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Capt Alan Tate Royal Marines MC. Joined the Royal Marines in 1942 at Deal. A few days after the Normandy landings he joined 45 Commando as one of the replacements for the heavy casualties which the Royal Marines had suffered. He took part in the advance through France and Holland and was acting lieutenant and leader of the nine-man E-Troop of 45 Cdo RM as it crossed the river Maas; their objective was to hold a bridgehead while D-Troop captured a German stronghold on a hill above them. Breaks in communications caused delays but they fought against the strong current to make the crossing. Defences were set up on the far bank and Tate could only guess what was happening from the sound of

bullets and explosions; the remnants

of D-Troop stumbled back, then E-Troop were rushed by some 20 Germans. Tate’s coolness and control of his position enabled him to beat off this attack and many of the enemy including the commanding officer were killed. The boats were full so he and others from E-Troop gave up their places and swam alongside despite the dangers of the rushing, icy water. As he reached the limits of his endurance he was plucked from the water and rushed to the medical section. He was immediately awarded the Military Cross which was presented to him on his 20th birthday by Field Marshal Montgomery. He later served in the Far East. September 24. Aged 87. William

Bernard ‘Happy’ Day DSM

RM. After training at Deal he served in the Mediterranean and on board Rodney before returning to Deal as an instructor and was an early volunteer for the Commandos when they were formed in 1941. Served as instructor at the Joint Services and Royal Marines Commando Schools at Achnacarry, Scotland and Towyn, Wales then with 40 RM Commando during the Dieppe Raid 1942. He was personal bodyguard to Winston Churchill when the Prime Minister in Egypt 1943; he also accompanied Churchill to the Tehran conference with Stalin and carried the Sword of Stalingrad. 1944-45 he was Acting Colour Sergeant Major X Troop 30 Cdo, a mixed force of Royal Navy and Royal Marines assembled to gather intelligence; many valuable documents were recovered from the German radar station inland at Douvres-la-Delivrande,

intelligence targets

in Paris were cleared and the headquarters of Admiral Donitz was captured. Channel ports were searched as they were liberated by the Allies and his Royal Marines captured the German naval base at Bremen; they also helped to capture the Walterwerke where the German navy was manufacturing advanced engines for its U-boats. A complete set of charts showing the minefields and swept channels of the Baltic were found at a minesweeping base in Kiel and for four days he and his 15 marines were the only British force in that part of Germany. He finished the war by liberating survivors of a concentration camp at Fallingbostel which had held 70,000 mainly Polish and Russian prisoners; he was awarded a DSM. August 28. Aged 95. Cdr Jack Palmer. Joined the RN 1945 and saw action in World War 2 and the Korean War. As a gunnery officer he instructed at Whale Island. After postings in France, Belgium (SHAPE) and Singapore he spent three years as Naval Attaché in Stockholm, Sweden. His last tour of duty was SACLANT in Norfolk, Virginia where he remained after retiring in 1980. St Barbara’s Association. January 9. Aged 85. Lt Cdr Denis Jackson. Served 1945-89 at

St George, Ganges and aboard Nelson, Loch Quoich, Flying Fish, Indomitable, Vanguard, Anchorite, Trespasser, Sturdy, Token, Diana, Lion, Sea Lion, Valiant, Warspite, Mercury, Fearless, Comcen Whitehall and the MOD. Association of Royal Navy Officers. December 13. Aged 84. Ronald James ‘Taff’ Symonds. CPO

Aircraft Mechanician. Joined the FAA 1950 completing 23 years. Service included Hermes and Ark Royal followed by four years in the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force. December 1. Aged 79. Peter Nelson. PO Ck. Served 1961-83 in

Bellerophon, Eagle, Bulwark (Heron ACMN), Ark Royal, Osprey and Southampton. Fulfilled a full supporting role in the Cowes Sea Cadets in the 1990s, including the position of CO. Cowes RBL and the Aircrewman (ACMN) Association. December 6. Aged 69.

Ken Spillsbury. Able Seaman Radar. Served 1949-51 National Service in Drake, Wizard and Defiance. Wizard and Cadiz Association. December 6. Aged 81. Elsie

Maybury. Wizard and Cadiz

Association Committee member. December 10. Aged 78.

