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Creme Personal Kits Creme Personal Kits offer professional quality, superior selection and afford- able pricing. Kits perform brilliantly for stage, dance recitals, choral groups, and in front of the camera with practical makeup basics. Highly pigmented, smooth-textured Creme Foundation and Contour Palette with shadow, high- light, rouge and lip color, apply easily and withstand the rigors of heat, in- tense lighting and high energy performances.

Kits include a generous supply of the makeup components listed below,

adequate for several rehearsals and performances. Replacement shades and tools are available from Ben Nye’s full line.

Creme Foundation

Creme Contour Palette (includes Highlight,

Shadow, Rouge, Lip Color)

Select from eight Kits designed with carefully selected shades to match skin tone. Personal Kits assure each actor the benefit of strict hygiene at an af- fordable price.

PK-0 Fair: Lightest

PK-1 Fair: Light-Medium PK-2 Fair: Tan

PK-3 Olive: Fair-Medium PK-45 Brown: Light PK-4 Olive: Deep

PK-5 Brown: Medium PK-6 Brown: Dark

Master Production Kit Professional makeup artists, instructors, ac- tors and photographers rely on the Master Production Kit for incomparable quality and product selection. It is ideal for film, digital and theatrical productions with a useful selec- tion of makeup for simple character, beauty and effects. Five Matte HD Foundations complement

complexions from fair to brown tones. The Kit includes useful Creme Highlights, Shadows and Concealers to neutralize discolorations and correct facial features. Finishing products, such as Eye Shadows, Pencils, Powder Rouge, Bruise & Abrasion Wheel, Blood, Face Powder and other tools complete this practical ensemble. FK-1

Face Powder Eye Pencil Flat Brush

Powder Puff

Sponge Applicator Stipple Sponge

Instructional DVD

The Classic Series: “Makeup for the Theatre” Expert makeup instructors clearly demonstrate the fine points of makeup artistry. Six lessons are designed for classroom instruction (approximately 50 minutes per lesson) with detailed summaries at the conclusion of each. Bonus feature: Retrospective on Ben Nye, Sr.’s makeup artistry career. Closed captioned. Six lessons include: Basic Corrective Male Old Age Character

Corrective Beauty for Female 3-D Special Effects

How to Apply A Bald Cap How to Lay A Crepe Wool Beard 31

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