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Lighting up the night sky

On Sunday 7th April, 7.30pm, the magical ambiance and exhilarating beat of the Sharrow Lantern Carnival will once again bring spectacle and flair to the streets of Sheffield. You can expect hundreds of lantern bearers, costumes, dancers, fire jugglers, music, performers, entertainers, the samba beat, and an astonishing array of colourful, creative lanterns lifted high into the urban night sky.

From the massive dragons, to the tiny mushrooms, all shapes and sizes of lanterns will be on display, made by people from all walks of life. SharrowLantern Carnival is a popular attraction for all ages, and has been involving hundreds of people in the free lantern- making workshops during February andMarch and this year the theme is “Roots.”

The carnival itself acts as a walking, dancing gallery winding its way through the streets from Mount Pleasant Park: the exhibits are the lantern creations over which everyone has really let their imaginations go. The carnival has been made possible by scores of volunteers running

workshops, planning the event, and opting in to help run fundraisers and steward activities.

Even if you haven’t been able to join in the lantern-making so far, we really encourage you to come and take part. We can guarantee you will find the occasion an enjoyable spectacle, and you will meet folk from around Sharrow and Sheffield as a whole. The procession will end at Sheffield General Cemetery, where the festivities will continue into the evening with music and more entertainment.

This is a night to enjoy Sheffield at it’s very creative best. We do hope to see you there!

Sunday 7th April meet Mount Pleasant Park, London Road from 7.30pm. We will begin the parade at 8pm and arrive at Sheffield General Cemetery at around 9pm. Entertainment will continue until 10.30 where by we will have an after party at Delaney’s, London Road.

Lantern Making workshops take place every Saturday from 12-4pm at The Hub, Sharrow Lane S11 8AE and The Old Junior School, South View Road. Thursday workshops are also taking place this year 7-10pm at The Old Junior School.


by M. Roberts

Sheffield, not only did it revolutionise the steel industry and break the mould with its musical talent over the years, but it also played home to an interactive software developer, which helped pave the way for modern gaming.

The company was called ‘Gremlin Graphics’.

Many years ago, in 1984, during the ‘golden age’ of computer games, Ian Stewart, the owner of a shop called ‘JustMicro’ on Carver Street in the city centre area, set up a software development house named ‘Gremlin Graphics’, which initially took up the free space in the rear of his shop.

The company quickly gained renown in Europe and the U.S. for their addictive and innovative production style, which led to international success with titles such as, ‘Wanted:Monty Mole’ for the ‘ZX Spectrum’ (a popular home computer of the time) and ‘Thing on a Spring’ on ‘Commodore 64’ (another games platform of the 80’s).

During the early 90’s, ‘Gremlin’ achieved massive success with many classic titles, such as ‘Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension’ (a platform style game which sold almost as many copies in 1992, as ‘Sonic 2’ by ‘Sega’ did the following year),

The company continued to go from strength to strength and in 1994 renamed themselves, ‘Gremlin Interactive’, releasing many bestselling titles on the fledgling ‘Sony PlayStation’ console. The booming industry and commercial success of their games led to them acquiring software developer, ‘DMA Design’, the creators of the lucrative ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Lemmings’ franchises.

While globally successful, one thing that set ‘Gremlin’ apart, was that they didn’t forget about Sheffield, they offered sponsorship to school I.T. departments in some of the less developed areas of the city, providing opportunities for kids to develop computing skills.

During 1999 the company was merged with U.S. games developer ‘Infogrames’ (now known as ‘Atari’), ‘Gremlin Interactive’ then became ‘Infogrames Sheffield House’, but unfortunately closed during 2003.

However, the story didn’t end there.

Current developer ‘Sumo Digital’, was created by former ‘Gremlin’/’Infogrames’ employees, who are still releasing great titles on all popular games machines to this day.

So remember, if not for Sheffield talent, some of today’s hottest games may never have happened!

If you’d like to comment about gaming, tweet us: @synccitysheff

‘PremierManager’ (a

popular football management simulator), ‘Lotus Challenge’ sports car racing series and ‘Actua Soccer’ (the first ever fully 3D football game).

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