Michael ‘Alfie’ Hines. A/Cook. Served 1958-68. Trained at Pembroke before serving in Centaur, Belfast, Maidstone and Triumph also shore establishments Daedalus, Victory, St Vincent, Ganges and Dolphin. He played football for both the Navy and Combined Services. December 8. Aged 71. Jack Wearn. PO Diver. Served 1937-52

in Iron Duke and Afridi, Operation Torch and harbour clearance, Italy, Starling, Challenger and Vengeance also Vernon. Spent 20 years as RNR at Calliope. December 14. Aged 91. Joseph ‘Joe’ Eva. CHM(E). Served 1938- 66 in both ‘Cossacks’ King George V and Intrepid. Past chairman of the Royal Naval Engineroom Association. December 19. Aged 92. W G ‘Bill’ McLean. CPOCA. Served 1953-76 in Ceres, Pembroke, Mars, Mull of Galloway, Birmingham, Ganges, Royal Charlotte, Neptune, Tamar, Maidstone, Defender, Drake, Hecate (1st commission), Lincoln and Jaguar. Last appointment Instructor RN Supply School at Chatham. December 26. Aged 76. John ‘Jack’ Deeble. PO Radio Mechanic

FAA. Served 1940-45 in Victorious (Pacific War)

and Pursuer (Arctic convoys and

Operation ‘Dragoon’). December 21. Aged 91.

Steven Staplehurst. Stoker Mechanic.

Served in Korean War. HMS Morecambe Bay Association. December. Rodney Meecham. Fleet Chief. Joined as Boy Seaman in 1946 and served for 24 years in Loch Veyatie, Helmsdale, M277, Daring (two commissions), Protector (South Atlantic), Rook (Gibraltar), Orestes and Fleet Chief radar instructor at Dartmouth College. Qualified as a teacher and retired as headmaster. HMS Daring (1952-54) Association. December 27. Aged 82. Thomas ‘Yorkie’ Russell.


Served 1938-47 in Ramillies when she was torpedoed 1942 and Quail when she was mined off Italy 1943. On board Venomous for the acceptance of the surrender of Norway by the Germans 1945 and serving in Saumarez when she was mined and shelled by the Albanians in the Corfu Channel 1946. Corfu Channel Naval Association. December 27. Aged 92.

Ronald ‘Ron’ Matthews. AB. Served in Loch Fada 1947-48, Derry Flotilla. HMS Loch Fada Association. December 4 (his birthday). Aged 85. Robert

aboard Cheviot 1945 and a member of the association. January 3. Donald Newman. Stoker. Served 1943- 47 in Cambrian. 2012. Aged 87.

‘Bob’ Martin. PO.

John Walklate. Electrician. Served 1954- 56 in Adamant. Stourbridge and District branch. Aged 76. John ‘Jimmy’ Green. AB RP2. Served Trained

ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION 1953-62. at Ganges and St

Vincent and served in Corunna, Sheffield and Troubridge. Ipswich RNA, also HMS Sheffield Association and 4th Destroyer Association. December 22. Aged 75. Douglas ‘Sam’ Franks also known as ‘Stooge’ in Maidstone RNA where he was the long-time rum bosun. Served in Collingwood, Europa and in minesweepers (Liverpool), HMT Ixion, BYMS 2062 and Pembroke. December 21. Aged 86. L H ‘Paul’ Mann, MVO RM. Served

at RM Barracks Deal, Eastney Barracks, Admiralty London, King Alfred, Staff of Adm Sir A B Cunningham, chauffeur Adm Ernest King USA and Staff of Adm Mountbatten in Malta; also served aboard Glengyle and was a veteran of Malta, Cyprus, Malaya and Normandy. Service with the Royal Family, chauffeur to HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and later became deputy Mayor of Maidstone. Maidstone RNA and the RM Association. December 28. Aged 89. James ‘Jim’ Albert Fleming. Bounty Boy communicator. Served on armed Trawlers Hugh Walpole (PQ18 Russian convoy) and

Northern Gem; also HDML 1012

(Mediterranean secret operations). Coastal Forces Association and South Harrow RNA. December 26. Aged 88. Anthony ‘Tony’ Franklin.


