style. Although more rounded, the album sounds live, and real, the kind of band you listen to and then start googling concert dates. For me, ‘Light Me Up’ is one of the big successes of the album, with a catchy riff that you actually won’t mind mumbling to yourself for the rest of the day (or week…), while staying true to the band’s indie-rock- but-maybe-a-little-bit-pop roots, it’s not overly cheesy, and will be a great song to have a dance to in your back garden when the weather gets a bit better! I’d also definitely recommend ‘I Won’t Come Back’; slightly heavier, with an almost Arctic Monkeys feel (maybe it’s a “Northern Indie Band” thing…) Te song’s a bit more mature and a little less chick-flick, but it’s really working out for them. Tis theme is continued with ‘Hold Your Gaze’, another song that’s a little heavier than fans might be used to but equally strong on both lyrics and rhythm, and would definitely be another must-see live track. Overall, the two-year break has done wonders for the Pigeon Detectives, and this album will give you something else to smile about, other than the image of pigeons with tiny magnifying glasses…Beatrice Howard

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