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Liquid Hair Colors Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered Silver Grey Hair Color to subtly age hair to a natural silver-grey tone. Ivory Hair Color is our latest innovation to naturally age dark hair without it appearing blue. Apply with toothbrush to styled hair. Set with hair spray. Avoid use on chemically treated hair. Protect cos- tumes during application. Expect 3-10 applications per ounce.

Silver Grey Our original age hair color. Realistic silvery-grey age tone with subtle metallic highlights. HG-1 1fl.oz./29ml. HG-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

HG-2 2fl.oz./59ml. HG-4 16fl.oz./473ml.

Dark Grey Recently revised, this shade is now a true deep grey. DG-2 2fl.oz./59ml.

DG-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

Taupe Subtle neutral brown adds dramatic contrast to white hair. TH-2 2fl.oz./59ml.

Auburn Rich, warm red-brown tone. AH-2 2fl.oz./59ml.

Dark Brown Rich, natural shade for blending or an all-over color. May be used to fill in bald spots. BH-2 2fl.oz../59ml.

Snow White Streak into Silver Grey or Dark Grey to brighten highlights. Excellent for Santa’s beard and brows. HW-1 1fl.oz./29ml. HW-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

HW-2 2fl.oz./59ml. HW-4 16fl.oz./473ml.

Ivory Hint of yellow provides natural aging on dark brown or black hair. HI-1 1fl.oz./29ml. HI-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

HI-2 2fl.oz./59ml. HI-4 16fl.oz./473ml.

Midnite Black Completely blackens hair for dramatic effects. Caution: Black Hair Color may smudge. Avoid contact with costume. MB-1 1fl.oz./29ml. MB-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

MB-2 2fl.oz./59ml.

Crepe Wool Hair Create facial hair and more with this wool fiber, a standard in the industry. One-yard length is enough to lay several moderate beards. For expert tips, watch Web Phillips demonstrate hair laying techniques in our instructional DVD, “How to Lay a Crepe Wool Beard” (page 31). WH 1 yard/36”/91.4cm.

WH-1 White

WH-11 Brunette WH-2 Lite Blond WH-12 Dark Brown WH-3 Ash Blond

WH-15 Ginger

WH-4 Strawberry Blond WH-19 Lite Grey WH-6 Lite Auburn WH-20 Medium Grey WH-7 Dark Auburn WH-21 Dark Grey WH-9 Lite Brown

WH-22 Black

WH-10 Medium Brown

Tooth Colors Black creates broken or chipped teeth. Nicotine, Decay or Zombie Rot simulates poor dental hygiene. Apply to dry teeth and allow to dry for a few minutes. Reapply as needed. Clean with alcohol on swab and brush clean. Will not stain denture material. Expect 20-50 teeth. .125fl.oz./3.5ml. TC-0 Natural White TC-1 Black TC-3 Zombie Rot TC-4 Decay

TC-2 Nicotine

Bronzing Body Tint Designed for Yul Brynner for the film, “The King and I”. Apply with a Hydra Sponge in several layers for richer color. Water-resis- tant. Remove with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. Expect 3-8 applications per ounce. BT-0 1fl.oz./29ml. BT-1 2fl.oz./59ml. BT-2 8fl.oz./236ml. BT-3 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Glycerin Keep handy to simulate tears, perspiration or "oozing" from wounds. Caution: Keep out of eyes. Expect 10-60 applications per ounce. GL-2 2fl.oz./59ml. GL-8 8fl.oz./236ml.


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