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The January edition of the Internal Communications DVD for the Royal Naval and Royal Marines, reporting on the issues affecting you.

TWO-SIX Coming up in this edition: Second Sea Lord Message Armed Forces Covenant Millies and RN Com

Kitchener FPS answers scholarship sought

January 2013

THE Forces Pension Society answers questions about redundancies and pensions:

IF YOU are interested in developing your academic credentials,

Future Reserves 20 Diversity and Inclusion Royal Marines

THE latest edition of features an interview with the Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral David Steel, and features on Reservists, the Armed Forces Covenant, Diversity and Inclusion training, Divisional update and a message from the Commandant General Royal Marines. You can view recent videos online through the Royal Navy website or on the dedicated YouTube channel: http://www.

Watch out for the new edition of TwoSix has been aligned with the Personnel Support Brief providing an enhanced, co-ordinated package for use by the Divisional system in disseminating information.

January 2013

Director Naval Personnel Strategy Navy Command Executive Team

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Pauline J Aquilina DMC-Ops PR (Navy)

MoD Main Building Whitehall London SW1A 2HB

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provide an enhanced package for sharing information. If you want to get your message out through these pages or the DVD, please contact: ■ Pauline Aquilina: 9621 85984 ■ WO1 Russ Billings: 93832 5081

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fl eetgraphicscentre 13/001 ©UK MOD Crown Copyright, 2013 The DVD has been aligned with the Personnel Support Brief to


For all Royal Navy & Royal Marines Personnel and their families

apply to the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund. The Council of the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund offers for competition up to 25 scholarships tenable from October 2013. The value of each scholarship is

British subject and have served, or be a family member of someone who has at any time served or is serving on a full-time engagement with the Armed Forces. You must also be due to begin

personnel may be considered up to the age of 30.

DVD you are invited to

£750 and will be paid to scholars towards the beginning of their course. To be eligible you have to be a

Q. There will be a large number of redundees going through the resettlement process. Will this raise any specific issues? A. Yes it will, and the fi rst issue is in relation to the service counted for pension. Confusion is arising in cases where the individual has more than one period of service. The two periods are treated quite separately unless they are aggregated together to form one period of service. To aggregate is simple.

write to SPVA requesting that they aggregate your two periods of service together. Aggregation may only be done whilst in service.

your first degree with a UK university in October 2013. Serving or former Service

Find out more information online at Applications must be returned before May 31.

Five-year celebration for RNSWOA

THE RN Surface Warfare Officers’ Association (RNSWOA) was created in January 2008 with the aim to perpetuate the common bond between past and present Royal Naval Executive, Seaman and Warfare Officers. The Association has an increasing membership of around 2,000 serving and retired Warfare Officers with a spread from sub lieutenant to admiral. Membership is open to all Surface Warfare Officers

current Warfare officers. ■ To develop links with the UK defence business community. ■ To develop links with other maritime warfare

associations eg RAN NWOA. The RNSWOA holds a number of social and

who have completed a key professional course – from the Initial Warfare Officer (IWO) Course to the Principal Warfare Officer (PWO) Course (or its previous ‘Long’ course equivalent). Vice Admiral Phil Jones (the Fleet Commander) is the Association’s President. Its objectives are: ■ To provide guidance, mentoring and support to

sporting events throughout the year, such as, the Annual Reunion Dinner, to be held at HMS Collingwood in late March this year. This is well attended and used to ‘dine out’

Warfare Officers from the RN, as well as act as a focal point for a number of professional course reunions. More information can be found at the Association’s

website, by contacting the Secretary at or via the professional group on www.LinkedIn.

Redundancy benefits statements The information appearing on the redundancy benefits statements. There is a lump sum and that is normally three times pension.

One chap told me I was wrong because he had not been awarded a preserved lump sum and he had the paperwork to prove it. Sure enough his paperwork did not show his preserved pension lump sum but the fact is he is entitled to it. Needless to say, I advised him to challenge the benefit statement. Some would

challenge is not necessary as the system would pick up the entitlement in due course but, from my point of view, it is easier to raise it now than in 30 years time when goodness knows how good the corporate memory will be about, what by then will be, obsolete schemes. Since this discovery we have found many other instances of missing preserved lump sums and, more immediately missing resettlement grants. The average amount of

preserved lump sum missing from benefit statements has been in the region of £21,000 and the Other Ranks resettlement grant in AFPS 75 is just over £10,000 – not to be sniffed at.

