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DR. LYNNE BELSKY Living Well MD 1535 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 306, Northbrook 60062 847-418-2030

Care for body, mind, and spirit with personalized, integrative medical care. Concierge physician ded- icated to helping you stay healthy, prevent disease, and feel your best. See ad on page 29.


THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC CENTER AND BOOKSTORE At Unity Northwest Church 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines 60016 847-299-6535

Full-service bookstore, Cayce remedies, spiritual growth study groups, monthly pro- grams, workshops and holistic fairs,

intuitive skills develop-

ment training, knowledgeable seekers, intuitives, healers and more. Call for hours. See ad on page 29.


STEVHANIE L. ISAACSON City and suburbs 847-914-0092

Are you turning to food, alcohol or drugs to cope with certain emo- tions? Call today for a free consultation and learn tools that will empower you to make sustainable, positive changes and restore balance in your life. Customized treatment for men, women and adoles- cents. See ad on page 15.


TAI CHI CENTER OF CHICAGO (TC3) 4043 N Ravenswood, Chicago 60613 773-396-2653

The goal at TC3 is to create a sup- portive atmosphere in which stu- dents learn time-honored skills and adapt them to their lives so that they might live harmoniously between Heaven and Earth with a

clear mind and healthy body. Come for Tai Chi (forms, weapons, application), Qigong, Medita- tion, Yoga or Aerial Yoga. See ad on page 51.

We Like to be Liked! NAChicagoNorth NAChicago

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PROGRESSIVE MEDICINE 1002 W Lake St, Chicago 60607 312-243-3338 •

We have specialized in breast thermography for over 15 years and we are dedicated to providing women with this safe, effective cancer screening tool. Breast thermography can identify the vascu- lar changes associated with cancer, and it does not use harmful radiation or compression. Mention this ad and receive $25 off initial screening. See ad on page 47.


FEED YOUR MIND WELLNESS Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD 1732 First St, Highland Park, 60035 847-604-2752

Founded by Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D., Feed Your Mind Wellness specializes in exploring the mind-body connection and blends positive psy- chology with relaxation techniques, yoga, physical exercise, and counseling for healthy eating. Clients learn how to let go of stress and mental suffer- ing, and find relief from chronic pain with Feed Your Mind Wellness. See ad on page 25.



Cut your cell bill in half with no

contracts. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and 30 other wireless carriers, brand-new phones and Clear 4G unlimited Internet, all with no contracts. Same ser- vice, signal and towers. No one is lower. Unlimited everything $40 taxes included. Call today to start saving your green.


MIDWESTPARENTS.BIZ Marsha Bell 641-919-3722

Create a better future for your

family. Join a growing group of people who are working together building an ethical home busi- ness. Earn serious income or a “2nd check” and still keep your family the top priority. Free training and website. No inventory, 100% risk free. Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame.


ABUNDANT LIFE SPIRITUAL CENTER Rev. Carol Saunders 375 Elm St, Deerfield 60015 847-337-3866

We are a Unity spiritual commu-

nity with practical and inspirational teachings that emphasize YOU as a divine creation. Our Sunday services are current, relevant, and uplifting. We welcome everyone. Family friendly. On Sundays: Meditation Service 9:30am, Celebration Service 10:30am, at the Patty Turner Center in Deerfield. Live fearlessy… love outrageously! See ad on page 19.


SHANTI YOGA AND WELLNESS Lori Punko • 847-775-9668

Looking for a healthier more peace- ful you? Reasonable rates on private

and group instruction. Experienced with MS, ar- thritis, joint replacements, back injuries, post- traumatic stress disorder, and more. Meditation classes, vegetarian/vegan diet transition, yoga and meditation retreats, Reiki treatments. Lifeforce nu- tritional products.

YOGA BENT STUDIO 1630 Old Deerfield Rd, Ste 208, Highland Park 847-831-1515 •

Yoga Bent®

your experience here to be unparalleled.

is sure you’ll find Our

beautiful yoga studio is fully equipped

with all the props (including blocks, chairs, straps, yoga inversion slings, bolsters) and, our signature, the Mighty Body Band® (MBB™) in addition to outstanding instructors. Yoga, Pilates, qigong and the MBB™. Something for everyone.

The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, but to live in it. —Barry Commoner

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