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keeping the costs down, one example of savings is the pilings, as moorings 130 to 132 were rusted and in severe need of replacement, the estimated cost for replacement and re landscaping was estimated to be in the region of £15,000, these have now been replaced at an cost of approximately £4,000 most of the work and organisation being undertaken by Mike Simpson plus helpers, savings equivalent to approximately £100 per member.

Evening again organised by Roger Stones and Club Members, followed by Fish n Chips in the paint bay supplied by Georges Fish Bar.

attending the Trent & Soar Boaters Dinner Dance, organised by The Friendship Cruising Club, not at our usual venue. The following week was our own Christmas Lunch at The White House attended in good numbers by members of all ranks, thanks go to Alan Twaite for his usual excellent organising. The next week saw the usual now becoming a trek walk to Nottingham Yacht Club for Christmas Carols and Mince Pies and back.

flood team who have supervised the moorings over the past two months during some of the highest water since 2000, it was amazing that in November the first notification of flood Roger Stones and Kevin Lawson inspected the whole of the moorings and had to attach approximately 14 boats to the risers, they being hard tied to the wooden stakes, some of these boats haven’t seen an owner since the risers were installed.

A special mention must go to our December saw 6 members November saw our usual Bonfire

peace of mind, and many reminders have gone out in the past, so for your own and everyone's sake please moor your boats to the risers when unattended, don’t leave it to the good people of the flood team to safeguard your craft.

producing and maintaining our website by Mike Simpson, coming into its own in many ways but especially during the last months of floods, keeping us all informed, its invaluable Mike many thanks from us all.

to my favorite subject WORK PARTIES, on perusing the application forms on file everyone I’ve looked at has replied yes to “are you prepared to attend occasional work parties”so with a regular turnout of approximately 25% to 35% of members and spouses over a weekend where is everyone.

members offer their apologies if unable to attend I had 6 and a turnout of approximately 26%, as I’ve said time and time again the savings made by these events benefit you all, so can I please ask that a climate of fair play may begin.

no more than. “ I’LL SEE YOU AT THE

NEXT WORK PARTY” On that note at present I’LL say Last October I requested My final words are with regards A lot of work has gone into

The risers are there for your


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