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Broken New Years R Don’t give up!

The New Year is the perfect time to start a new health regime and although for many of us, New Year’s Eve seems a distant memory and some new years resolutions will have already been broken, it’s not time to give-up! It’s all too easy to make those pledges to diet and workout, but cold, dull days and a return to work can sap our resolution, and knowing that you’ve failed for another year can be dispiriting. In this special feature Gok Wan and Karren Brady reveal their health and diet secrets to inspire you in 2013.

Karren Brady

16 Life Begins

Karren Brady, 43, assists Lord Sugar on BBC’s The Apprentice and is vice-chairman of West Ham United. She follows a programme by Diet Chef, which delivers specially prepared food to your door.

WHAT’S YOUR ADVICE for 2013 HEALTH AND FITNESS? It’s easy as you get older to allow the portions of food you eat to get larger or at least stay the same, even though you may not be taking the same amount of exercise and your metabolism is slower and you’re burning off calories less easily. That can mean weight creeping on. I think it’s important to take a fresh look at what you eat and be honest with yourself about how much you’re eating and what you’re eating. Writing down what you eat in a day can be very revealing.

WHAT WAS YOUR NEW YEAR HEALTH RESOLUTION? Regularly at the beginning of every year, I’ve promised myself I’d shape up and end up looking like Elle Macpherson! But good intentions have always gone out the window because I often eat on the run, love food and lose resolve by the end of January. So I’m thrilled to have already started this year 9lbs lighter, and now I can fit into a smaller dress size so really happy to be back in my skinny jeans. It’s thanks to Diet Chef, which delivers healthy meals in a hamper so you can eat around 1,200 calories to 1,500 a day but not feel hungry and still burn calories.

WHAT’S YOUR DIET? The new diet has reintroduced me to breakfast, which I’ve skipped for years. Now I’ve found that eating one of the Diet Chef muesli bars and having a skinny cappuccino in the morning stops lethal snacking before lunchtime! Following the diet has helped to educate me about portion sizes and re-educated my brain to want food which is tasty and filling but not fattening. I realise now that my weaknesses - mayonnaise, cheese, chips and canapes at parties - have to be very occasional treats. They’re not worth the pain of having to return to my wardrobe of clothes which I reserve for when I’m feeling a little heavier.

WHAT DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH HEALTH-WISE? Nothing. I’m really lucky in that I’m very healthy. I had brain surgery for an aneurysm six years ago. It made me realise life is short. It put things into perspective. Trivial things that you worry about aren’t very important. I spend more time with my children now and work my own hours. I do the things I like. Without that brain operation, I probably wouldn’t have done The Apprentice - I’d have said I was too busy. I’m enjoying life more, which is a good thing for my family.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR 2013? It’s going to be really busy with West Ham being named the preferred choice to move into the Olympic Stadium. On the family side, my daughter will be taking A-levels and learning to drive this year, so that will be challenging for me as a mum! I hope to try to get the balance between work and family as good as possible - it’s never possible for it to be perfect, but you have to keep juggling to aim for that.

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