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health Resolutions?

Follow the advice of Gok Wan and Karren Brady as they reveal their health and diet secrets to inspire you in 2013

Gok Wan, 39, presenter of Gok’s Style Secrets on Channel 4 is brand ambassador for Activia’s Feel Good From Within 2013 campaign.

WHAT’S YOUR ADVICE for 2013 HEALTH & FITNESS? Feeling good starts from within. It’s all very well doing your hair and make-up, but if you really want to be at your best and feel really good, you have to start by looking after yourself on the inside. If you get that right, then everything else falls into place. It’s getting that extra bit of fabulousness. It’s so important to feel good mentally and to build your self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing, so make a ‘to-don’t’ list, rather than a ‘to-do’ list.

Have a really good think about the things you need to be doing in a day, and the things, such as worrying, getting stressed and feeling insecure, that you shouldn’t do. Then make a conscious effort to stop those naughty feelings creeping in. Regularly check that ‘to-don’t’ list so you can see whether you’re really avoiding those negatives. So if you’ve broken a new years resolution already DON’T beat yourself up about it. Pick yourself up and start again!

WHAT WAS YOUR NEW YEAR HEALTH RESOLUTION? Last year I had a serious problem with my back, resulting in two operations and ongoing treatment. It’s finally improving; I’m off the medication and I don’t have to use a stick any more, which I feared I’d be stuck with for life, so it’s all very positive.

So my resolution was to rest more and take care of myself. I eat well, I try not to drink too much but resting is something I find hard as I’m a workaholic. I need to remind myself regularly, ‘Don’t work late’.

WHAT’S YOUR DIET? I eat pretty healthily, although I probably drink too much coffee. In the morning I start the day around 6am with a coffee and a handful of nuts which I have while I walk the dog. Then I come back home for a breakfast of porridge or fruit.

At lunchtime I’ll have sushi or fish and in the evening I’ll have seafood, noodles and vegetables or another fish dish. I also make a ginger soup, the recipe came from my grandmother who was a herbalist.

Gok Wan

WHAT DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH HEALTH-WISE? It was a horrible feeling to discover your body can let you down and I realised last year I had taken my health for granted. You fear when you have a problem with your body that people will treat you differently and it really shakes you up.

I have a real respect for anyone with a disability as I’ve had a tiny experience of how hard it can be when you’re restricted physically. Thankfully, I’m on the up again now.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR 2013? I love working with people and helping to show them that you can gain control of your life, and that what you eat and drink, and how you live is truly up to you. So I’m hoping to help more people ‘take control’ in 2013.

Changing the way you feel needn’t cost a lot, it can be small alterations to lifestyle, diet and the way you look at yourself.

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