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Dr. Robins Serves as Roundtable Panelist


r. Howard Robins just returned from serving as a

Dr. Howard Robins

roundtable panelist at the First Interna- tional Congress on Ozone of the Interna- tional Association for Ozone in Health- care and Dentistry (IAOHD). His clinical experience with over 185,000 treatments performed in over 22 years stands out as one of the top therapists among the lead- ers in the Ozone Therapy medical world. He will also be a keynote speaker next month at the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO), of which he is also a founding member. He will speak on Ozone and Anti-Aging to doctors from around the world who will be attending this second annual meeting of the group.

For additional information, call Dr. Robins at 212-581-0101. See ad, page 3.

New Personal Development Opportunities from Recharge Retreats


echarge Retreats & Awakened Life School of Yoga is now offering local weekend retreats for 2013, and continues to offer Life Solutions Coaching, as development tools. Recharge Retreats is a personal development organization that creates restorative retreats, self-development intensives, and yoga cer- tification courses designed to enhance participants’ overall well-being and recharge their lives. “We all need to allow ourselves to take it easy

Liz Carey

once in a while,” says Liz Carey, coach and well- ness retreat facilitator. “Recharging our lives through personal development is one of the ways we can nourish ourselves. This can be done by having a supportive coach, attending weekend events, and connecting with people who give us energy.” Carey says Recharge Retreats & Awakened Life School of Yoga is committed

to creating events where “our best selves” can be cultivated and supported. “We do this in intimate settings, with small groups, so we can give all our participants and clients focused attention,” she says. “This allows for our highest potential and dreams to come to fruition. We believe in our hearts that this is what everyone wants: we all want to live free, think big, and shine bright.”

For upcoming weekend retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and coaching. For more info, visit or e-mail , see ad, page 9.

You no longer have to struggle through allergy season.

The Basic Sinus Care Kit includes every- thing you need to: manage sinus infection, relieve your allergies, and discover natural sinus care.

Contains: Sinus Relief, Sinus Support, Conges- tion Relief, Herbal Neti Soother, Super Neti Juice, Plastic Travelers Neti Pot & the Manag- ing Sinus Health book.

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If you have been suffering with sinusitis, It’s time you finally found a real solution.


you really need is a product that will kill the bacteria and fungus that continually grow in your nasal passages.

You will be pleased to

learn that Super Neti Juice is the most effective antimicrobial that can be safely used on your sensitive tissues.

it has proven to kill Staph, E. coli, Candida, Strep., and many other common pathogens.

it comes to killing bacteria and fungus, you cannot buy a better colloid.

Hi, I’m Steve Frank and I developed Super Neti Juice.

I have spent years researching

sinusitis and developing antimicrobials to kill the bacteria and fungus that cause this painful problem.

We’ve compared it to competitive

products and improved it until Super Neti Juice is simply the best antimicrobial available.


know, because I personally have spent 10 years testing it on all kinds of germs.

Super Neti Juice is a natural blessing to have in your Neti Pot. than just rinse.

Now you can do so much more You can kill bacteria and

fungus by the millions.

In clinical trials When

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