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The Andrews 2011 Travels Or

A ‘Thorne in the Side’ for Pertama Fe. Why rivers should be so

be on the water and away, eager to shed the constricting shackles of winter and spring clothing and adopt the relaxed mode of the boating life. Winter social commitments continue to encroach into our boating season. Where as we used to escape as early as April now appointments are dragging us into the end of May and would also creep into June if allowed. So it was that the boat was loaded,


ropes slipped and Pertama slid gratefully from the moorings, through the lock with grateful thanks to the ever cheerful keeper, we were free agents off on the Trent heading for Nottingham. No problems, clear skies, with not another boat to be seen moving we were soon through Beeston. Not even the temptation of a Sainsbury’s halt to slow us down, we were moored up quietly by County Hall steps in Nottingham. This was the first time we had stayed here and to find a Weatherspoons so close was a bonus we would capitalise on some time later. Pertama has travelled the Trent

many times and sadly it still holds little attraction for us.

t was with excitement that the three of us arrived at the DMBC in early June. Eager to

uninspiring is unexplained. Perhaps it’s the predictability of moorings or lack of, or the width of water, uninteresting scenery and monotony. We just do not enjoy it! However, it was with a happy crew that moored up at Gainsborough pontoon and plugged into the power point on Saturday night. A check with the

lock keeper confirmed we would be away by about 9.00 the next morning and informed us the local filling station/shop would be open at 8.30 on the morrow. WRONG! It does not open until 09.00 On Sundays. Still the dog enjoyed the walk and we did discover the remote, if very small, village shop was open for the Sunday papers. Taking good notice of the lock

keepers advice, that little water was available at the moment, bends were taken well wide and safely. Not so for one of the eager narrow boaters that had set off a little early. As we rounded Dunham Duds this boat was found on the inside of the bend aground. Slowing to take a rope from this boat a tow was attempted, only to find the other skipper had failed to fix it to his bow cleat! **??** . Going back and round again, his first rope was returned to the stern and another

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