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Ÿ If CO is in your cabin space, everyone is at risk, no one is immune!

Ÿ Some people will be affected much more quickly:

Ÿ Pregnant women and unborn babies

Ÿ Babies and young children Ÿ Older people

Ÿ People with respiratory problems or heart conditions.

For other reasons, some people may be at higher risk:

Those who have been doing something active and are breathing more rapidly and deeply and have a greater need for oxygen

Those who have been drinking heavily - because the symptoms may be masked

Further information on CO and boating

For more information on CO and fire safety on boats and routine safety check items - Boat Safety Scheme:

For alarm information - Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring (CoGDEM) site/index.htmi

For general CO advice Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Gas Safety Advice Line 0800 300 363 htm


Gas Safe Register - for gas fitters

British Marine Federation - for local boatyards

Charities with an interest in CO

The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society


Gas Safe Charity


Gas Safety Trust CO-Angels

The leaflet content and production is supported by five CoGDEM member companies that produce CO alarms: Ei Electronics, FireHawk Alarms, Honeywell, Kidde, and Sprue

CoGDEM is the UK trade body for companies and experts in the field of gas detection. CoGDEM provides its expertise to UK, European and global standards-writing bodies, and provides technical guidance and support to all CO awareness-raising projects and organisations, including the HSE.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Health Protection Agency staff especially linked to the medical information.

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