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New Employment Model – update

THE New Employment Model, or NEM, signifies the Government’s commitment to deliver a modernised terms and conditions of service offer. It will be designed to meet the

expectations of a generation that has yet to join, but will be put into place in a way that continues to support and motivate existing Service personnel. It

will necessarily be a long-

term, gradual change programme. The Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral David Steel told RN and RM personnel: “Please appreciate that the NEM will be about the whole package of benefits, and one should judge it as a whole and not ‘cherry pick’ bits of it. “Whilst I appreciate


temptation will be to focus on aspects which have

a direct

bearing on you in the short term, the NEM is about re-balancing the offer to Service Personnel over the whole of our careers, giving the appropriate (and therefore potentially

different) levels of

support when it is most needed. “I do not underestimate how difficult this will be to achieve but getting it right is essential if the Armed Forces are to retain those serving today, and attract those who will make up our individual Services well into the future.” The admiral pledged his ongoing commitment to the NEM process to ensure the offered package is attractive for personnel and their families. Although not part of the

NEM, the Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme is linked to its development.

Stage 1 (concept development) of the NEM programme is complete.

Following Defence

Board approval, Stage 2 (policy design) has now begun and will last until April next year. Implementation is expected to

begin no later than April 2015, although it may be possible to

introduce certain components beforehand. Full

implementation is not

expected before 2020. The elements of the NEM

have been designed to deliver the following benefits: n attractiveness – addressing

the personal, social and domestic impacts of Service; n agility – responding more quickly to changing requirements; n affordability – delivering

improved value for money within the same funding.

The changes brought in by the NEM aim to: n deliver an offer to regular

Service personnel that supports domestic stability and partners’ employment; n provide a degree of choice in

an active and rewarding career in the Armed Forces; n align closely Regular and

Reserve terms and conditions; n deliver

a long-term

accommodation strategy that supports genuine lifestyle choices; n provide a revised pay offer that targets reward more efficiently; n simplify

and l Gerry Grimstone holds town hall meeting at Navy Command Headquarters harmonise

allowances; n deliver training and education; n enable the Services to operate more effective manning controls. The NEM forms part of the wider transformation of Defence. Personnel will be affected by the changes in different ways, at different times and in different stages of their careers. A period of consultation begins this summer to help shape some of the details of the design. DIB 2012/66: Employment Model:

New update

on progress contains further detail, a breakdown on the stage of implementation, and a full Question and Answer sheet. n For further information, see 2012 DIB/66 and Galaxy 39/2012.

THE lead non-executive member of the Defence Board has visited the Royal Navy’s Headquarters in Portsmouth to explain the new and evolved

role of the Defence Board. Gerry Grimstone opened the discussion,

attended by both

military and civilian personnel, by explaining his, and his fellow non- executives’ roles on the Defence Board,

fundamental changes that have been made.

He also stated that he

understood and appreciated that the public and private sectors were very different, but that there were lessons to be learnt from each other that could be of use in the Service’s journey of defence transformation. Mr Grimstone covered Levene’s

Lord report and assessment that came up with its purpose and the

A glimpse inside the new Defence Board

53 recommendations which

form the basis of the Defence ‘blueprint’. He advocated that an important

part of this blueprint would be the right leadership and behaviours; and that the right example must be set from the top. The audience of Naval and civilian personnel learnt about the changes to the Defence Board as a consequence of Defence Transformation. The board is now chaired by the Defence Secretary where previously no ministers had sat. It is now the only forum

that brings together political, military and civilian sides of the department with an independent input.

