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Now identities will not be

divulged but beware of past Commodores! We even met up with another boating family and organised a splendid evening meal for us all at the White Swan. (food well recommended). It only remained to make the

steady return to Nottingham and stay for the waterside festival. It was great to see some 10 boats from The DMBC moored by the steps and we were able to meet the new club members from Kingfisher. However, Saturday 03.00pm saw us slip gently away to begin our way home. The poor dog is absolutely terrified of fireworks so we needed to be well away before they started and also we had no desire to be involved in the rat race to lock through Nottingham at the end of the festival.

Thus it was that we quietly

slipped into slot 74, only to find the water so low it was impossible to be up close to the pontoon. We could manage it but poor old Jumble has a problem. Well there we are not much to

report and nothing worth photographing. A season of boating troubles. But as they say nothing that a strong application of cheque book could not cure. Oh! and the inverter proved OK. The socket is scorched but a fresh plug is doing sterling work. However, the gypsy’s warning has been heeded and a smoke detector is now fitted directly above the Inverter/battery charger. Something I recommend to anyone with a reasonable sized inverter/battery charger which is tucked away out of sight.

Recently Departed Margaret Raper

Margaret wife of Ken Raper, died in January of 2013, Ken and Margaret were DMBC Members for many years with a boat they shared, in latter years they were Associate members.

Keith Broughton Keith died during the latter part of 2012.

He was at the time of his death the Commodore of The Soar Boating Club being a continuous member for many years. He was also a DMBC Member for many years too with his boat Gambler.

When he moved from the area he was still an active Member of SBC, when he retired he returned to this area where his roots were, being an active Waterway enthusiast.


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