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The wooden shed - part of British culture

It seems if there’s one thing most gardeners want it’s a wooden garden shed. It’s top of the wanted purchases list for 2013

It’s a new season so is it time for something ‘extra ‘in the garden?

Top of the list of gardeners’ wishes for 2013 it seems are either a garden shed or some new garden furniture.

It is believed there are 11 million sheds in the UK but there are also many gardeners who still long for one of their own .The wooden garden shed in particular has become an important part of British culture over recent years and is a very well loved one as it can be a ‘jack of all trades’. And that is why it is so popular. Whatever you want your garden shed to be –it can be.

Whether it’s used as a dumping ground for gardening tools, tables and chairs, a dedicated workshop or a potting room it can fit any requirement . It’s not even unheard of for many shed owners to become inspired to create a drinking room or mini pub!

No matter what the needs are, there’s a garden shed which will meet every individual taste and preference. The amount you spend on a shed can vary from a few hundred to several thousand for a top of the range log cabin.

Most gardeners want something which looks good in the garden but fits in to their own style of garden, something which blends in and is a ‘haven of escape’.

Wooden sheds - from the photogenic to the functional to the oddly shaped. They are much in demand in the garden

Of course it depends on what you want to spend. There are quality self assemble sheds for a few hundred pounds ,delivered and on site erected sheds from £1,000 upwards and then the more desirable summerhouse style of wooden buildings which can cost up to £30,000.

What’s the best advice to give before buying a garden shed? Taunton based Activity Toys and Sheds would advise you to ‘look before you buy’.

Buying on price alone can lead to disappointment they claim and suggest it is better to compare like for like, avoid the obvious pitfalls such as chipboard roof and floors and low eaves height. With over 45 buildings on display they are well qualified to assist with a purchase, from base types to your final selection. As well as standard

34 Country Gardener

size buildings they specialise in custom made buildings for all purposes. If it’s quality garden furniture you are looking for they stock a range of Hutton garden furniture renowned for strength and durability at competitive prices. Activity Toys and Sheds ,Courtlands Industrial Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, TA2 6NS. Tel: 01823 334495. Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Saturdays 10am to 4pm. Sundays by appointment.

The owners of Custom Timber Buildings Ltd have been manufacturing traditional and modern, timber and steel frame buildings for over 30 years. All that experience means that they can design and build your dream building, to give you exactly what you want, at a price that will be pleasantly surprising.

All their buildings are high quality and long lasting with minimal maintenance from you. Sheds, garages, workshops, bedrooms, offices, stables and summer houses. In fact from, bird box to aircraft hangar, timber house or village hall they make them all.

One of the largest selections of greenhouses to view is on the Prompt Cabins site in Bridgwater, Somerset. They have a large selection of sheds, summer houses, play houses, log cabins, garages, workshops, animal houses, fencing, decking and garden furniture and are open seven days a week.Products are made on site Prompt Cabins, Dunball Wharf, Bristol Road .Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4TN. Tel:01278 686 267

Second on the list of in demand summer purchases continue to be garden furniture.

For many people, garden furniture made with any other material then wood, is unacceptable. Of course this is not true for everyone. Wooden garden furniture has a number of advantages over say, metal furniture. It is beautiful, durable, naturally blends in to the surroundings, lasts a long time is relatively easy to maintain and there’s some fantastic and original garden furniture designs .

Wooden furniture tends to be very durable. This is important for furniture that is going to be placed outdoors. This is because it will not have just the elements to contend with but also people. Outdoor furniture will have to withstand rain, wind, snow (and sunshine. Overtime, if the wood is not properly protected, then it can begin to wilt, shrink or rot.

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