The Board has supported the Secretary of State in making hard decisions and putting forward an affordable programme for the first time in 30 years.

delegates to the

Where to look

Lord’s Strategic Priorities 2013

and Drawdown

programme – Tranche 3 RNTM 001/13: The Logistics

TWO-SIX Galaxy 01-2013: First Sea

Galaxy 02-2013: Naval Service Redundancy

Professional Command Board (LPCB) Syllabus and Board Composition

RNTM 002/13: Basic Alcohol Education Courses (BAEC) 2013 Dates

Records Bureau Checks for Role 1 and Primary Healthcare Naval Service and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Medical Personnel – Revised Guidance

RNTM 003/13: Criminal

RNTM 004/13: To be published in due course


RNTM 005/13: Engineering Service Branch

Management Roadshows 2013 RNTM 006/13: Use of Military

Air Transport for Personnel joining, leaving or visiting HM Ships/Maritime Units overseas RNTM 007/13: BSc (Hons)

Degree in Logistics Management for Royal Navy Logistics Branch Personnel RNTM

He explained that the Board conduct their own annual review of effectiveness – Mr Grimstone is in charge of this annual review – and part of improving their effectiveness was to go out to the masses and explain the role of the Board and the non-executive members.

Within the context of the

relevance of the Defence Board to the Royal Navy the board has been able to define the envelope in which the Navy Command operates. It


Command the responsibility for its own affairs within its area of responsibility. But that it will also hold the Navy to account for their actions. The town hall meeting offered a

privileged oversight and the Q&A session on completion with Mr Grimstone was open and broad- ranging.

Navy Engineers Open Golf Championship 2013 RNTM 009/13: Navy Command


Electronic Role Name Change to Navy

RNTM 010/13: Management of Leave in the Naval Service RNTM 011/13: Advanced


RNTM 013/13: Formation of Navy Infrastructure RNTM 014/13: Use of the

Acting WO1 and WO2 rank in the Royal Marines

DIB 01/13: Sir Bob Kerslake writes to all civil servants concerning reform of Civil Service pension schemes DIB 02/13: The New Operating


DIB 03/13: Armed Forces Redundancy Programme – Forthcoming Tranche 3 Announcement

Tactical Coxswain’s Course RNTM 012/13: Arc Flash


Non-stop info from NFF

IF ANY of us thought that a busy flow of information was going to take any time to gain momentum, then think again…, writes Janes Williams of the Naval Families Federation. Firstly

an update from

January’s issue of Navy News – the Moneyforce website that was due to launch in January has been delayed, the forecast is that the site should be ready to ‘go live’ at some point in March. We will put links up onto the

NFF website as soon as the site goes live, so watch this space, or better still follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we will notify you as soon as the data is added: www.

What to do if you are affected by

the High Income Child

Benefit charge If you are liable to the High Income Child Benefit charge, you need to decide whether to keep getting Child Benefit payments and declare them, or arrange to stop the payments instead. Although letters should have been sent out to everybody detailing the nature of the changes, many families have not received the letter on time. It is important to act now and make a

though decision

about whether or not to continue claiming.

As from January 7 2013, if

one member of a household earns more than £50,000pa and either they or the person they live with claims Child Benefit, then they will have to pay a High Income Child Benefit charge. This means that if you are affected by the charge and don’t opt out of claiming, you will still

receive the same monthly Child Benefit but will have to pay a tax charge (essentially pay part or all of it back) and will have to fill out a self-assessment tax return. If you earn between £50,000 and £60,000pa you will be entitled to receive a part payment of the Child Benefit but again will receive it in full and pay back what you are not entitled to in a tax charge at the end of the financial year. It is important to note that if

you are not working and you elect not to get Child Benefit payments, because you don’t want to be liable for the tax charge, that it is very important to still fill in a Child Benefit claim form because your entitlement to Child Benefit allows you to qualify for credits to protect your State Pension. If you missed the January 7 deadline

to opt out of Child

Benefits payments (which would ensure that for the rest of this tax year you won’t get a bill), you can opt out before the end of March 2013 so that you won’t pay tax on the next financial year. Living Overseas Allowance and Operational Allowance are non-taxable and therefore will not be taken into account when calculating your annual income. However, if you receive any

allowances you are not sure about then please refer to JSP 752 or contact your UPO and the HMRC Tax Helpline on 0845 3000 627. If you have any concerns about the High Income Child Benefit Charge then contact the HMRC Child Benefit Helpline on 0845 3021444 or to go to the HMRC website page.

Please also refer to the following HMRC webpage that describes

how claiming child benefit can protect your state pension: www. claiming/protect-pension.

