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Liquid Latex Liquid Latex is a multi-purpose liquid rubber, often called “slip rubber”. Create 3-D appliances in a slush mold, seal modeling wax or apply to skin for aging, blisters and wounds. Fair flesh-tone dries nearly transparent. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce. LL-1 1fl.oz./29ml.

LL-2 2fl.oz./59ml. LL-25 4fl.oz./118ml. LL-3 8fl.oz./236ml. LL-4 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug LL-5 32fl.oz./946ml. Jug

Clear Latex Same qualities as Liquid Latex, without the coloring. Dries clear. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce. LR-1 1fl.oz./29ml. LR-25 4fl.oz./118ml.

Latex for Sensitive Skin Low-ammonia formula for extremely dry or sensitive skin. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce. LL-52 2fl.oz./59ml.

Wrinkle Stipple Thinner than Liquid Latex, apply to stretched skin for realistic facial wrinkling, especially around eyes for “crowsfeet”. For transparency, apply thin layer of Castor Sealer before coloring with cremes. Expect 8-35 applications per ounce. WS-1 1fl.oz./29ml. WS-2 2fl.oz./59ml.

Bald Cap Finely crafted Woochie Bald Caps are the standard for most theatrical appli- cations. Apply with Spirit Gum, contour edges with Liquid Latex. For helpful application techniques, watch our DVD, "How to Apply a Bald Cap" (see page 31). Reusable; store clean, dry cap in sealed plastic bag. BP-0

Spirit Gum Adhesive Our professional adhesive formula dries to a matte finish and keeps prosthetic appliances, lace, beards and hair pieces firmly in place. Tap Gum until “tacky” before use. Remove with Spirit Gum Remover, Bond Off! or Remove-It All. Expect 4 applications per .25 ounce.

SG-1 .25fl.oz./7ml. SG-2 1fl.oz./29ml.

SG-25 4fl.oz./118ml. SG-3 8fl.oz./236ml. SG-4 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Glitter Glue Sparklers Glitter, small jewels or sequins stick easily with this no fuss, light adhesive. Alcohol base and water-washable. (Pictured on page 19.) Expect 20-75 applications per ounce. AGB 1fl.oz./29ml.

Prosthetic Adhesive A mastic to securely bond prosthetic appli- ances to the skin. Retards perspiration. Remove with Remove-It-All or Bond Off! Expect 15-35 applications per ounce. AD-1 1fl.oz./29ml. AD-3 4fl.oz./118ml.

Nose & Scar Wax Now in three improved shades! Modeling wax is pliable, yet firm. Apply to alter facial features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, bullet holes and wounds. Wax colors are translucent to resemble skin. Apply Spirit Gum beneath wax for better adhesion. Texture with Fine Stipple Sponge and seal with Liquid Latex. Expect 4-25 applications per ounce.

Fair Wax

NW-1 1oz./28gm. NW-2 2oz./56gm.

Light Brown Wax Brown Wax

LBW-1 1oz./28gm. BW-1 1oz./28gm. LBW-2 2oz./56gm. BW-2 2oz./56gm.

NW-3 8oz./226gm. LBW-3 8oz./226gm. BW-3 8oz./226gm. NW-4 16oz./453gm.

BW-4 16oz./453gm.

Bone Wax Natural white wax simulates bone color for broken bones and exposed skulls. Expect 4-25 applications per ounce.

BS-2 2oz./56gm. BS-3 8oz./226gm. BS-4 16oz./453gm.

Castor Sealer Ideal to seal latex materials and appliances. After sealing, creme makeup can be applied to latex; eliminates need for rubber mask grease. Expect 15-40 applications per ounce. KS-00 .5fl.oz./14ml. KS-1

2fl.oz./59ml. 26

KS-0 1fl.oz./29ml. KS-2 8fl.oz./236ml.

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