Assistant. Served 1945-47 aboard Royal Arthur, Duke, London, Belfast and HMAS Quiberon. Norwich branch. December 25. Aged 85. Leonard Herbert ‘Len’ Allen. Naval Air Photographer Fleet Air Arm in the late 1940s. Transferred to March branch from Cheshunt branch RNA 2009. December 31. Aged 83. Lt Cdr Dean Stuart Harriss. Joined 1949 at Royal Arthur and retired 1981. Served in Collingwood, Maidstone, Pellew, Bulwark, Ark Royal, HMY Britannia and was Commanding Officer of Forest Moor, Harrogate 1973-81. Upon retirement served ten years as a Director of the Royal British Legion Housing Association. Former president of Harrogate & District RNA. January 5. Aged 81. James Locker. AB (Sonar ASDIC). Served


branch. December 1. Aged 83. Terry Greenslade. AME. Served 1946- 1949 at Royal Arthur, RAF Hednesford, Glory, RAF Thorney Island, 703 NAS (a/c Mosquito) and boxed for the Navy. Birmingham branch and in later years. Bournemouth branch. October 28. Aged 84. Eric Gunthorpe. NAM AE. Served 1948- 61. Daedalus branch. August 13. Aged 81. Peter Moody. PO AF(A). Served 1948- 1955 in Royal Arthur,

Gamecock, Nuthatch, Condor, Heron, Merlin, Sanderling 1830 Squadron, Peregrine 771 NAS, Nuthatch, Goldcrest 807 NAS, Fulmar 804 NAS, Daedalus. Royal Fleet Reserve 1955-60. Daedalus branch. April 26. George Sly. PO(AM) FAA. Originally joined the RAF Reserve Squadron part-time but transferred to the Fleet Air Arm and served in 807 and 808 NAS. His last carrier was Khedive, 1945. Aged 92.

aboard Persian. November 14. Aged 92. Lt Cdr Norbert Devos. Served aboard

Edward James Ferris. PO. Served ALGERINES ASSOCIATION

G Lecointe, J V Haverbeek, A F Dufour, A de Gerlache, de Brower and de Moor. November 30. Aged 86. Charles Toothill. Ldg/SM. Served aboard Aries, Cadmus and Espiegle. January 2. Aged 88.

Ask Jack

HMS Wildgoose: Was the CPO of HMS Wildgoose your grandfather, father or shipmate 1944/45. He was a good family friend but I no longer have his name as my family have all passed on. My family is from Liverpool. I would like to reconnect with him or his relatives. The CPO was from Dover, and his nickname was Boy or Roy. Contact Bernard Philips at or write to 100 Wellesley Street East #1214, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1H5, Canada. Mogg, Alfred John Ewart:

to trace anyone who knew my father Alfred Mogg. As far as I know he served in HMS Middleton (L74) during World War 2. I am keen to know more about what he did during his time in the RN. Contact Steve Mogg at or tel: 01373 813166. Tugg Cartoons: My Grandad, Francis T Billing sailed on the Eagle during his time in the Navy and knew the artist known as ‘Tugg’. He says sketches were drawn by Tugg of him and his friends for fun and I would love to track some of these down for him. If anybody has any copies of these sketches or any information that might help me to

me at or at: Catherine Billing, 103 Highland Road, Torquay, TQ2 6NJ.


all World War 2 North and South Atlantic, Russian Convoys, Indian Ocean and Burma. Wansbeck branch. December 23. Aged 89. Fred West. Burma Star Association and member of Bognor Regis RNA. Ernie Ragless. War service in the North Sea on RN Patrol Service (Harry Tates Navy) and was credited with assisting in the rescue of a Battle of Britain pilot whose plane crashed off the coast of Bognor Regis. Bognor Regis RNA.

Operator. Served 1943-47 in submarines Virulent, Tantalus, Saga and Alaric. Former Mayor of Rochdale and member of Rochdale Submariners Association. October 16. Aged 87.

Ronald ‘Ron’ Lewis. Leading Torpedo SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION

A D ‘Andy’ Crehan. LRO(G). Submarine service 1975-78 in Oracle. Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire branch. Aged 63. J ‘John’ Hymas. WO MEA(P). Submarine service 1955-84 in Scotsman, Trenchant, Thermopylae, Alaric and Grampus. Gosport branch. Aged 83.

Sub Lt Sir T R H ‘Tim’ Kimber RNVR. Submarine

service 1955-57 in Sturdy.

Barrow branch. Aged 76. Cdr C L ‘Chris’ McClement. Submarine service 1972-96 in Churchill, Conqueror, Resolution and Sceptre. Dolphin branch. Aged 63.

