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from ecommerce. With technological developments such as 4G affording convenience and simplicity to existing and potential customers, the business sees ecommerce as an important growth area and is adapting its offer accordingly. In August, a new mobile version of its

website was launched, which has been hugely successful. Within only a few months of the launch, mobile ordering already accounts for over 20 per cent of online sales.

Pizza Hut recently won the award for

most effective mobile site at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, beating household names such as Mercedes Benz and With more innovation in the pipeline around digital accessibility and ease of use, Pizza Hut Delivery aims to make its digital products even easier and more convenient to use. Innovation in product development has also helped Pizza Hut retain its dominance in a competitive market. With the introduction of new products like the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust and tasty sides like pasta or cheese triangles, the menu remains varied and interesting, while still providing many of the old favourites for which the brand is famous. For example, it is also the only brand in the market to offer salad with its takeaway option. In addition to new products,

creative marketing campaigns such as the launch of the Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza with its accompanying microsite (, voucher booklets and bespoke pizza boxes, have helped fuel excitement and engender brand loyalty. Current and potential franchisees will

also benefit from an increase in marketing spend this year, which will increase the visibility of Pizza Hut Delivery and thereby also the opportunities for rapid business growth. Now is an exciting time to join the Pizza Hut Delivery business as a franchisee. Through a new £4.5m franchise incentive scheme and a goal to open 100 new stores by 2014, the business is committed to creating exciting prospects for entrepreneurs keen to start or grow their own businesses. The franchise incentive will support franchisees opening a new store before November 30 and comes as part of a wider £20m investment plan. Zul Chagani, a franchisee with the business for 12 years explains how he

started with Pizza Hut Delivery and his intentions for the future. He became the first UK franchisee when he opened his store in Northwood, London, in 2001. He began his career with a successful

coffee shop in North-West London and was considering expanding it into a chain, but decided that opening a franchise outlet would be a safer and more successful option.

Powerful brand “I decided that what I really wanted

was to be part of a powerful brand,” says Chagani. “I looked around at options and thought the Pizza Hut brand couldn’t be beaten. At the time, the dine-in restaurants had already become extremely popular, and had successfully established the brand in the UK. I therefore thought it would be the perfect option for a franchise business.” The brand’s delivery franchise business

has evolved dramatically since he opened his first unit.

“When I opened my first store, the

franchise business was all very new to both myself and Pizza Hut,” he says. “It was starting from scratch on both sides, but I always had great support from the delivery team and we learnt a lot together.” His profits more than trebled within

a few years and he now has five units and sits on the board of the Pizza Hut Delivery Franchise Council.

“The council is just one arm of the

brand’s extensive support network,” he says. “We act as a sort of middle man between the brand and the franchisees. It’s an important channel of great interaction which allows franchisees to make suggestions and voice concerns. It works really well to ensure everyone’s opinions are heard and helps the brand to grow. “I would like to open new stores in the future and am exploring options. There is currently a great incentive scheme which I’m hoping to be able to take advantage of as it’s a great business opportunity.” The key to his success? Chagani says

it’s all about loving your product. “One of the reasons I was interested in the brand in the first place was because my family love the pizzas. When I was looking for a franchise, my children were little and they were always crazy for Pizza Hut. It’s definitely been important for my success, that we all still enjoy the product as much as we did 12 years ago.”

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