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Malta comes on the scene

MALTA is the latest country to develop a franchise industry and as a result two-way traffic has already developed with some Maltese companies now franchising internationally and master franchisees being appointed for Malta by international franchisors.

This has occurred through a two-year project to introduce franchising to the island’s business community by the International Franchising Centre, part of the leading UK consultancy group, the Franchising Centre. The project, headed by Farrah Rose,

was spearheaded by a national educational programme in Malta that involved various bodies of the Maltese government, businesses, banks, lawyers, accountants and EU representatives. Commenting on the project’s success

Rose said: “Malta was a country that had no franchising activity at all but now franchising is making a contribution to its business activities and economy.”

Why dogs’ tails are wagging

WAGGING TAILS, the franchise that provides a personal dog boarding service in the franchisee’s home as an alternative to boarding kennels, has good reason to wag its tail.

Bookings nearly doubled in the fourth

quarter of last year and Dragon’s Den celebrity, Theo Paphitis publicised it on social media after choosing it as one of his Small Business Sunday winners. Pictured here with her dog, Bailey is

Lisa Suswain, who founded the business with her husband. Franchisees

expect to have an annual turnover of £50,000 yielding a net profit of 40 per cent.

Mail Boxes Etc. renews UK master franchise

THE master franchisee for the UK and Ireland of Mail Boxes Etc., the high-street retailer of business-type services, has renewed with the U.S. parent franchisor for 10 years with further options. The chain offers a unique mix of

services and products to the public and businesses from the packaging and world-wide delivery of parcels and mail box hire to photocopying and stationery. The franchisee has already held the master franchise for 21 years, which is rare in systems apart from those in fast-food. The first UK store opened in

Marylebone, London, and there are now 130 in the UK and Ireland. The chain has performed well despite the economic downturn with a 15 per cent growth in turnover in the past three years. Last year franchisee recruitment hit a record level. More than a quarter of its franchisees

have multi-units, particularly in the London area. The company plans to expand into new types of location and has

opened its first store within a university campus.

The franchise typically calls for an

investment of around £60,000 of which 70 per cent can be financed by the bank. Commenting on the renewal, Michael

Hawkins, UK sales and marketing director, said: “We strongly believe there is potential for really significant growth and we are committed to further development. “We have innovative marketing

strategies and ambitions sales targets for growth, whilst we consolidate our existing operation and build on the firm foundation of our mature network of dedicated franchisees.”


Snappy Snaps sold to shoe repair chain

SNAPPY SNAPS, the high street photo processing and photo gift franchise, has been bought by Timpson, the shoe repairer, key cutter and watch repair retailer. The 121-shop chain will continue to

be run as a franchise. It was founded in 1983 by Tim MacAndrews and Don Kennedy, two young partners who were among the earliest franchisees of Kall- Kwik, the design and print retailer. They learnt franchising from their

franchisor, Moshe Gerstenhaber, who was one of the most enthusiastic and passionate founders of UK franchising, and they have for 30 years surprisingly remained one of the few franchisees who have had the ambition to convert to successful franchisors. Timpson also owns 200 Max Spielmann photo shops, mostly based in the North. Snappy Snaps stores are in central London and the South-East. James Timpson, chief executive of

6 April/May 2013

Timpson, commented: “We will continue with the Snappy Snaps brand and its successful franchise format. Since buying Max Spielmann four years ago we have transformed it from a traditional photo processor into a very successful photo retailer, specialising in passport photos, portraits and photo gifts. “Snappy Snaps has always kept ahead of trends in the digital photo market and its geographical distribution is a perfect fit with Max Spielmann.”


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