Q. So what is the best tip you can give those leaving the Armed Forces? A. Check your pensions and redundancy documentation carefully and challenge anything you think is wrong. If you can’t do it yourself, join

the Forces Pension Society and we will do it for you.

say that the

THE February Trophy of the Month features Trophy number

George V’s Bible. 4374 – King

The first HMS King George was a King George V class of 1911 dreadnought and commissioned in November 1912 as Flagship Home Fleet under Vice Admiral Sir George Warrender.

Just Trophy lives


During the Battle of Jutland, HMS King George V was remarkably undamaged – unlike her sister ship HMS Audacious which was sunk by a mine off the northern coast of Ireland.

Decommissioned in 1919, she was used as a training ship between 1923 and 1926 and then scrapped in accordance with the provisions of the Washington Naval Treaty. The Bible was presented to the World War 2 battleship of the same name by King George VI.

The Bible was used by the ship’s chaplain until the vessel was decommissioned in 1949.

Commissioned in 1940, HMS King George V operated as part of the British Home and Pacific Fleets. A much more active warship than her predecessor, the ship earned battle honours for Atlantic 1941, Bismarck 1941, Arctic 1942-43, Sicily 1943, Okinawa 1945 and Japan 1945.

Operations against the Japanese in the Pacific meant she was present at the formal Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on September 2 1945.

The Bible is currently on display in St Ann’s Church in Portsmouth Naval Base. The Church is usually open to visitors, but passes need to be arranged for anyone who does not hold a Portsmouth Naval Base security badge. Please contact the

Verger’s office on 023 9272 4232 to make the necessary arrangements. Warmest thanks go to the team at St Ann’s: Mrs Wendy Smith, Honorary Historian; the Revd Keith Robus RN, Chaplain; and Mr Alan Lee, Verger. Thanks also to Jenny Wraight, Admiralty Librarian (Naval Historical Branch) who provided information and assistance for this month’s feature.

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We fl ick back through the pages of Navy News to see which stories were drawing attention in past decades...

● Ark Royal and Fearless together in 1975

More than 8,000 men of the Royal Navy and a fleet including aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal were set to take part in a series of training exercises in the Mediterranean this month.

Medtrain 73 was a larger affair than usual, with most of the 28 participating ships assembling in Gibraltar, amongst them two guided missile destroyers, eight frigates, four submarines and five Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels.

February 1983

Most people associate Venice with gondolas, not London taxis – hence the raised eyebrows when a black cab was spotted on the deck of assault ship HMS Fearless when she visited the Italian city. There was even a question asked in the House of Commons by Tam Dalyell about the vehicle and the purpose of Fearless’s visit. Armed

Peter Blaker said that the visit was an informal one for rest and recreation during the ship’s deployment as Dartmouth training ship.


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purchased and is maintained privately by members of the ship’s company for use ashore”, and was carried, at the discretion of the CO, only when it would not interfere with operational activity.

And the taxi, he added, “was Forces Minister Dr February 1993

The latest estimates suggested that more than two million people would flock to Merseyside at the end of May for the fleet review to mark the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.

February 2003

The man believed to be the last surviving fighter pilot of the Great War was reported to have died in Canada at the age of 106.

Henry Botterell was certainly the last surviving Royal Naval Air Service pilot from the war, during which he flew with No. 8 Squadron, known as Naval 8, and after April 1918 with 208 Squadron RAF, Naval 8’s successor.

His sole kill was a artillery spotter balloon near Arras – not quite as easy a target as it sounds as such balloons were heavily defended. He managed to set the balloon alight but was clearly heartened that the observer escaped by parachute as he was reported to have given the German a cheery wave before flying his aircraft back to Blighty.

The Duke of Edinburgh was expected to review around 40 warships from 16 navies and a number of merchant ships that would simulate a wartime convoy off the coast of Anglesey.

January 2013

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