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Creme Foundations are the artistic standard. Select from 55 exceptional shades for beauty, ethnic and character, including our death shades.

Creme Foundations Creme Foundations provide full, creamy coverage that blends flawlessly with all Creme Colors, Concealers and F/X Colors. Set with Translucent or Neutral Set Face Powders (see page 24). Expect 25-75 applications. .5oz./14gm.

White Black Pale Vampire Medium Olive Y-3 P-20 P-9 P-1

P-022 Geisha

Chinese Frankenstein Olive Tan Y-5 P-21 P-11 Pure Ivory Lite Chinese Death Blue Grey Rice Paper TW-20 P-22 P-111 P-023 Porcelain Japanese Creamy Beige

TW-21 Ivory

L-0 P-12 P-024 Lite Pink Lite Japanese Creamy Peach Golden Beige TW-22 L-1 P-121 P-2 Ultra Fair Tan Au Lait Lite Beige

TW-23 Fawn

L-2 P-125 P-4 Fairest Caramel Tan Rose Beige

TW-24 Honey

L-3 P-127 P-41 Ultra Beige Blithe Spirit Tan Rose Golden Bronze MA-1 L-5 P-13 P-42 Alabaster Sallow Green Golden Tan Brown Sugar MA-2 T-1 P-14 P-43 Olive Fair Cadaver Grey Bronze Tan Hazelnut MA-3 T-2 P-15 P-45 Natural Fair Blue Spirit Lite Bronze Rich Cocoa MA-4 M-1 P-16 P-5 Natural Tan Death Purple Suntone Coffee Bean MA-5 M-2 P-17 P-6 Bronzetone Death Straw Medium Tan Deep Ebony MA-6 M-3 P-18 P-7 Dark Coco Death Flesh Lite Olive Y-1 P-19 P-8

Clown White Professionals prefer Clown White’s supple texture and bright white fin- ish. Highly pigmented formula covers instantly and blends smoothly for long-wear. Set with Super White Powder to enhance whiteness and spray with Final Seal for added durability. Expect 5-10 faces per ounce. CW-1 .65oz./18gm. CW-2 1.75oz./49gm. CW-3 2.25oz./63gm. CW-4 8oz./227gm. CW-5 16oz./454gm.


Clown White Lite Clown White Lite’s creamy, bright white formula is ideal for performers who prefer a lighter texture. Professionals who use our Lite formula say it holds up to wrinkles and remains durable under hot, humid conditions. Set with Super White for a brighter white, or Neutral Set for no color. Finish with Final Seal for all-day durability. Expect 75-125 full faces per ounce. FP-102 1oz./28gm.

FP-202 2.5oz./70gm.

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