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Some checks have been withdrawn and replaced; some have amended allowances; Two checks, one about marine fuel filters and the other about a.c. shore connections have been removed. 2.12.2 Fuel Filter Types - That part of check 2.12. 2 requiring fuel filters to be of a ‘suitable proprietary marine type’ has been deleted. Fuel filters will continued to be checked for ‘condition’ and, if located in the engine space, ‘fire resistance’. 3.4.3 Shore Lead Connections - The check for a.c. shore power and battery charging lead connections to be splash proof to BS EN 60309 has been deleted. The connections will still be checked for type, condition and location. See the introduced advice checks for inlet connections at 3.8.1 and power lead connections at 3.8.2 above.

The following checks have increased options or withdrawn requirements; 2.10.2 Fuel Hoses This check has two new compliance options, each one introducing an allowance for a non-fire resistant hose in specified circumstances, namely; Ÿ the nylon type fuel hose material connecting small capacity diesel containers to the cold start facility on older diesel engines, and

Ÿ fuel hoses in permanently installed fuel systems to outboard engines may be to type B1 or B2 of ISO 8469 (or be suitable proprietary outboard engine fuel hose), provided the hose and its connections are located in the open air and where any fuel spillage would drain overboard (e.g. self-draining cockpits or outboard wells not enclosed by a canopy or other cover).

2.15.2 Exhaust Lagging - This check has been re-written,removing the mandatory requirement for exhaust lagging and placing sole reliance upon a check for signs of heat damage to structures and surrounding surfaces adjacent to exhausts. Check 2.15.2 is now more consistent with other BSS examination checks where signs of heat damage are regarded as non-compliant. Owners are recommended to follow any specific recommendations from their engine manufacturer about lagging exhausts. 3.5.1 Fuse/MCB Ratings - The part of check 3.5.1 requiring fuses/MCBs to be rated less than the current carrying capacity of the cable protected has been removed. Improvements in cable design and construction make visual assessment of any given cable’s current carrying capacity impossible. Therefore the reduction of fire risk relies on the retained part of the check for signs of cable heat damage or deterioration.

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