J ‘Jim’ Onions. CPO MEM. Submarine service 1953-74 in Alliance (1954), Tactician (1954), Thorough (1955), Thule (1956-57), Andrew (1958-60) and Artemis (1961-62). Dolphin & Gosport branches. Aged 78. N G ‘Norman’ Perkins. PO/Sto. Submarine service 1940-46 in Osiris 1 and Thermopylae. Peterborough branch. Aged 96.

K W ‘Ken’ Watts. M(E)1. Submarine service 1961-69 in Alcide, Alliance, Tapir, Trump and Dreadnought. Taunton branch. Aged 70. T K ‘Tom’ Wilson. L/Sto. Submarine service 1943-46 in Tribune (43), Vulpine (44) and Tantalus (45-46). Barrow branch. Aged 87.

from 1947-1954. St George (basic training), Kestrel, Gamecock, Daedalus, Vengeance, Peregrine and Falcon (Malta 1953). Royal Fleet Reserve five years. Great Yarmouth branch and in later years the Daedalus

FLEET AIR ARM ASSOCIATION William Crofts. NAM 1 (AE). Served

Entries for the Deaths column and Swap Drafts in March’s Noticeboard must be received by February 11

Talking Navy News goes digital

Navy News is available free of charge as a digital file on memory stick or email from Portsmouth Area Talking News for those with difficulty reading normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851 and leave a message with a contact number, or email A speaker that will take a USB plug is required but this can be obtained from the Talking News, or the file can be played back through a computer.

HMS Diana Association: The reunion will be held from March 1 to 3 at The Park House Hotel, Blackpool. Will members and any ex-matelots who have served in HMS Diana, any commission who wish to join us, please book early as we always get a fantastic crowd at the Park House, I wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed. Any queries please contact the Secretary at or 01163678360.

MARCH 2013

RN Communications Association: AGM and Annual Dinner at the Comfort Hotel, 14 Albert Square, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JH on March 9. For more information contact Carl Beeson, Hon Sec at noseeb@ or tel 07807 347509 or 01752 253746 (H).

Southern Branch is holding a reunion from April 26 to 29 at the Sherborne Hotel, Dorset. Saturday at

HMS Illustrious Association: The APRIL 2013 the FAA Museum,

Sunday attend St Bartholemews then lunch at Fox & Hounds, Charlton Adam. All Illustrians welcome. Contact Mrs Frances Garton at frances.garton@virginmedia. com or tel: 07985 196908.

Loch Class Frigates Association: Annual Reunion takes place at the Ellersley House Hotel, Murrayfield, Edinburgh (0131 561 2027) from April 26 to 29. Membership is open to all who served on any of the Loch Class ships or their variants (Bay class, Admirals Yachts, survey ships and repair ships). Some of these types of ships have their own associations but you can always join both. For details please contact Andrew Nunn Hon Sec LCFA at andrew. or tel: 0117- 9505835 or see the website http://www.

0116 367 8360. Royal Naval Field Gun Reunion, (All

Divisions) is to be held at the Parisian Hotel Blackpool from May 17 to 19. Cost £99, this includes Bed, Breakfast and Evening meal. Entertainment every evening with Up- Spirits on Saturday afternoon, when DVDs of Field Gun Runs will be shown. To book contact the Parisian Hotel direct on 01253 752424, when booking mention Royal Naval Field Gun Weekend, or write direct to Parisian Hotel, 240-244, North Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1RZ. £30 deposit required when booking. For more information contact Jim Finch at or tel: 01772 434140. All Ex-Field Gun or Supporters welcome.

JUNE 2013

HMS Dainty Association: 20th Reunion marking 60 years since her launch will take place at the Queens Hotel, Chester, from June 21 to 22. The booking tel: is 01244 305000 and quote HMS Dainty or visit and contact the administrator.

SEPTEMBER 2013 HMS Fisgard, Series 47, January

1963:Grand Reunion Weekend September 6 to 8 in Portsmouth. Series 48 and Series 49 welcome. Come and meet your old classmates after 50 years. Contact Paul Merrett at or see the website at or tel: 023 9237 2526.


