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communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care & green living in our community.


GREEN CPA SUSTAINABLE ACCOUNTING Cell: 847-323-1102 Office: 847-577-1824

Green CPA is dedicated to helping you succeed by becoming more sustainable. From accounting and tax to sustainability consulting and software support, let us help you make more green by be- ing more green. Visit our website today to learn more. See ad on page 41.


BODYSCAPES ACUPUNCTURE & MASSAGE Ellie Pickering, L.Ac. MSOM, CMT 636 Church St, Ste 505, Evanston 60201 847-864-6464 •

Schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine can safely and effectively relieve chronic pain and stress, restore sleep, boost energy, promote healthy digestion, and regulate your hormones. Chinese raw herb formu- las available. Successful practice since 1987. Visit website or call Ellie for more information. Every “body” welcome.

HEALING ARTS OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE Community Acupuncture Clinic 847-845-4090 405 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 211, Deerfield 60015

Quick pain relief, long-lasting re- sults, sliding scale pricing of $20- $40/treatment where you pay what you can afford. Offering Acupunc- ture and Oriental Medicine in truly

peaceful and healing environment. Open early/late hours, 7 days a week. For more info, testimonials, or to schedule an appointment, call 847-845-4090 or visit

WHOLE HEALTH ACUPUNCTURE 50 E Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village 847-357-3929

Offering community acupuncture on a slid- ing scale from $15-$40. Acupuncture is most af-

fective when done consistently and for a full course of treatment. This brings faster relief, so you can get back to work and the things that you enjoy. Pricing lets you afford to have acupuncture simply because it feels good.


DR. JOSIE TENORE, MD 806 Central Park, Ste 203, Highland Park 60035 847-681-8821

Do you want to eliminate your wrin- kles, acne or unwanted fat, yet avoid

the pain and expense of surgery? Are food allergies making you fat? Are you ready to love your skin and feel healthier? Contact us for your complimen- tary consultation. Offering bio-identical hormone programs for men/women, medical weight loss, food sensitivity testing/counseling and aesthetic services. See ad on page 11.


LENORE WEISS, AIA, LEED-AP Lenore Weiss Studios, LLC 847-291-8285

Lenore Weiss Studios, LLC offers high-quality residential and com-

mercial architectural and interior design. It pro- vides “environmental awareness” on every level; from a broader ecological scope of sustainable and healthy building solutions, to the careful attention to detail that successfully shapes clients’ own sup- portive personal surroundings. For more informa- tion, please visit


VLADIMIR KAZINETS Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Member of National Ayurvedic Medical Association House of Ayurveda 3330 Dundee Rd, C6, Northbrook 60062 224-723-5797

Personal wellness consultations, ad- dressing a person’s healthiness from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives. Ayurvedic diagnosis. Food intolerance kinesiology tests. Female wellbeing. Easy transition through menopause. Weight loss.

We have extensive experience practicing Ayurveda in clinics and hospitals of US, Nepal, India and Eu- rope. First consultation 50% off with this ad.


ROTH STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Diane Roth, BCSI Highland Park, 60035 847-831-3213 •

Structural Integration (SI) realigns, rebalances and re-educates the body through man- ual therapy and movement education. Chronic pain, bad posture, tired and achy bodies are signs that the body is out of balance. SI benefits include decreased pain, injury rehabilitation, improved posture, ease in movement, and increased flexibility and stamina.

ZEN SHIATSU CHICAGO 825 Chicago Ave, Evanston 60202 847-864-1130

You’ll feel the stress melt away like the snow in spring through our relaxation-focused shiatsu massage practice, which offers the same energiz- ing benefits as acupuncture combined with the restorative power of yoga poses. Dress in cozy threads, shiatsu is performed on fully clothed cli- ents. Professional and student therapists available. See ad on page 10.


809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette 60091 847-920-9292

Zero Balancing (ZB) works with the flow of chi through the skeletal system. Gentle, and energiz- ing, a ZB session leaves the client with a wonderful feeling of body-mind integration and energized re- laxation. ZB can help relieve body pain, emotional distress and boost wellbeing. Received clothed, ZB addresses the whole person.


SELDAR ATAMOV 1834-36 Glenview Rd, 2nd Fl, Glenview 60025 847-486-1130 •

During the session Seldar translates body language to the mind, and after the agreement is made between the body and the mind the healing process begins. Seldar is helping you to shift patterns and begin the process of RNA healing at the core level of whatever causes dis- comfort or pain.


DR. EUNICE DEANE 6137 N Elston Ave, Chicago 60646 773-631-5001 •

Chicago’s premier chiropractic phy- sician specializes in identifying and treating the root cause of your pain to bring relief through all sides of the health triangle: emotion, structure, and biochemistry.

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