Keeping families connected… with

BFBS dedicated (British Forces

Broadcasting Service) Radio BFBS has three radio channels to entertaining


Armed Forces in theatre as well as their families back home. n BFBS Radio – live and local – pop music, news, banter, messages n BFBS Radio 2 – news and

current affairs, live sport, mellow music n BFBS Gurkha Radio – our Nepali language service BFBS Radio is widely available

in theatre and troops can tune in via a portable FM radio. Families and friends in the UK can listen to the same service and hear dedications by tuning into BFBS on DAB Digital Radio, Sky Guide 0211, Freesat Channel 786, online at or via the BFBS smartphone app that is free to download.

BFBS Radio 2 also broadcasts on FM in Forces locations overseas and online at www.bfbs. com.

Radio Programmes to Connect You

The Total Ops Connection is broadcast 1000–1300 hours UK time Monday to Friday on BFBS Radio. It’s a great way to keep in touch with news as families at home hear the exact same programme as the Armed Forces in theatre. Access All Areas is live from Afghanistan every Sunday from 1000–1400 UK time on BFBS Radio,

the Forces world. It’s a special messages programme playing out dedications to and from the front line.

text 07740 377 377 and start your text with AAA and a space, or phone 01494 848001.

Eight ways to send messages to and from home BFBS helps you send messages

to a loved one who is deployed anywhere in the Forces world and they can also send one in reply. n Record an audio message on

your iPhone using the BFBS app n Send a message online at n Text 07740 377 377 starting the message with OPS then a space n E-mail a message to ops@ n Phone the BFBS studio direct on 01494 878782 n Write

a bluey to: BFBS

Radio, Camp Bastion, BFPO 792 n Record your own message by

calling 01494 372 786 n Record and upload a message using the BFBS ‘Boost for the Troops’ webpage at http:// the-troops.

BFBS TV and British Forces News

BFBS TV offers a range of channels in theatre as well as their bespoke news service – British Forces News – that is transmitted in 17 countries every weeknight at 1800 CET on BFBS1 and to Royal Naval ships. It’s

also with contributions from BFBS stations around broadcast Monday

to Friday at 1800 UK time on Information TV, via Sky Channel 212 and Freesat Channel 402 and you can also watch online at The information from BFBS:

E-mail or

Keeping You Connected Booklet is available through Royal Marines HIVE and NPFS Royal Navy HIVE offices, or by contacting There is also a link to listen live via the NFF website:

Naval Service Parents’ Network The Naval Service Parents’

Network (NSPN) was first launched at the end of 2011. Due to a lot of job changes, the

Network has been quieter than hoped, but is now reinvigorated itself and is looking for Serving parents to become members and keep up to date with news and information.

The NSPN team has given us a packed article for the Spring edition of Homeport, which hits the streets in March, however, in the meantime please keep your eyes open for NSPN activities and events, coming soon to a place near you. If you would like to contact or

the Network a member,

to become

e-mail to FLEET-DNPS NSPN GROUP MAILBOX or fleet- dnpsnspngroupmailbox@mod. uk.

please send an Naval Service Redundancy

& Drawdown Programme: Tranche 3

The MOD has announced

that the Naval Service will not be seeking further redundancies in Tranche 3 of the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme. However, they may need to consider a very small number of redundancies at a later date. To clarify the Royal Navy’s position Second Sea Lord and

the Chief of Naval Personnel & Training have provided a message for families which is available via our website:

New Operating Model: ‘How Defence Works’ ‘How Defence Works’ is the

latest description of the new Operating Model for Defence. The document (published

January 9) is available to serving personnel via the Defence Intranet.

It explains how the MOD will function after April 2013. The need for a new Operating Model was identified by Lord Levene in 2011’s Defence Reform Review. ‘How Defence Works’ explains

how the most fundamental re-organisation of Defence since the 1980s will deliver a model which,

as envisaged by Lord

Levene, “ensures that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and which has affordability at its core” (see top left). Your experiences form the basis of our discussions. To contact

Full details are available via

e-mail: Tel: 02392 654374. Or write to us: Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN. We look forward to hearing

the NFF please from you. FEBRUARY 2013 : 31

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