HMS Middleton (L74) Association: 29th (and final) Reunion will be on April 27 at the RNA Club, Royal Leamington Spa. As this is our last such gathering we hope for a good turnout. All supporters welcome. Details from Mike Alston, 6 Belmont Park Road, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 6HT or tel: 01628 629655.

are in contact would like to hold a reunion in 2013 and have chosen April 27 at the Union Jack Club, London. We have lost contact with many of the team who were with us in 1982 during the Falklands War and the aim is to catch up with as many of the ‘old’ team as possible. If you are interested in attending please contact Cdr Ian Richards (Retd) at or tel: 01380 698315.

HMS Splendid: The CO and others who

reunion will be held from July 5 to 7 at the SNCO & NCOs Mess, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. The association is open to new members. Any new member who would like to join us should contact John Fisher at or

D-Boats Association: The annual MAY 2013 Sports lottery

James; £1,500 – AB1 S Clewes; £500 – LH P J Tudhope. December 22: £5,000 – Cpl C Hirst;

December 15: £5,000 – Lt Cdr A G

£1,500 – CPO L Traveil; £500 – AB K Beckley.

December 29: £5,000 – Capt A M Cree;

£1,500 – PO M Crees; £500 – LH J Lown. January 5 2013: £5,000 – LH S Watson;

£1,500 – Mne A Campbell; £500 – AB N Fields.

January 12: £5,000 – CPO F Rider; FEBRUARY 2013 : 33

£1,500 – LH M A Bould; £500 – LH D Bellwood.

HMS Daring (1952-54) Commission: The last reunion will take place from October 4 to 7 at Thoresby Hall, Notts. Details from Owen Simpson at owen553@ or tel: 01453 860564. HMS Arethusa Association: 25th Reunion at the Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford from October 4 to 7. Contact Tom Sawyer Tel: 01653 628171 or write to 6 Sycamore Close, Slingsby, York YO62 4BG, North Yorkshire.

HMS Naiad Association: Reunion will take place at the Invicta Hotel, Plymouth from October 11 to 13. For more information see the website at http://www. or email Antony Atkinson at or tel: 0161 9690104.

Bay Class Frigates Association: Reunion in Coventry from October 12 to 14, 2013. All ex-Bay Class men and guests welcome. Contact Doug Turk at doug.turk@ or details.

tel: 01252 378629 for

HMS Lowestoft Association: Reunion will take place at Tillington Hall, Stafford from October 25 to 27. All who served in HMS Lowestoft during her 25 years in service (1961-1986) are welcome to attend. For further details please contact Richie Farman at or the website http://www.hmslowestoft. or tel: 07775 793778.

track them down please contact I am trying Illustrious, Gannet,

Flag list

Serving Flag and General Officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines – January 14 2013

Naval Command First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval

Staff: Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC, (to be relieved by Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC April 2013) Fleet Commander and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff: Vice Admiral P A Jones CB Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel & Training: Vice Admiral D G Steel CBE

Commander (Operations): Rear Admiral

I F Corder (to be relieved by Rear Admiral M J Parr on May 15 2013)

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Capability): Rear Admiral P D Hudson CBE (to be relieved by Rear Admiral D J Potts on January 29 2013)

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Aviation & Carriers): Rear Admiral R G Harding OBE Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel)

& Naval Secretary: Rear

Admiral S J Woodcock OBE Commander UK Maritime Force: Rear Admiral R K Tarrant Flag Officer Sea Training: Rear Admiral C C C Johnstone CBE (to be relieved by Rear Admiral B J Key on April 29 2013) Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England & Northern Ireland, Flag Officer Regional Forces and Flag Officer Maritime Reserves: Rear Admiral C J Hockley Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff

(Policy): Rear Admiral M J Parr (to be relieved by Rear Admiral C C C Johnstone CBE in May 7 2013)

Commander UK Amphibious Force & Commandant General Royal Marines: Major General E G M Davis OBE (RM) Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff

(Support): Rear Admiral I M Jess Chaplain of the Fleet: Reverend S J

Brown QHC

Ministry of Defence/Centre Appointments Chief of Defence Intelligence: Vice Admiral A D Richards CB Programme Director Carrier Strike (&

Controller of the Navy on the Navy Board): Rear Admiral H H Parker

Head of the British Defence Staff

(Washington) & Defence Attaché: Major General F H R Howes OBE (RM) Deputy Chief Executive UK

Hydrographic Office (and National Hydrographer): Rear Admiral T M Karsten Senior Directing Staff (Naval), Royal College of Defence Studies: Major General

