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March 2013 ● No. 78 President’s Corner

Martial Arts Committee ˉ

Natsukashi no Kohaku Uta Gassen

The Legend of Hagoromo 語やびらウチナーグチ 国吉信義さんを選出


国吉体制がスタート 北米沖縄県 人会新役員就任式

忘年会・カラオケ ナイトで会員 の親睦と融和を図る Bunka-bu Lecture

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Calling all overdue items from the Charles

& Yoshiko Kamiya Library! The OAA Kamiya Library volunteers would like to remind folks to return any overdue books and videos as soon as possible. Contact Yuko for any

questions. 神谷図書館の係りからのお願いです。

借りた本、ビデオ、DVDなどの返品の期 限を切れている場合、早めにお返しお 願い致します。ご質問がありましたら、県 人会事務所までご連絡ください。

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by Joseph Kamiya The Okinawa Association of America

celebrated the New Year with our annual Shinnen Enkai (New Year’s Party) at the beautiful Quiet Cannon Banquet Room in Montebello. Nearly 670 OAA members, relatives, and friends gathered to enjoy a delicious lunch and welcome our new board members, officers, chairpersons, and president. As always, talented per- formers from the Geino-bu (Performing Arts Committee), Martial Arts Committee (MAC), and independent groups provided a rich showcase of Okinawan, Japanese, and Hawai’ian cultural arts. To add icing on the cake, we had a number of raffle prizes to give away including the coveted round- trip tickets to Tokyo (each donated by IACE Travel and Uyehara Travel) and an Apple iPad Mini (donated by Kamiya Insurance Agency). The event began with a message from

2012 OAA President Kimiko Goya and the Kaimaku (opening classical music perfor- mance). 22 sanshin, koto, and taiko musi- cians and singers shared the stage to play “Bashi nu Tui,” “Esa Bushi,” and “Yuratiku Bushi,” three songs linked by common themes of celebration and good fortune. Next, awards were given to our 2013 Man and Woman of the Year, Edward Kiyoshi Kamiya and Joan Sumiko Kaneshiro Os-

北米沖縄県人会四季報 2013年3月 ● No. 78

OAA New Years Party

hiro. Edward and Joan were both selected for their contributions as 2012 OAA Board Members, their volunteerism at all of our events, and their dedication to our Com- puter Class (Joan is the chairperson and Edward acts as the technical advisor). They received Certificates of Recognition by Gardena Councilman Ronald K. Ikejiri and special volunteer awards were given to Haruo Ishihara, Joseph Yoshimasu Kamiya, and Richiko Nakashima. Steve Awakuni, the OAA’s Legal Advi-

sor, led the official installation of our 2013 board members, officers, chairpersons, and president (see pages 2~3). 15 board members and 23 officers and chairper- sons were introduced and welcomed, fol- lowed by an acceptance speech by our 2013 President Shingi Kuniyoshi, who expressed great optimism for the future of the OAA. Honored guests Hisamori Iwashita (president of the Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai/Japanese Prefectural Associa- tion of Southern California) and Yoshio Aoki (president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California) were also invited onstage to speak and led the Sake Barrel Ceremony. To top off the cer- emonial portion of the afternoon, all Year of the Snake audience members (born in Continued on page 6

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