Assignments from February 4. Lt Cdr T J Berry to be CO of HMS Severn S T Chicken OBE (RM)

Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Nuclear & Chemical, Biological): Rear Admiral J H J Gower OBE

Senior British Military Adviser, US Central Command: Rear Admiral T P Fraser Commandant Joint Service Command

& Staff College: Rear Admiral J A Morse Commander Joint Medical Command:

Surgeon Rear Admiral C J G McArthur QHP Defence Services Secretary & Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Personnel & Training): Rear Admiral S P Williams Director Concepts & Doctrine in the Development, Concepts & Doctrine Centre: To be Rear Admiral P M Bennett OBE in February 2013

Permanent Joint Headquarters Appointments

Chief of Joint Operations, PJHQ: Lieutenant General D A Capewell OBE (RM)

Defence Equipment & Support Appointments

Chief of Materiel (Fleet) (and Chief of Fleet Support on the Navy Board): Vice Admiral Sir Andrew Mathews KCB (to be relieved by Vice Admiral S R Lister CB OBE in December 2013) Director Submarines: Rear Admiral S R Lister CB OBE

Chief of Strategic Systems Executive: Rear Admiral M A Beverstock Director Ship Acquisition: Rear Admiral S B Brunton

NATO, EU and International Appointments Commander Maritime Command Northwood (NATO): Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC (to be relieved by Vice Admiral P D Hudson CBE on February 14 2013)

Chief of Staff Supreme Allied Commander (Transformation), NATO: Vice Admiral C A Johnstone-Burt CB OBE Deputy Commander Land Command

Izmir: Lieutenant General G K Messenger DSO* OBE (RM) UK Military Representative to Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe, NATO: To be Vice Admiral I F Corder on May 30 2013 Deputy Director EU Military Staff: Rear Admiral B N B Williams CBE Chief of Staff Maritime Component Command Naples, NATO: Rear Admiral J S Westbrook MBE

Deputy Commander Striking Force NATO: Rear Admiral T M Lowe

Swap drafts

Currently onboard HMS Diamond would like to swap to any fishery protection vessel or small ship.

LET(WE) Clayton. Ordnance section.


Promotions in and appointments

to the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

As Knight Commander Vice Admiral Andrew David Hugh Mathews CB

As Companions Vice Admiral Charles Anthony Johnstone-Burt OBE

Promotions in

Rear Admiral Simon Robert Lister OBE and appointments

to the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Commanders

Rear Admiral Simon Boyce Charlier Col Matthew Edward Porter OBE

As Officers Capt Andrew Betton Cdr Nicholas Geoffrey Dunn Lt Col Nicholas John Grace Cdr Timothy Mark Hulme Surg Cdr Anthony Wayne Lambert Cdre Richard William Mason Cdre James Mark Slawson ADC

As Members WO1(AWW) Paul Michael Stewart

Barker Cdr Nigel David Bond

Lt Cdr Christopher Paul Canning Acting Cdr Damian Andrew Giles

Exworthy Lt Cdr Terence Gillard RNR (Sea Cadet


WO1 (AWT) James Edward Hall Lt

Cdr Henderson

Lt Cdr Rodney Leslie Lester Lt Cdr Brian Meadows RNR WO1 Annette Eileen Penfold RNR WO1 David John Roach QGM Royal


WO1 (AET) David Alun Rowlands WO1 Simon Tottle Royal Marines

Appointments to the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Commander Cdre William Michael Walworth OBE Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Queen’s Volunteer Reserve Medal Acting Cdr Simon Roscoe Cottam


Selections for Meritorious Service Medal

WO2 D M Aston, WO1 S R Clay MBE, WO1ET(WE) A P Crowe, WO1(RSM) D J Davitt, A/WO1 D P Egan, CPO(D) I J Fleming, WO1 D C Halliday, WO1 S J Humphreys, WO2 J M Jenner, CSgt G W Kennedy, WO1 J Mann, WO1MA C J Murray-Jones, WO1AET T J Roland, WO1Logs (Wtr) M G Ross, WO1 ET(ME) M J Rowlinson, WO1 RSM S C Shepherd MBE, WO2 S O Sheppard, WO1 ET(ME) J G Smith, CPONN J D Taylor, CSgt G A D Thomas, WO1 J Todd, WO1(SR) D M Wake, WO2 C S Watson.


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